A revamped boat shed & new fire pit

Friday, July 2

Today was one of those days that just begged you to be outdoors. The air was cool and the breeze even cooler. From the minute we finished our coffee (outside on the porch of course!) I headed for the garden. I transplanted some cilantro and basil I had started from seeds I saved last year as well as two tomato plants that had sprouted after I transplanted all the tomatoes. I have no idea what variety they are but I found a spot in each of the tomato rows so we’ll soon find out. After that I weeded one row of lima beans then hopped on the mower. I knew it needed to be done before our guests arrival. Right after I finished mowing I started walking around the farm picking blackberries. I no sooner got started and our guests arrived. They have been here before (more repeat guests!!!) so it was an easy check-in. As they were settling in I resumed my berry picking. Most were not ripe yet but I did manage to get a couple handfuls. I washed them then we put them in the freezer. It was late afternoon by now and time for a shower. I washed four dozen eggs then decided it was time to head for the porch. Just then CountryBoy came home from his spur of the moment fishing trip. He mentioned he ought to go while we were having coffee and I told him he should. He brought home his catch this time!

Even though I am thoroughly enjoying being at home more I think CountryBoy is equally enjoying the freedom he now has to go fishing when he wants to or go get wood for the winter when the weather permits. With one vehicle and me using it five days a week doing those things weren’t possible. It’s also been nice to be able to get groceries and feed without having to ‘schedule’ it between work and guests.


As I was walking around picking blackberries I came across a tree limb that had fallen from the Black Walnut tree…

I’m glad that didn’t fall while I was mowing! Oh, and notice the scalped yard? I got a little too close to the dump cart in front of the wood shed and got hung up in it when I was mowing. I freed myself from it and continued on around the shed until I started to bog down. I turned the mower off then noticed the blade was set at 1. I turned around and saw the path that I had just carved. Oh boy! Apparently when I got hung up it moved the blade handle down to the lowest setting. I’m just glad that was all it was. At first I thought the whole blade carriage had somehow come loose. I figured it was a good time to eat and check on LizzieBelle. Sure enough, she was whining and needing to go out so it worked out but our poor grass! Luckily it will eventually grow back.


We’ve picked three cucumbers already with the promise of many more. Before long we’ll be making pickles!

Saturday, July 3

It’s a cool 56 degrees this morning. The high is supposed to be 79 today. We have donned our sweat pants and a denim shirt jacket for morning coffee on the porch. I would actually like summer if all the days were like this during the summer months.

During coffee CountryBoy decided it would be another good day for fishing. I’m relaxing today and driving myself crazy with trying to figure out what to do with extra furniture and storage solutions. The farmhouse has decent square footage but a layout that makes furniture placement a challenge and there are no places to store stuff such as those unsightly rags and empty egg cartons waiting to be filled with farm fresh eggs. I think I come up with a solution for one thing but it usually opens the proverbial can o’ worms and I’m left with figuring out what to do with something else. Once I get to that point I shut down. I get so overwhelmed I walk away. I know I really need to just determine what is truly necessary and let go of the rest. However, my mind says that as soon as I get rid of it I’m going to need it because it’s happened before. What to do, what to do, but I know that SOMETHING needs to be done. My constant goal for my home is creating a warm and cozy space. I feel that some rooms are OK while others are completely the opposite of warm and cozy. More like cold and crowded! Anyway, I’ll keep plugging away at those cold and crowded rooms but I have to be in a certain mindset to tackle them and unfortunately, that doesn’t happen very often. And today is certainly not one of those days.

Instead, I pulled some more weeds this morning but spent the day sitting on the porch alternating between knitting some dish scrubbies and reading. Despite not having an online ordering system for my stuff I received an order for five scrubbies. (Where there’s a will there’s a way!) I had two in stock but had to make the other requested colors. I managed to get the other three finished between yesterday and today. Once I finished the scrubbies I pulled out the cross stitch I was working on. All in all it’s been a nice, relaxing day.

Sunday, July 4

Happy Independence Day!!! We wound up missing church this morning. We had walked over to peruse the area beside the shop where CountryBoy stores his boat. After some discussion about what to do with all the stuff in that area we came back in to discover that it was already time to leave. I can’t stand being late so we decided not to go. The weather was perfect so we went back out to start tackling a pile of scrap wood he had been saving – wood that might have a use in the future. Some of it had rotted and some oddball pieces just weren’t saving so we started sorting them – keep pile, burn pile. Shortly after that I had to go get dressed for work. CountryBoy started burning the old wood and continued cleaning out the area.

