Thanksgiving, garden cleanup and table swap

Wednesday, November 24

Today was a big day – the maiden voyage of the camper! We got up early, had our coffee, took care of the morning chores, finished the last minute packing and were on our way by 8:30. It’s the annual trip to Arkansas for Thanksgiving and I got to go this year. It’s been four, maybe five, years since I’ve been able to go. I’ve had to stay at the farm to take care of the animals and keep the house warm. This year our neighbor is taking care of the animals and we’re just hoping the weather isn’t too cold and that the house will stay warm enough so the pipes don’t freeze.

The trip was long but uneventful. LizzieBelle did great. She was in her bed and she and her bed were on my lap for about half the trip. The last half of the trip we put her on the seat between us. The only time she was antsy was when she wanted to eat her lunch and supper. The rest of the time she slept or just ‘looked’ around. I have a feeling she’s going to sleep like a baby tonight.

We arrived early evening…

our camping spot for the next few days

… and enjoyed visiting and for me, catching up with family. It was hard to believe how big the grandkids have gotten.

Thursday, November 25


We truly hope y’all had a wonderful day with much to be thankful for.

We slept well enough in the camper; woke up and had our coffee then CountryBoy and one of the brothers headed out to find a grocery store that was open. They needed to pick up a couple items for the turkey and CountryBoy picked up some stuff to make breakfast quesadillas and flour and yeast to make a loaf of his artisan bread.

The day was filled with lots of food, fun, laughter, and games.

above: CountryBoy and sister-in-law whipping up some deviled eggs; daughter and granddaughter snoozing; Oscar – one of the ‘boys’ that thought LizzieBelle was cute! He’s pretty handsome himself!

Friday, November 26

Our Thanksgiving weekend continues. Several people left yesterday evening and a few more showed up. The house is crammed full of people and kids. I’ll be honest, I’m extremely thankful for the camper where we can escape the commotion and have a place to sit. A few more people are leaving today and another showing up later. It’s been a revolving door ’round here but it’s been so good to see everyone – to meet new family members and to catch up with the old ones. CountryBoy stayed up half the night into the wee hours of the morning playing games with the family. Me? LizzieBelle and I were in bed a little after nine o’clock. She wanted to get up shortly after six o’clock so I started the coffee brewing and as soon as some daylight peeked through the windows I started crocheting the baby blanket. While CountryBoy slept in I finished skein four and started skein five.

This afternoon my stepdaughter talked me into going Black Friday shopping. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular but came home with a runner and door mat for the camper, two new pillows (however I’m not sure we’re going to like them), and a pair of Muk Luk slippers for me (I found a pair, yay!) and a pair of sweatpants for CountryBoy. She came out with a comforter set and an air fryer. We had a great time and I’m glad I went along. LizzieBelle has done great this whole trip. There were three other dogs, all males, and they all loved LizzieBelle. She could’ve cared less about them and would walk right underneath them as if they weren’t even there. I know she couldn’t see them but surely she smelled them. She still didn’t care. Which is funny because back in her prime she loved big, male dogs. The bigger the better! She would dance around and flirt with them and then when she’d had enough she would snap at them and be on her way. It was too funny to watch! Anyway, she’s been a trooper so far. Of course, there were times we left her in the camper soundly sleeping on her bed and then there were times we took her other bed in the house where she would curl up and fall asleep. We’re heading home tomorrow and I’m hoping she will be be just as good as she was on the way here.

The beautiful view we’ve had the privilege to see from the back deck of the house…

As I type this journal entry CountryBoy is playing games again. He says he’s calling it a night much earlier than last night. I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Saturday, November 27

True to his word we were both in bed before 10 o’clock last night and we all had a decent nights’ sleep. After coffee and goodbyes we were on the road by 9 o’clock Central time, 10 o’clock our time. It was another good, uneventful trip back home.

We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed our visit with family but it was sure good to be home. Now to catch up on our sleep.

Sunday, November 28

We all slept like a bunch of babies last night and it felt so good. Now to get the house put back in order so that it shows better. Last night I put the bench and rug back in the mudroom but now it was time to get empty boxes out of the house and the packed boxes stacked a little nicer. CountryBoy put the empty boxes in the camper, unpacked our home-canned goods, and he re-stacked the packed boxes. I organized the built-in shelves in the mudroom with cabin items then took a shower and got ready for work. I fully expected to be inundated with a mound of sheets waiting to be ironed but the coworker I had trained to replace me after we moved had kept up with them while I was gone. YAY!!! So there weren’t as many as I had anticipated making it an easy day.

