Prayers for our poor little town

Tuesday, March 2

This morning the floodwaters were still on the rise. I was advised by a coworker to stay put because all roads leading to town were flooded. I’m so thankful that I was already set up to work from home. I worked until 2 o’clock. We weren’t quite finished but I wanted to get as close as we could to town to get some aerial shots with the drone. We also had to go to Lowe’s and get some groceries and if we were going to get all that done we needed to get going. On the way, we delivered a couple dozen eggs to our pastor then took a side road that would bring us out onto a major road that would take us as far as we could go before getting stopped by the floodwaters. Here’s what we found…

The road we take into town is to the left of the roofs.

It’s just unbelievable and so heartbreaking.

The Kentucky River runs along the edge of town. We drove to another part of the river and drove over the bypass to get some more photos…

The actual river is at the top of the photo at the beginning of the bypass.

I’m just in shock at the amount of water. In fact, there is so much water that has no where to go because the river is still rising 24 hours later that several areas were experiencing back flow.

So many houses, farms and businesses are under water and right on the heels of such a rough year. My heart aches. Please pray for all those that have been affected and for the recovery of our little town.


As we headed the opposite direction to go to Lowe’s we saw a few areas that showed signs of flooding but the further we got away from our town the less evidence we saw. In fact, while we were driving from store to store one would never know what was happening just a few miles down the road.


LizzieBelle did really well last night. I plugged a night light in and it did seem to calm her. There was only one time where she sat up for a while. I ended up bringing her up beside me and we snuggled under the covers for a while and she slept. She also seems to be slimming down a bit.


I need to get to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a long day at the B&B. I’m the only one on that doesn’t have to go through town to get to work so I am going to work all day – breakfast thru dinner. I believe the cook may come in the evening for dinner as she can cut through the road we took today so that will help if she does. Now, off to read a chapter then to bed.

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