Slow & simple and some color

Tuesday, February 25

We started the morning with a hot cuppa coffee made on the stovetop in the percolater coffee pot. See, after we tried it out on Sunday CountryBoy wanted to continue using the coffee pot. Problem was… the coffee tasted horrible yesterday morning. So, we decided to give the old-fashioned slow way of making coffee a go simply because the taste was so much better. This mornings’ cup was worth the wait!


At work we got the approval from the printer that our pages looked OK around 2:00 today. I stopped at our local antique & vendor mall on the way home. I’m still looking for a mirror for the cabin ‘outhouse’. I didn’t find anything that struck my fancy so I’ll keep looking. That’s half the fun!


This evening I finished attaching the third row of hexies together after having to start over the other day. Now to start fixing and attaching the fourth row of hexagons together.


Farm news: 21 eggs

Wednesday, February 26

More good coffee this morning! It took about 40 – 45 minutes until the coffee was ready. It is SO good percolated on the stove top that it is worth the wait. In fact, we kinda think that, at times, the slower methods are so much better – heating water in a tea kettle for tea, reheating food in the oven or stovetop rather than a microwave, and now, coffee – yum. I think the anticipation of waiting for that hot cuppa tea or coffee or for a supper of leftovers warming in the oven is also enjoyable. Especially after a busy or hectic day. It’s hard to slow down some times but I believe our motto is quickly, or should I say, slowly becoming a ‘slow & simple’ lifestyle.

It has drizzled rain all day.

I headed to work and CountryBoy busied himself in the kitchen making some grape jelly. He ended up with four pints and one half pint. So yummy! I think we still have 3, maybe 4, more gallon bags of grapes in the freezer. He also made some bread for supper tonight…

So yummy! I’ve been wanting some Baked Ziti and tonight was the night! After getting home from work it was my turn in the kitchen…

So yummy! An hour after eating and I’m still full.


Before I got started in the kitchen, though, I headed out to grab a photo of our daffodils which are beginning to bloom…

It was 35 degrees when I took the above photo. We’ve had some warm days and I think the plants are a bit confused although it’s quite wonderful to see some color and some plants blooming in 30 degree weather. Spring is on the way. That is, after some possible snow showers this evening, ha!


Country Boy also spent some time today repairing my new-to-me lamp. I had noticed last night that the welds connecting the top and middle pieces had started separating. About four of them had separated. We took the lamp down last night so that it didn’t separate any more. It took a bit of doing as his soldering iron is quite old but he was able to get it hot enough to melt some solder and repair the welds. It’s hanging back up and looks good again.


Farm news: 25 eggs

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