While we were gone a realtor came by with a client. I hadn’t taken much time before we left to ready the house for a showing since we hadn’t had any in a while and wouldn’t you know that’s when a potential buyer wants to see the house. Oh well is all I can say and is one reason why we took some time today to try and make the house a bit more presentable.

I have a feeling it’s going to be another early night as we’re all a bit tired from the family visit and Thanksgiving festivities.

Monday, November 29

Not much is happening on the home front and the sale of the farm. To be quite honest I’m ready for something to happen – whether it’s a buyer for the house or it’s off the market. This in between, waiting around, living in a house half empty and half packed is getting on my nerve. Yes, nerve. I’ve about one nerve left. I know it’s all in God’s hands and His timing and that’s all that keeps me from getting too discouraged.

I went in to work today for a couple hours so that some co-workers could attend a funeral. I stayed busy doing all sorts of odds and ends and before I knew it three hours were gone and my relief was there.

We had plans to go get some groceries after I got home but it was too late. Instead, I drove into town to get some much needed fuel and picked up a few items at Save a Lot to tide us over till tomorrow.

Tuesday, November 30

It was an early night however I didn’t sleep a wink. Well, maybe a couple winks but not enough that’s for sure. Between too many bathroom trips for both me and LizzieBelle, too many noises, and a phone call just as I fell asleep from the boss asking if I could come in tomorrow I woke up extremely tired and grumpy. While drinking my coffee I did some crocheting. I finished skein five and started on skein six. After two cups of coffee I was feeling better and I went on in to work.

Today’s task was mentally tough. It took me four hours to get done what needed to be done and by the time I left my brain felt like mush. A sleepless night didn’t help matters.

We headed to town shortly after I got home. The boss was very appreciative of my efforts today and gave me some money for our meal at Olive Garden then we stopped at Aldi’s and Kroger then went on home.


We’re getting two eggs a day. TWO!

Wednesday, December 1

Wow, we’re in the final month of 2021. This year has flown by.

Today was a normal work day. Thankfully I had a decent nights’ sleep and there were no tedious tasks that needed my attention today. I simply did some laundry and ironed the sheets. Since I’ve gone to work every day since coming back from Arkansas an easy day was appreciated.


While I was making supper CountryBoy was on a conference call with our realtor and a potential buyer. The buyer was out of state and had a TON of questions. He has a friend nearby that may come look at the place for him but other than that there’s still nothing new.

We’re looking online for potential houses but not knowing what our budget will be it’s been kind of hard to get excited about any properties. I don’t think that’s helping this whole situation either.


My glasses have somehow suddenly gone askew. They are extremely uneven and are falling off my face whenever I lean or bend over. They came close to falling in the cistern when I was checking it while at work today. That would NOT have been good.

Thursday, December 2

Today’s weather was unbelievably gorgeous for December. The temps were in the mid sixties with the sun shining and the occasional wind. It was the perfect day to tackle the unsightly garden.

After a light breakfast we started pulling up the weed barriers and pulling the stakes from the cloth. Most pulled up easily enough but there’s always one or two that were buggers. The morning glory vines had grown over and across a couple of the barriers making it difficult to pull up. A couple hours and rest breaks later we managed to have all the barriers pulled up, folded, and put away. CountryBoy hooked up the tiller to the tractor (with a bit of help from me) and he tilled most of the garden.

He wants to burn off the tomato and marigold rows (in the center) but it was too windy today. While he did that I got the cabin stuff ready and went up to ready the cabin for tonight’s guest.

My glasses are still a mess which made this morning’s task of pulling up the weed barrier a bit cumbersome. They were falling off or sitting crooked on my face which altered my vision and made it difficult to see so I just took them off. I really don’t know how they got so messed up. I’m either always wearing them or they’re on a nightstand when I’m sleeping so who knows.

We were going to cut a few of the smaller downed pine trees for firewood for the fire pit at the cabin but the chain saw didn’t want to cooperate. We were both tired already so we decided to skip it. Maybe another day.

