A Friday the 13th Wedding Anniversary

Friday, November 13

Friday the 13th and our 21st wedding anniversary! I can still hear some people saying ‘don’t get married on the 13th because you’ll have some anniversaries on Friday the 13th‘. We didn’t care. We like the number 13 and Friday the 13th‘s don’t scare us. It was a decision neither of us regretted.

It’s been five days since I have taken the time to sit in front of the computer for anything other than checking email and cabin bookings. As of late, I feel it’s been the same ‘ol day to day happenings and I just didn’t feel motivated to write about any of it. There have been a few things that may be of some interest to some so I’ll write about them today but first, since I’ve mentioned it’s our anniversary, let’s do a little flashback Friday to 21 years ago today…


21 years and three weeks ago today CountryBoy proposed on the one year anniversary of our first date. If you did the math you would’ve figured out that there was a span of three weeks between becoming a fiancé and a bride and you would be correct. I was already in my mid-thirties and more than ready to marry the love of my life and my best friend so I did not want or see the need for a long engagement nor did I want a big, fancy wedding. Thankfully it didn’t take long to find the dress, a photographer, someone to make the cakes and to secure the venue. At 2 o’clock on a beautiful Saturday afternoon in downtown Orlando we said our vows before God and family.

Every wedding story has a mishap and ours was with no exception. Less than an hour before the ceremony began the fire alarms went off at the venue. WHAT?!?! Everyone was trying to figure out how to keep CountryBoy from seeing me as we were all being ushered outside. Thankfully it was a false alarm. Other than that, the ceremony went off without a hitch and before we knew it we were husband and wife.

Little did this city girl know what was in store over the next 21 years and that she would eventually be living in another state on a 20 acre farm. We’ve had our ups and downs with various hardships but otherwise it’s been a fairly easy journey along the way and I wouldn’t change a thing. Happy Anniversary my love!


Sunday we came home from church and the second drone was at the back door. I put it in the dining room then changed for work. It sat untouched until Monday when we unpacked it to make sure it was a new one and that everything was there. This morning I charged the batteries and we headed outdoors with some trepidation to see if it worked. I am happy to report that it does, indeed, work properly. We managed to get a photo of the farm…

… and one of the hillside below the cabin…

Both images are SOOC (straight out of camera) so I’m very pleased with the quality of the drone’s camera.


Wednesday after work I made a Baked Ricotta dish and we ended up eating most of it for supper. Literally. I sliced some Italian bread and toasted it in the oven and we each had a bowl full of Baked Ricotta with lemon, garlic, thyme & cayenne and several slices of bread and called it supper while watching an episode of Poldark.

So good. Both of them!

Speaking of Poldark, we have finished all five seasons. (And is one of the reasons why I didn’t take the time to journal, wink.)


Also of note this week, CountryBoy finished up the well…

Is it not the cutest thing? I love it! We’ll be on the lookout for an old wooden bucket to hang from the pulley.


This afternoon we’re going to hang out at the laundromat and wash our king size comforter and then we’ll celebrate our anniversary with a bite to eat. We have guests arriving this evening so we’ll eat early and head back home to finish farm chores and wait for their arrival.


Farm news: 14 eggs


  1. I loved seeing the wedding photos! And I love the well!!!!

    On Fri, Nov 13, 2020 at 6:45 PM Dream Valley Farmstead wrote:

    > dreamvalleyfarmstead posted: ” Friday, November 13 Friday the 13th and our > 21st wedding anniversary! I can still hear some people saying ‘don’t get > married on the 13th because you’ll have some anniversaries on Friday the > 13th’. We didn’t care. We like the number 13 and Friday th” >

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  2. Beautiful wedding and farm pics. Happy Anniversary!
    Changing Subject: regarding your eggs.
    Seems earlier you always had egg counts in the mid 20’s and now your count is in the low teens. Is that normal for this time of year or did you sell off or eat some chickens which lowered your count? You can tell I know nothing about raising chickens. My dad raised a few with cages in the garage when I was about 8 to 10, but all I did was collect the eggs. But Dad raised our rabbits and chickens to add to our food diet. Needless to say I didn’t eat any of them, having been their caregiver I just couldn’t do it….

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  3. Lower egg counts are normal this time of year. Several girls are molting and when they molt they lay very few eggs. The days are shorter which also affect the making of an egg so with the combination of the two less than half of the girls are laying right now. And no, we didn’t sell or eat any of our girls. I just wouldn’t be able to do that! Also, there are different breeds of chickens – meat birds, egg birds and some breeds can be both. That being said meat birds are heavy birds and egg layers tend to be more bone than meat. We have several different breeds of chickens but they are all egg layers so they wouldn’t be very good for eating. I hope that answers your questions!
    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment 🙂


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