LizzieBelle’s diagnosis

Tuesday, February 23

It was another rough night. LizzieBelle had several bouts of coughing after we went to bed. When another bout started up again at 2:30 I got up with her, carried her outside to do her business then we curled up on the couch. She had several more coughing spells throughout the remainder of the night. It was an affirmation that I needed to call the vet today.

After finishing laying out a couple of pages I called the vet office and they were able to see her at 3 o’clock this afternoon. Perfect! We were doing pretty good on getting the pages laid out so I felt certain that we would be finished in time for me to head home to get CountryBoy and LizzieBelle and get back to town in time for her appointment. Our pages were approved a few minutes before 1 o’clock so I left at 1:30 which gave us plenty of time. We were even able to stop at the bank on our way.

Before calling for the appointment I made a list of the changes/symptoms I’ve noticed in LizzieBelle over the past few days:

  • near-sighted vision almost gone
  • insatiable appetite
  • weight gain without increase in food (happening for a couple months now)
  • behavioral changes such as not letting us know she needs to go outside
  • still coughing and occasionally sneezing during a coughing spell

I wrote them down so that I would remember to tell the vet. She read over the list and she knew that something else was going on other than the original diagnosis of Kennel Cough. She could also tell that the cough was different this time before even examining her.

After several tests here’s my sweet LizzieBelle’s diagnosis:

  • arthritis in her back end
  • hypothydroid
  • hypertension
  • Congestive Heart Failure (CHF)
  • detached retinas in both eyes
  • some hearing loss

Prior to taking her back to be examined the vet had asked us how far we wanted to go as far as treatment. We said we would use medication to treat her and most of all we wanted her to be comfortable in her senior years. As far as we know she will be 14 this summer. We came home with a diuretic, thyroid, and blood pressure medications. The diuretic should help with the cough once some of the fluid around her heart is gone.

While we were certainly not thrilled about the diagnosis we are happy to finally know what is going on and that we can treat her in hopes of some improvement. My poor Belle.


On a more positive note, the sun shone bright today and it got up into the mid-50’s today. yay! I felt like the sunshine was our reward for making it through the last two weeks of ‘ice’-olation!


Farm news: 16 eggs

Wednesday, February 24

Last night was one of those nights that everything fell into place. When we got home I fed LizzieBelle and slipped her diuretic into a random carrot in her bowl. She gobbled it all up, pill and all! That’s going to make giving her all her meds very easy. After that I called my sister to wish her a happy birthday, then I sat down to write the day’s journal entry, and no sooner did I finish my Dad called. After hanging up I caught up on Instagram and scrolled for a few minutes on Facebook then we called it a night. It’s nice when one thing flows from one to the other.

LizzieBelle had a brief coughing spell when we crawled into bed and another one around 12:30. She had walked to the foot of the bed which told me that she needed to either get a drink, go outside, or both. As I was sitting up and grabbing my bathrobe we heard a loud thunk. She had fallen off the bed. I don’t know whether she tried to jump (which she typically doesn’t do) or if she just didn’t know how close she was to the edge of the bed. I’m thinking the latter. Thank goodness she was OK – just a little stunned. In the future I will have to move a little quicker which is sometimes hard to do when woken up from a sound sleep. Reminds me of my EMS days. At any rate, I scooped her up and took her outside straightaway. She tinkled and pooped then got a drink. We went back upstairs and laid down and she had another coughing spell. This one lasted longer than at the beginning of the night but it eventually subsided and we all slept until almost 7 o’clock. This morning she got all three of her meds tucked inside various pieces of carrot and again, she gobbled it all up. I’m so thankful CountryBoy came up with the carrot idea. I’m just praying that she responds well to the medications and that we will start to see improvements with each passing day.


It’s been two weeks since I’ve worked at the B&B and it was a long day. There were no sheets to iron but I did iron some napkins, a tablecloth, and some curtains that had been freshly laundered. After that I spent the rest of the day doing office type work.