I relaxed and did some cross stitching for about a half hour then started supper. I threw some brown rice in the rice cooker and started it. Or so I thought. I selected brown rice but apparently I didn’t push the button hard enough. When I was finished prepping the main course I glanced at the cooker and it wasn’t doing anything. oi. I pushed the brown rice button again and this time it lit up. It takes 100-105 minutes to cook brown rice so, needless to say, supper was much later than originally anticipated. But, it was worth the wait! Sheet pan shrimp with asparagus Mediterranean style with a side of brown rice and green Hibiscus tea. We polished off the Thanksgiving Peach Pie and that will be the end of the sweets with only the occasional treat.


Two eggs again today. We’re not even getting enough eggs for us to have any. Looks like we may have to take the Farm Fresh Eggs sign down by the road.

Friday, December 3

CountryBoy managed to get the garden burned off this morning using the weed burner. The former garden looks so much better. As I was clearing out the garden trough I noticed the hollyhocks were growing. I also saw what looks to be some cilantro. I transplanted some that I had started from seed during the growing season but they didn’t make it. And the strawberry plants are hanging in there even though we’ve had some nightly frosts. We’ll see how well everything does during the rest of winter.

Today was 68 degrees and quite pleasant. Another beautiful day!

As soon as our guest left we headed to town. The first stop was at the bank and the next was Walmart to get my glasses fixed. Three adjustments later and they now fit snugly on my face again. After that we went shopping for a table and chairs for the cabin. Since we sold our farmhouse dining table we decided to bring the table in the cabin down and use it. CountryBoy bought it in Arkansas. It’s a custom made, one-of-a-kind table with inlaid wood that makes it look three dimensional. We were planning on taking it with us when we moved but since it’s getting scratched and weird discolored spots are showing up we decided it was time to look for another table to put in the cabin.

We went to the Peddlers Mall and found a small, reasonable round table that folds down on two sides but there were no chairs with it. There was another round table with two chairs but it was slightly larger and there were no folding sides. Since the cabin is only 209 square feet I wanted a smaller table for up there and one that would sit flush against the wall. After walking the entire store and not seeing anything else that would be suitable we decided to check out Home Goods to see what they had. They had nothing as far as dining tables go and what furniture they did have was priced a bit higher than what we wanted to spend. So, back to the Peddlers Mall we went for the small, round folding table. We still need two chairs but for now we’ll leave the existing chairs up there until we can find some. Tomorrow we’ll swap tables.

We stopped at Aldi’s to get some more fruit, shrimp, and yogurt then we ate at Red Lobster. We both got the Salmon bowl which had crispy Brussels sprouts, quinoa rice, edamame, and Spring mix salad. It was very good. However, we may have overindulged in the cheesy biscuits but they were so soft and warm and oh so yummy!

I spent some time here and there today working on the backstitching and this evening I did some crocheting. This afternoon both LizzieBelle and I had our nails done. I attempted to file hers down while she squirmed and wanted no part of it. I managed to paint my nails just before we headed to town so that they could dry on the way. That’s the thing with painted nails and me – I like it when my nails are painted but there’s rarely a time when I’m not doing something with my hands and waiting for them to dry would mean that I wouldn’t be able to work on something or do anything in the meantime. I guess I could read while I waited.

For breakfast this morning I used two of our very precious and sought after eggs. First I sautéed some spinach and purple onion in avocado oil then I added more oil and scrambled the eggs in the same pan. They were quite tasty. That, with a slice of artisan bread toasted was our fuel for the day until we stopped at Red Lobster.

Speaking of eggs – ONE egg today. pitiful.

Saturday, December 4

There wasn’t much on today’s agenda other than the table swap. But before we did that we decided to put the living room back the way it was. When we shifted the couch and TV around a few weeks ago it made the living room look smaller than it already is. We also thought we should have it looking like it does in the listing photos so we put everything back where it was and it looks much bigger and roomier now. After that task we had a breakfast of fruit and yogurt topped with granola then headed up to the cabin. We had washed the cabin sheets and dishes earlier this morning so we took those up with us. The new, smaller table works so much better up there…

… and has freed up a lot of space.

Since we didn’t have anything else on the agenda we decided to head to the HUGE Peddlers Mall in Lexington to look for some chairs for the table at the house. We walked quickly through room after room looking for chairs. We were looking for four matching chairs but weren’t having any luck. Eventually we found two chairs we liked and decided that we’d have to go with the mismatched look. Two hours later we came out with the two chairs and we’ll keep looking for two more. I also found a book on North American birds.

We’re happy to be eating at an actual table now rather than off trays while sitting on the couch!

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