Back in business

Thursday, June 24

After ten plus years I finally managed to completely use up all the storage space on my external hard drive with photos I have taken over the years. I started saving my photos on my hard drive but I knew I couldn’t do that for very long before I would run out of room on my computer and/or it would start to slow down. While we were in town last Friday we stopped at Office Depot so I could pick one up. They didn’t have any external hard drives for Macs in stock so I ordered and paid for one and it arrived at my doorstep on Tuesday. I can, once again, take all the photos I want. With a 5 terabyte external hard drive it should take me another ten years or so before I fill that one up. ha!

That being said, I haven’t taken very many photos over the last few weeks nor have I blogged very much. So, to get the ball, er blog, rolling again I’ve been wandering around the farm and capturing whatever caught my eye with my camera to share with you today rather than boring you with the daily grind.

This shot was taken a week ago last Sunday night. It had been a busy day and just before we collapsed into bed here’s what the night sky looked like…

I love those dramatic skies and the mist forming in the hills and valleys!


It’s been a couple weeks now since I have not had to go into town to go to work and I have been thoroughly enjoying my time at home. Most of the time at home is filled with things that need to be done but I get a lot more time to just sit and relax and enjoy our surroundings and the efforts of our labor both past and present.

The above lilies will be opening up any day now. These plants are the tallest they have been since we planted them.

In fact, CountryBoy put a rope around them and tied it to a couple of porch posts to help hold them up.

Speaking of CountryBoy, he has taken a much needed and well deserved day off today to play some golf. While he was out I cleaned and readied the cabin then sent the drone up to get some summer shots of the farm…

We still can’t believe, even after six years, that we wound up in such a beautiful part of Kentucky from an internet search of properties. We are so thankful!

We are calling it a day as soon as the chickens are locked up for the night. A few extra minutes of sleep is always a good thing.

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