Double yolks and more plants

Wednesday, April 6

Another lovely day off. It was a little on the warm side with temps reaching almost 80 degrees. We had a few sprinkles of rain this morning but that was it. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but we could use a little bit of rain. I know, I know, but I said a little rain. Not the massive amounts we were having. We need just a bit to water what’s been put in the garden.

This morning, after a yummy breakfast of avocado toast with double-yoked eggs (both eggs were huge and would not fit in the egg carton. I would say they were the size of duck eggs.)…

we headed to Rural King to stock up on feed for the month. Shopping these days is so different. We had to wait a few minutes before we could go in the store. Once we were in I felt like we had to hurry because there were probably more people waiting to come inside. But, we managed to get everything we needed. And then some. It’s probably a good thing we hurried!

After that we made a quick stop at Lowe’s for some plumbing stuff. Only one member per household was allowed in the store so I waited in the truck with LizzieBelle. I was glad there was a nice breeze. Since we couldn’t go to our usual Chinese restaurant we stopped at Taco Bell and headed halfway home to a picnic stop off the main road to eat. The food was a bit soggy but when you’re hungry it still tasted good! The gal that took our money at the drive-thru window was smitten with LizzieBelle and asked if she could have some chicken. We said absolutely and she gave her her very own bowl of chicken. It was very kind and generous of her and LizzieBelle enjoyed every morsel. She was finished long before we were!

At Lowe’s CountryBoy picked up some pipe and fittings to hook a pitcher pump up to one of the rain barrels up at the cabin. Speaking of up at the cabin – here’s a shot taken near the creek…

The cabin is in the center of the photo. It won’t be long and we won’t be able to see it. But, anyway, we have a hand pitcher pump that we are going to hook up to the rain barrel closest to the outhouse. This will be another cool ‘old-fashioned’ feature that will make the off-grid experience a little easier and we think our guests will enjoy being able to use a hand pump.

After taking this photo I meandered over to the creek. It never fails – if there is water nearby you can find me there. I can get quite distracted by it. I walked the creek looking for rocks, arrowheads, basically anything that was interesting and caught my eye. This is what I found…

There’s a few geode pieces, a shell fossil, a patterned rock and the others? I don’t know. All my rock hound friends – are the round ones geodes or agate? I’d love to have a saw that would cut these open without destroying them.

We are sitting on the front porch watching the birds and listening to thunder. The skies are dark behind the mountains in front of the house.


Farm news: 32 eggs. We finally have three dozen in the egg fridge.

We added two pecan trees to the farm today. And I mean trees not sticks like we planted last week.

Rural King had some nice looking fruit trees and among them we found the pecan trees. The sticks are still in the ground but maybe now we’ll be able to enjoy some of the nuts from these trees in our lifetime.



Our first stop of the day was at our local hardware store. CountryBoy wanted to get some corn for planting. While he was in there I was browsing the plants outside. I came home with rhubarb, rosemary, and cilantro while CountryBoy picked up an onion set…

Now to figure out where I want to put them as my garden design skills are seriously lacking! I tell ya, so many plants and flowers caught my eye at Rural King that I wanted them all. This time of year I have to constantly reign myself in and tell myself to step away from the plants. What I need to do is figure out a plan for the new garden space and choose specific plants that will do well in our area. Doing so will help keep me in line. If that’s even possible, ha!

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