Ceiling fan 2, us 0 & Spring has sprung

Thursday, March 18 & Friday, March 19

Work was deader’n a doornail Thursday. I thought I would go nuts but since I’m already nuts I managed to stick it out ’til quittin’ time and was out the door at 4 o’clock on the dot. Let the weekend begin!

I spent Friday morning vacuuming upstairs and cleaning the bathroom. I even washed all the bathroom mats and rugs. CountyBoy decided to relocate the ceiling fan in the living room and got started on that after breakfast. After he moved the wire and spliced another piece onto the existing wire he needed my help holding the fan while he wired it all together. We kept the fan intact so it was awkward and heavy. I found out real quick how much upper body strength I have lost over the years. When it was finally up we tested it only to find out it didn’t work. sigh. After all the pain and agony! We were disappointed that it didn’t work and frustrated that we would have to go through that whole ordeal again. We still needed to clean and ready the cabin for the next guests that were checking in this evening so we took a break from the fan and took care of the cabin. Speaking of cabin, this is the first time I have been able to help in a while so I finally saw some of the downed trees from the ice storm. These trees fell beside the cabin…

See them laying on the ground to the right of the cabin? We thank God they fell where they did and not on the cabin!

We had a couple trees fall across the road that goes to the cabin. Here’s one of them…

CountryBoy cut enough of it away so that the side-by-side could get through. He’ll tackle the rest when time and weather permit.

Once the cabin was ready we went back to work on the fan. After a second attempt of pain and suffering in wiring it all together it still didn’t work. I looked at the splice and mentioned that maybe that’s where the problem was. Sure enough, he crimped them a bit more and viola, the fan and lights worked. Guess we should’ve checked that first. It would’ve saved us a whole lotta pain and aggravation.

It looks much better in its new place in the center of the living room but boy did it whip our hind ends!

I’m just glad it’s moved. Now no one should have to ‘mind the fan’ as they walk into the living room.

We were so worn out from the whole fan ordeal that we kicked back and watched a couple movies after our guests arrived then called it a day.


Farm news: we’re averaging 28-30 eggs a day

Saturday, March 20

Happy first day of Spring!!! It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day here – perfect for the Flood Relief concert going on at the park in town today. Since we didn’t have any pressing to-do’s today we decided we’d spend the day listening to some local musicians who donated their time and talent for the event. So many local people have stepped up in one way or another to either personally help the flood victims, organize donations for free yard sales and food giveaways, free laundry service trucks were brought in, and today’s event was organized by a local chiropractor. One of our farmer’s market friends catered the event and has been seen delivering box lunches to the flood victims working so hard on salvaging their homes. Since all the proceeds were going to people trying desperately to recover from the flood we had lunch and supper there and gave a donation. I pray the donations were generous and that it will go far.

On the way to the concert we stopped at our local antique and vendor mall which, thankfully, was spared from any damaging flood water. We were looking for a wagon so that we could put LizzieBelle and her bed in it and pull her around at the concert. We did not find one so she walked part of the way and I carried her the rest. Luckily, we got a good parking space and didn’t have far to go. She gets quite heavy after a while.

We stayed about five hours then had to head back home to do the evening farm chores. It was a nice, relaxing day for a good cause. That was the longest time that I just ‘sat’ and did nothing in a very long time! I did try to start knitting a dish cloth but it was rather difficult with LizzieBelle on my lap so I gave up.

After chores we relaxed the rest of the evening. I put LizzieBelle’s bed next to me on the couch. She promptly fell fast asleep…

… eyes half open, tongue hanging out… poor girl had an exciting (and apparently exhausting) day!

Sunday, March 21

I made myself sit down behind the computer this morning so that I could order the last of the items needed for this year’s garden season. It was only two things – garden staples for the weed barrier and a set of rope lights. I previously mentioned I was trying to figure out a way to get some seeds started in the sunroom/greenhouse but that the nights are still cold and unpredictable. The soil needs to stay warm so that the seeds germinate so even if the space heater is on out there it still won’t keep the soil at an even, warm temperature. On several of the sights I checked out it was suggested that rope lights placed underneath the trays would do the trick. We’ll see. The items should arrive the middle of the week so hopefully I can play in some dirt on my next days off and maybe we can get started laying down the weed barrier.

I was feeling pretty accomplished after that and glad that I finally made myself just do it. It has taken me over a month to order those two items but I have a hard time ordering stuff because ordering stuff usually winds up with us owing money a few weeks later when the bill comes in. This time, however, we had reward points from our credit card so I used them and it cost nothing. whew! I was feeling even better after that!

Right after that I headed upstairs to get ready for church and then it was off to work afterwards. It was an easy day today. All the sheets were already washed so I just had to iron. Once finished I managed to spend an hour and a half working on the big Contacts project. I’m chipping away at it bit by bit.


CountryBoy spent the afternoon dismantling the old grape arbor and relaxing.


Farm news: 28 eggs

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  1. Sweet Lizzie Belle, you all tuckered her out. So adorable with that little pink tongue peeking out! Ceiling fan looks great and I know what you mean about losing upper body strength. Ugh! Happy Spring!!!


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