Back to our routines, snow and an ethereal sunrise

Sunday, November 29

This morning as CountryBoy started to wash the dishes, then the eggs and try to figure out what to have for supper he stated that he was back to his routine. As I was preparing to go to work I stated that I, too, was back to my routine. Funny thing, neither one of us really care for our routines. We would much rather switch but, alas, that is not going to happen so we both do what we have to do.

CountryBoy cleaned the cabin while I was at work. Yep, back to our routines.

Monday, November 30

As we sat in front of a burning fireplace this morning having our coffee while the snow was falling outside I refused to think of having to go to work in a few hours and just enjoyed the moment. I’m glad that during those moments I did not realize that today was billing day. After getting to work and sitting at my desk I happened to glance at the calendar and noticed that today was the last day of the month. That’s when it dawned on me that I had to do the billing. sigh. Three out of four accounts went well until the last account when I accidentally hit another button while closing out the month. While trying to salvage the situation I lost ALL the data for the month. not good. I ended up calling the software company to see if they could help recover the data. After several attempts the customer service rep said he had to contact the developer. We did manage to get over half of the month’s worth of data back so that’s a start and better than nothing. Fingers crossed I’ll get good news tomorrow.

The rest of the evening hasn’t been that much better. I sat in front of the fire knitting and ended up ripping out several rows. After that I decided to write today’s journal entry in front of the fire and my laptop died with a battery life of 87%. sigh. I also keep getting error messages that it’s unable to save and that I may be offline while trying to blog. Me and computers just aren’t getting along today.

On the plus side, it’s SNOWING!!! Not a lot but it’s snowing nonetheless which always brightens a day ’round here. The weather forecasters are calling for a couple inches. If it snows all night we just may get it! Woohoo!!!!!


CountryBoy took me to work this morning so he could drop the side-by-side at the shop to be checked and hopefully fixed. He also did a coupla errands. I’m always glad when he can do the errands while I’m at work!

Tuesday, December 1

The first day of December dawned with a thin layer of snow reminding us that Autumn is waning and Winter will soon be here.

It was so beautiful that I momentarily forgot what was ahead of me at work.

However, as the clock neared the time of me needing to get ready for work I slowly began to wrap my head around what I needed to do today and how I would accomplish it. Thankfully I was able to get my pages laid out fairly quickly and then was able to concentrate on correcting the billing mishap of yesterday. Another phone call to the software company got me nowhere so I began to rectify the situation myself by inputting the missing data. When all was said and done there were only two invoices that needed modified so I’ll take that as a successful close of the month. whew.

As I was just getting started on creating a new invoice for one of the customers I was told the boss was on her way in. I’ll be honest, I was mentally drained and I just did not have the mental capacity to talk about anything billing related so I left. I’ll be in a much better state of mind on Thursday when we’re all back at work.

Farm news: 12 eggs

Wednesday, December 2

It’s been another mentally exhausting day. I spent the day at the B&B behind the laptop creating a newsletter. The time consuming part are the photos – getting them, editing them and creating collages with them to place into the newsletter. Finding just the right words to say can also be tedious but once the photos are done and the wording decided the rest is pretty easy. Nonetheless, what I thought was going to be a short day ended up being a very long day. Having only one small slice of cinnamon toast and a small glass of juice to eat all day didn’t help. I didn’t even do any ironing. Hopefully there are enough sheet sets to get by until Sunday. We had tentatively planned on going to town this afternoon and doing a little bit of Christmas shopping. Needless to say, that did not happen. Thankfully CountryBoy had the leftover Chicken Cacciatore already warmed in the oven so I was able to eat shortly after getting home. I felt much better after that.

This evening I’m going to knit, browse through Pinterest then go to bed. Exciting night, huh?!

Thursday, December 3

My intended evening of relaxing last night wound up leaving me restless. I quickly tired of knitting. I got bored with Pinterest and there was nothing new on my Instagram feed so my mind started wandering all over the place. I kept picking my knitting back up but my mind continued to wander. I’ve discovered that my mind wanders less when I have a project to keep myself occupied. Whether it’s in the planning stages or in the midst my mind just seems to be more at ease if it has something to focus on. I did get a good night’s sleep though so that’s good.


CountryBoy took me to work again today. The side-by-side was ready to be picked up. What was wrong with it? a fuse. A simple fuse. While the buggy was in the shop we had them change the oil. The rear axle will need to be replaced soon so it’s on order. Once the part comes in I will block the cabin’s calendar and we will take the buggy back in to be serviced. It’s only supposed to take about six hours so we shouldn’t have to block the cabin for very long.


Work was good although throughout the day I came across remnants of the billing fiasco. By the end of the day I think I managed to get everything back as it should be. We’ll see.

Friday, December 4

It’s turkey day! CountryBoy is making me a delayed Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixins’ and I’m so excited! When he dropped off the side-by-side at the shop he stopped at the grocery store and picked up a few things. At least I thought he only picked up a few things but he actually picked up a little bit more – one of those things being a turkey. A 15 lb. turkey at that. For two people, ha! He said it was the smallest one he could find so we’ve invited another couple over to help us eat it all.

We leisurely worked throughout the day making preparations – baking a punkin’ pie, making dinner rolls and leaving them lots of time to rise, cleaning, setting the table, scrubbin’ taters, and so on. Everything was so yummy! After eating more than we should we played some ‘Hog Stomp’, drank coffee and had dessert. It was a wonderful day!


Farm news: 12 eggs

Saturday, December 5

Last night started out to be a restless night for me. I tossed and turned for over two hours before finally falling asleep. I’m not sure whether it was the evening coffee, the excitement of the day, or both. Thankfully I woke up feeling refreshed so I must’ve managed to get enough sleep.

This morning’s sunrise over the barn had such an ethereal beauty that I just had to try and capture it. Of course, photo’s never do the real thing justice but nonetheless, I wanted to share it with you…

It was so beautiful!

There is not a whole lot on the agenda today. I like those days. Other than the usual Saturday laundry I thought I would get our Christmas cards ready for the mail. Oh, and we have to get the cabin ready for today’s guests. It’s only been six days but it seems like longer since we’ve had any guests. The break was nice but it would be even nicer to have a few more nights booked this month.


We are enjoying ‘all things turkey’ today. Even with two more mouths at yesterday’s delayed Thanksgiving feast we still had some leftovers so turkey sandwiches were enjoyed at lunch. With CountryBoy celebrating Thanksgiving at his Mom’s and me not having any turkey last week we are actually excited about leftovers. I’m sure most of you don’t even want to hear the word turkey right now!

As I sat eating my turkey sandwich in front of the fireplace the pressure canner was rattling away in the kitchen. We decided to can the green beans we had blanched and froze from our summer crop before they got freezer burned. Seven more quart jars were added to the green beans we’ve already canned. I think we’ll have enough to get us through the winter! Next up will be making some grape jelly because as the gallon bags of green beans were being dug out of the freezer a plastic container of grape juice fell out and cracked. So many times our days fill up with things to do from one mishap or another. What can ya do?!


It’s another turkey feast tonight. Yum! Our guests arrived earlier than expected (which is good). I did not get the Christmas cards ready for the mail nor did we make any grape jelly. But, the juice is thawed for the making of jelly another day and I’ll work on the cards throughout the week. For now? I’m going to eat then spend the evening doing whatever I feel like doing!

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