CountryBoy spent his day cutting trees that had fallen across the road to the cabin as well as a few that had fallen BESIDE the cabin due to our recent ice storm. We thank God that they did not fall ON the cabin! They were all pine trees so they are of no use when it comes to fire wood which is unfortunate. However, they can be used at the cabin’s fire pit.


It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day which was very much appreciated by everyone. The forecasters are calling for some nice, warm days over the next ten days but they’re calling for rain on several of those days. I hope it’s not raining on my days off. I’m wanting to work on a few outdoor projects this weekend. We’ll see if Mother Nature cooperates with my schedule!


With the warmer temperatures the house has been warmer even without a fire going. That’s awesome as it saves us on wood especially since our supply is getting low. Since the living room was warm enough to sit in I decided to spend the evening sitting on the couch with a blanket over my legs, LizzieBelle on my lap and flipping through some magazines I had brought home from the B&B. While thumbing through them at the B&B the photos caught my eye and I thought I might find some helpful decorating tips or ideas for the farmhouse. There were tons of beautiful rooms but I didn’t find anything that inspired me or even gave me any bright ideas that would work in the farmhouse. Oh well. I’ll take them back to the B&B and maybe one of the other girls will find something useful.

As I was thumbing through the mags LizzieBelle changed her position and wedged herself between my leg and the back of the couch. She stayed that way until I needed to get up and when I did she just fell over…

Of course my first action was to check her breathing. Yep, still breathing. whew! Then she started twitching so we knew she was still sound asleep and must be quite comfy.

You can see where they shaved the right side of her neck to draw the blood to check her thyroid. My sweet girl!


Farm news: 11 eggs

Thursday, February 25

It was a rough night but we all got through it. LizzieBelle coughed for a bit when we went to bed. She finally stopped until about 1:30 when she stirred and started moving towards the end of the bed. I immediately got up and took her outside to do her business then afterwards she got a nice, long drink which spurred another coughing spell. I carried her upstairs and she continued to cough for almost 25 minutes. Eventually the coughing subsided but she was restless for another 40 minutes or so. She finally settled down but not before almost having another mishap. She had been behind my legs but then she stepped up onto my knees (which were at the edge of the bed) and she started to walk over them. Luckily I anticipated her action and was able to stop her from going any further. I rolled over and pulled her up to my chest. She finally settled down and slept for what was left of the night.

CountryBoy said she took a nice, leisurely stroll around a good portion of the farm under his watchful eye this afternoon. She even managed to find her way to the front porch and to the front door. Good girl!

I’ve researched some holistic treatments for the CHF and her arthritis and I’ll be ordering some CBD oil for pets. What was interesting is that many of the supplements recommended for heart disease in humans were the same for pets.


Today felt like groundhog day. Many of my Thursday tasks at work I did on Monday times two (due to the ice storm) and here I was doing it again in the same week. It was much easier today however, as I just had to bill for the ads that ran today instead of two weeks worth and I didn’t have to keep checking the date. Counting the monies from the counter sales was also easy since there were only a few days where people could safely be out and about so the counter sales for our last issue were down quite a bit. Several ads came in today that needed created for next week’s edition so I stayed busy and left at 4 o’clock. Let my weekend begin!!!


It was another nice sunny day – not quite as warm as yesterday but we’ll take it. I’m hoping for nice weather tomorrow and Saturday but there is a chance of rain Friday afternoon and Saturday morning so I’ll just wait and see how the days unfold.


Farm news: 14 eggs


  1. I’m sorry that Lizzie Belle has had such a time but now you know and the fact she’s eating and resting is good news that she’s more comfortable. She’ll let you know and in the times you have ahead with her, you just enjoy that girl and her spunk.

    My Ozzie made it to 18 with CHF and steadily going blind and struggling with moving very fast and she gave all she could , clearly not ready to give up. So, you just enjoy.

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