Updated cabin reveal

Friday, January 8

It’s been a few days coming but the last piece of the cabin update was installed this afternoon and we are loving how it all shaped up!!! And if today’s guests who lingered till the last minute are any indication I’m thinking they are loving it too.

After they checked out right at noon we grabbed the cleaning and supply tote, some tools, caulk, a ladder and the new solar light with panel and we headed up. I took care of getting the cabin cleaned and ready while CountryBoy tackled the solar light and panel installation. We finished about the same time. While he cleaned the outhouse and packed everything back into the side-by-side I snapped a few photos so that I could update the cabin listing. Here’s how the interior of the cabin looks now…

Where the bed is in the above photo is where the wood stove was (scroll for BEFORE photos). We still need to remove the exterior pipe and plug the hole. That will be done early next week. In the photo below is where both beds used to be with the foot of the beds facing the front windows.

And this…

I have wanted to add some chairs since we built the cabin but there was just no room. With the addition of the gas fireplace and switching everything up we now have room for two comfy club chairs. They are small and low profile which makes them perfect for the space. Today’s guests got to enjoy watching some snow flurries this morning while sitting in front of the fire in the comfort of the warm cabin. We also got to enjoy the warmth while we were cleaning and installing the light. SO nice!

Speaking of light here it is…

It’s nice and small but packs a punch. Guests will now be able to enjoy a late dinner or spend the evening playing games with light provided by the sun. I love it!

Here’s the panel that came with it…

It faces the south and will get plenty of sunlight to power the light. It’s supposed to work even on the cloudy days. We’re really pleased with it and may purchase another one to hang between the chairs.

We are amazed at how much more room is in this 209 square feet of space since we’ve gotten rid of the wood stove and rearranged. I feel like it flows better and is much more welcoming. Here are a few BEFORE photos to help you see the difference…

Can you see how we gained extra space and room to actually move around?


While we waited for the guests to check-out we finally got rid of the last of the Christmas decor – the Christmas tree – and got it all put away up in the attic. The dining room is a lot roomier now with the tree gone! I did leave a few pieces out that were wintry such as my snowmen, a couple ceramic deer, some lighted garland and some snow covered houses.


While the cabin sheets and towels were in the wash I started prepping supper. I was craving some hot slaw so I found a recipe online that sounded like what my taste buds were craving and then I tweaked it some more. I thought some fish would go nicely with it so I found another recipe online for broiled salmon with and Asian flare. Once the sheets were out of the dryer I started cooking everything. Both turned out really tasty and the recipes will be keepers…

Warm Asian-style slaw with a dressing of soy sauce, cider vinegar, sesame oil, ginger, and peanut butter (I left out the Asian chili paste because I didn’t have any, the cucumbers because a) I didn’t have any and b) it didn’t sound appealing, and the sugar it called for because there’s already some sugar in the peanut butter and we’re cutting back) and I added a 1/2 cup of Omega-3 trail mix to it and it turned out great. I also sautéed everything in grapeseed oil (much healthier and has a higher smoke point than olive oil) rather than the vegetable oil it called for. For the peppercorn salmon I left everything as is with the exception of using plain peppercorns instead of the Szechuan peppercorns which I have no idea what those are. Our tastebuds felt extremely satisfied and we’ve not had any hankerins’ for anything else all evening. Also, food related – this morning’s oatmeal with real milk did not leave CountryBoy with the usual heartburn when eaten with homogenized & pasteurized milk. That’s good news!


Farm news: 9 eggs. mercy.


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