We started this project because we thought it would be nice to be able to back the boat and trailer into it to keep the boat out of the rain and weather. Originally, there was a second shelf the same height as the one with the wood stacked on it and CountryBoy would slide the boat to and from the back of his truck right onto the shelves. Now that he’s been using the trailer (easier to load and unload at the boat ramp) he hasn’t been using the shelves and was either leaving the boat in the yard when he needed the trailer for wood or leaving it all just in the yard. Well, it rained the other day and the boat filled completely up with water drowning his tackle box and all! It was time to tackle the boat storage shed.

I did not get a before photo because quite frankly the area was a nightmare but here’s how it looks now…

It still needs some work but it’s much better and not quite as scary to walk into! We were glad to get rid of the wood pile that was on the ground (it was stacked against the wall where the trailer is now parked) – a perfect haven for snakes. Eventually the remaining wood scraps (now piled on the shelf) will go into the barn whenever we get the shop set up in there. That’s a big project for another day.


Work was good. I finished all the laundry and ironing in three hours then headed home. CountryBoy fired up the grill. He had some beef ribs and I had a burger then we relaxed on the porch and enjoyed the nice weather. After the sun went down I stayed on the porch as long as I could. Fireworks were going off all around us, the sound ricocheting off the mountains. Since we couldn’t see any of the fireworks it just sounded like we were in a war zone. Our guests up at the cabin had a dog that was sensitive to fireworks and I was worried about them. We had warned them about the possibility of fireworks in the area so I had to just let it go. I came inside, turned the oscillating fan on which drowned out the noise and read until I was ready to fall asleep.

Monday, July 5

Gosh, it was a busy day. From the moment we finished our coffee we were on the move. I tackled the laundry and house cleaning while CountryBoy made some benches (out of some of that scrap wood!).

Family was coming over tonight and bringing some Kentucky Fried Chicken and I thought it would be fun to make some S’mores. Recent guests had left behind all the fixin’s for S’mores but the only fire pit was at the cabin. Since the cabin stays so busy (yay!) I decided we needed a fire pit in the backyard so this morning we made one out of some bricks that were piled up around the tree in front of the boat shed. (More cleanup around there – win, win!) The table was also uncovered when we cleaned out the boat shed so I put it by the pit (great for putting a lantern and all the s’mores fixins’ on) and refreshed the top with a couple coats of spray paint. Once that area was ready we headed up to the cabin to clean it and get it ready for tonight’s guests. One of the comforters needed washed so we managed to rest and cool off while we waited for it to wash and dry. Our guests were due to arrive around 4 o’clock so there was a bit of a time crunch to get the cabin all put back together but we did it.

As we were waiting on the comforter to dry we found out that our evenings’ plans fell through. Now to come up with something for supper. Do you ever tire of figuring out what to make for meals, especially supper? I know we do but we decided on Snow Crabs & fried taters with a big ol’ glass of green tea!

It was so good!

Just before supper we found out that our guests wouldn’t be able to get here until after 10 o’clock due to some car trouble. So, our plans for the whole evening completely changed but it all worked out just the same. The guests eventually made it safe and sound and we’ll break in the fire pit another day.

Tuesday, July 6

Right after coffee I logged in to my old computer at the newspaper and started proofing some of the pages that were already finished. After that I started laying out the last page. The work day went smooth up until the time I was distilling the files (pages) to be sent to the printer. Several of the graphics weren’t linked which means they hadn’t been saved to the server. When that happens the images are usually fuzzy or pixelated at the time of print. It’s a simple fix but ended up being a huge, unnecessary fiasco. Let’s just hope that the situation resolves itself. Without going into the details suffice it to say that I will never understand unteachable employees or people in general. One will never know all there is to know and there is always something one can learn if willing.

Once the pages were good we headed to town to mail the dish scrubbies to their new owner.

Since LizzieBelle was sound asleep when we were ready to leave we decided to take a chance and leave her sleeping soundly in her bed in front of the fan rather than waking her up and taking her out into the heat. Since she wasn’t with us we stopped for a bite to eat. I was nervous about what we would find when we got home but thankfully she was still in her bed. She was awake but not whining or howling. whew!

