New stuff, storm debris & the promise of Spring

Tuesday, March 9 – Saturday, March 13

I have not taken the time to sit myself down behind the computer to write any daily journal entries since last Monday. Instead, I’ve been enjoying sitting next to CountryBoy on our new sectional sofa in the evenings watching movies with either crochet hook or knitting needles in hand. But let me back up and write a summary of the last five days so I can catch up …


CountryBoy took me to work Tuesday morning. Our plan was to head to Rural King after work since I am usually finished by mid-afternoon. Sure enough, we had the approval of our pages from the printer around 1:20 so I called CountryBoy and told him I’d be ready to go at 2 o’clock. He and LizzieBelle were right on time with the trailer in tow. We were on our way to finally purchase a tiller for the tractor after six years…

Since moving here we have been fortunate to have neighbors come by to plow and till our garden but we have been at their mercy and their timing. Since we are wanting to lay down some weed barrier this year we wanted to get a jump start on garden prep so it was time to knuckle down and get a tiller. CountryBoy is thrilled!

Seeing the garden freshly tilled is so inspiring. What’s also been inspiring is the warm weather we’ve been having. Warm enough that we haven’t had to use the fireplace all week. Warm enough that I’ve been itching to play in some dirt and start some seeds. In time! Warm enough that the Daffodils have made their appearance…

On our way to Rural King I wondered out loud if there were any furniture stores nearby. We had decided to start looking for a new couch for the living room and when we found one we would donate our couch to someone who had lost everything in last week’s flood. I had a good idea of what I wanted – a sectional with two recliners, a couch and a chaise – now to just find it. On our way out of Winchester CountryBoy spotted Aaron’s. I had my doubts because the store was small and I figured there wouldn’t be very much to choose from. I was wrong. They had quite a few couches and several sectionals but I didn’t see anything that would work in our small space. CountryBoy spotted a sectional at the front of the store that I didn’t even see. It had two recliners and a couch but no chaise. Upon seeing the sectional and mentally calculating its size and how it would fit in the living room I knew this was the one. Chaise or no chaise. Since we were buying it outright we were given a great deal plus free delivery the NEXT day! To say I was thrilled was an understatement. Now I would be able to stretch my legs at night and LizzieBelle and her bed would have plenty of room as well. It would also make the living room a little less ‘busy’ and a lot more cozy.

Here’s a before with the couch, a recliner, and a rocking chair from our patio set for an extra seat…

Here’s the after with the sectional in place…

Much more cohesive and cozy. I also wanted to add a shelf to each window for a few of my plants. The house is always dark so I thought these would be the best solution for some of my smaller houseplants…

I love houseplants! They not only help clear the air but I think they help make the space a bit more cozy. I must say, it’s been nice having CountryBoy on one side of me and LizzieBelle on the other rather than us being all spread out.

The only thing left to do in the living room is move the fan to the center of the room. It has always been in a weird place and with our low ceilings our tall friends and family have had to ‘mind the fan’ when walking in the living room. Relocating it in the center of the room will help eliminate that need to ‘mind the fan’.

After a successful trip Tuesday afternoon we headed home. We stopped along the way to take a couple photos of random debris from the flood…

… a hot tub in a field and a chest freezer tangled in tree limbs by the creek. We also saw random hay bales in the strangest places. This historic flood was devastating and victims are still cleaning up. It’s going to take a while but our town has stepped up to the task and donations and help has been coming in from all over. It’s so refreshing to see everyone coming together. I wish the media would focus more on the good that’s happening all around us rather than continually stirring the pot with negativity and depressing news.


Early Wednesday morning CountryBoy and I moved the couch into the mudroom where it will stay until we find someone that needs it. I vacuumed the area where the new sectional would go before work and CountryBoy mopped. After I got home I washed the curtains and the windows while waiting for the sectional to arrive between 3 and 7 o’clock. Once I finished I grabbed my book and sat on the front porch to enjoy the beautiful weather. It wasn’t long before my conscience started telling me that I needed to finish painting the top runners for the grape arbor and get the second coat on the fence. I tried to ignore my conscience but it was of no use. I knew it was supposed to rain on Friday, my first day off and there was no guarantee that my second day off would be suitable to be outside painting. So… I reluctantly got off the couch and went upstairs to put on my painting clothes. I put one coat on the two sides of the runners and then put the second coat on the fence. By the time I finished with the fence the first coat was dry so I put the second coat on the runners. There. All done! I even got everything all cleaned up before the sectional arrived. Shortly thereafter, it was delivered and set up. We promptly tested it out by watching a movie that evening.


Thursday was pretty uneventful. Work was busy until about 2 o’clock. The last two hours seemed as if time stood still. Finally it was 4 o’clock and time to start my weekend!


Friday and Saturday were spent doing laundry, repotting plants, pulling some more clothes out of the guest room closet, cleaning the recliner, reading and either knitting or crocheting in between tasks or swhile watching a movie. We also made a quick trip to Lowe’s for the plant shelves and to pick up some medications. I can’t believe my work week starts tomorrow afternoon already.


Bookings for the cabin are picking up. We’re ready!


LizzieBelle is doing pretty good. We are finally in a routine at night and she has only been getting up once during the night to do her business and to get a drink. She still can’t see and some days her hearing is better than others.


Farm news: lots and lots of eggs. The girls have been enjoying the warm and longer days.


    1. Our current garden is plenty large enough to eat fresh and to put up for winter. i am, however, pondering plowing and tilling up the grass adjacent to the garden for a flower garden. The verdict is still out on that ;). Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment!

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  1. I love the shelves in front of the window! I think I am going to do the same in our kitchen window. Your living room looks great! SO glad to hear LIzzie Belle is doing better!

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