We stopped at a fairly new restaurant in town, Backstreet Grub, and gave it a try. It’s a small place but there’s lots to choose from on the menu. I got the fish sandwich and CountryBoy got a burger. Both were good. While we were eating an older gentleman came in with a younger gentleman and they ordered some corn nuggets with their meals. Upon hearing the word ‘corn’ CountryBoy’s ears perked up and his interest was peaked. He asked them “what’s a corn nugget?” That’s the beauty about this place, there are no strangers. The older gentleman proceeded to try and explain what they were and said he would let us try them. He said that he first had them in Tennessee and had only found them one other place until Backstreet Grub opened up. True to his word, they handed us a paper bowl with about five or six corn nuggets. Wow, so good! They are literally nuggets of corn kernels rolled in batter and deep fried. They had a slightly sweet flavor and could easily become addicting. The gentlemen also handed a few to a couple of ladies that were also there. One of the ladies tried them and wanted to order some to take home. The gentlemen gave her some more to take home so she didn’t have to order any. CountryBoy was so touched by their friendliness, kindness and generosity that he paid their bill unbeknownst to them. We simply thanked them and walked out. It felt pretty good to pay it forward and we’ll definitely be ordering some corn nuggets next time!

We spent the evening relaxing on the couch with the fans and the window AC running because it was one of those hot and humid days.

Wednesday, July 7

I had time for a quick cuppa coffee on the porch this morning before I needed to get to work. The second cup will be a to-go cup. I’m still going in early. I seem to be able to accomplish a lot with that extra hour and it gives me a chance to assess the laundry and plan out my day. It also gives me a good chunk of time to continue working on the Contacts project when no one else needs the computer. It took me less than two hours to iron the sheets and napkins so with the extra time I managed to finish the second page of bounced emails. There’s only a partial page to go – only 326 more bogus emails to delete and unsubscribe. Yay! While I was at work CountryBoy mowed, cleaned the cabin and graded the deep rut out of the road up to the cabin.


The guests had already checked in by the time I got home. CountryBoy was in the kitchen creating a delicious meal out of pantry items and veggies that needed to be used up – egg noodles, marinara, lots of spices, onions, mushrooms and red, yellow and green peppers. Served with some garlic toast it was really good!

After supper I took a quick shower then we enjoyed watching ‘Miracle in the Woods’, a film from 1997 with Della Reese & Patricia Heaton. The evenings’ temperature dropped quite a bit making it comfortable to sit on the porch till bedtime.

Thursday, July 8

Goodness, I need to proofread and publish this blog post before it becomes a novel!

It was a constant interrupted night of very little sleep last night. Today I have what I call ‘an EMS headache’ – the slight pain above the eyes and top of head we would usually have after a sleepless 24 hour shift. They’re not debilitating but you’re not 100% and they’re annoying. Sadly, no amount of caffeine will help. The only cure is sleep.


CountryBoy had a tee time at 7:30 this morning so we were up and at ’em early. After that he did the trash run for the B&B. Our guests left just before noon and no sooner did they pull out of the driveway the heavens opened up. It had been raining off and on all morning so I stayed indoors with my EMS headache and did some cross-stitching. I did manage to sort through one of my ‘piles’ in the office and I actually threw some things away. It wasn’t much but it was something. Once the rain let up I headed up to the cabin to start cleaning it. The other comforter needed washed so not knowing yet when our guests would arrive I made the beds, cleaned the wash basin, dusted, restocked the utensils then came back down to get it in the wash. The only things remaining to get the cabin ready is take the dishes and comforter back up, wipe the table, clean the bathroom, and sweep. CountryBoy finished it up then we all took a nice, long nap. I’m feeling much better now.

I spent the evening watering plants, feeding the birds, taking pictures and walking through the garden. By the time I came back in the guests were due to arrive any minute so I sat on the porch and waited for their arrival. Meanwhile, CountryBoy was glueing the pieces of a tail light back together – a tree vs. trailer mishap when backing the trailer into the boat shed the other day.


We’re averaging a couple dozen eggs a day. The girls are doing good!

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  1. It is so hard to decide what to get rid of when decluttering. I tend to get hung up on sentimental stuff and am trying to think of creative ways to use things that are just sitting in boxes. As for corn nuggets…Tim got turned on to those at Sonny’s Restaurant and then when we moved to Tennessee, we find them in a lot of places here. He loves ’em!


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