Is it really June?

Thursday, June 18

I’m really having a hard time wrapping my ahead around the fact that it is June. Heading towards the END of June at that. This entire month while creating the page templates each week for the paper and writing each daily heading for the blog I have had to stop and think what month it is. Maybe it’s the crazy, disrupted year we’ve all have had. Maybe I’m wanting to hang on to Spring. Who knows! But, you’d think I’d be used to the fact that it is, indeed, June by now.

At any rate, it’s my Friday, yay! I had to stop at the bank again this morning before work. Before I even made it into town I saw the gas station and remembered I needed to fill the truck. By the time I got to the bank I only had a few minutes before I was to be at work. I decided to go for it because last time there was only a couple cars in one lane and the transaction was super quick. This time, not so much. This time, there was only one other vehicle and myself and I was probably there a total of nine minutes which made me four minutes late. Apparently there was only one teller up and running (the other was counting his drawer) and she was working on a large deposit. Oh well, I got that chore done then zipped on in to work.

The morning flew by answering emails and working on ads. The afternoon – not so much. I did manage to stay until 3:30 which is a full day since I ate my lunch at my desk while I worked.

This evening I did some crocheting and scrolled through Pinterest a bit. I did manage to find a possible replacement element for our oven. It was almost quittin’ time when we called so we left a message and hopefully we’ll hear back from them tomorrow. I also called our local propane company today to put an order in to refill our propane tank and I asked some questions about switching from an electric to a gas oven. It shouldn’t be a big deal since we already have a gas line into the house. It’s still a big decision to make. If we can get the element then we’ll save a heckuva lotta money and keep our little stove/oven. If not, then we’re back at ciphering through the questions and the decision-making process. Fingers crossed we can get the element! In the meantime, I remembered the roaster oven we have that we usually cook turkeys in. (Yes, even the smallest of roasting pans won’t fit in our little oven!) I was wondering if we cook bake in it and lo and behold YOU CAN! So we are going to try it out and make some mini loaves of banana bread. We’ll see. If so,that will take a LOT of pressure off our non-working oven situation.


We called another feller about re-roofing the big ‘ol barn. He came out immediately. He’s an older gentleman so he said he would be back with someone who would be able to actually get up on the barn roof to measure so that he could give us a quote. He’s also going to add some fascia boards and fix the part of the barn that has shifted causing a hump in the roof. It sounds like it’s going to cost a lot of money that’s all I know but I like the improvements he’s doing and that he’ll fix a problem before he roofs it. He’ll be back the first part of July so we’ll know soon enough.

Farm news: 27 eggs

CountryBoy weed-eated the garden since he can’t get the tiller to run properly. The push mower has the same symptoms. He found the manual for the mower and it may be the gas cap. Let’s hope that solves the spontaneous quitting of the mower and the tiller. We’re wanting to take the push mower up to the cabin to keep the top of the hill in front of the cabin mowed.

Friday, June 19

This morning has been busy. After a relaxing time of drinking coffee our day started right after that with our guest checking out a little early. CountryBoy had plugged the roaster oven in and got it preheating so when he went up to the cabin to strip the sheets and empty the trash I got started on making the banana bread. By the time he came down the roaster oven was good and hot so he prepped the mini loaf pans, poured the batter in them then placed them on the rack in the roaster oven while I started washing the sheets and towels from the cabin. I set the timer for 30 minutes. When the buzzer went off I checked the bread and it was baking nicely but not done. I set for another 13 minutes. Not knowing how long it would take to bake we decided to set the timer for short amounts of time and keep checking the progress. It ended up being a total of 55 minutes but it turned out beautifully!

We may just start baking them in there since they seem to bake more evenly.

Meanwhile, CountryBoy called the place back about the element and guess what? Good news! We now have a source for at least the elements for our oven. We were told the element we needed is on order and that they should receive them on the 26th. Once they get them they’ll send one our way. YAY!!! This solves our oven dilemma. We will keep it and save ourselves a LOT of expense. In case you’re new here and haven’t seen our oven here’s the lil hoodlum that has caused us much grief as of late…

With such style as that how would a new oven ever compare?! Of course, you CAN get new ovens with such flare but you would also have to hand over your firstborn along with your wallet! I’m thankful and hopeful we’ll have a few more years of use.

After the banana bread came out of the roaster oven we headed up to get the cabin ready for today’s guests. A revolving door I tell ya! It didn’t take long with both of us tackling it.

Speaking of revolving door, we decided we needed a separate calendar to keep up with all the guests coming and going. We were starting to have a hard time remembering who was coming when; how many were coming; dog, dogs or no dog; and how long they were staying. Even though we can check the calendar online we are still very old-fashioned and like having the ability to look at it on paper. Plus, it’s just quicker and so much simpler. I had picked up a simple little planner at the dollar store – one where you can write in the month and the days on the calendar. I spent a few minutes filling it out up to the end of the year. There are a few days during the week left for the month of June and July is starting to get booked. I’m really surprised we haven’t gotten any bookings for October yet. People may be afraid to book so far in advance these days.


We spent the afternoon piddlin’ as we waited for the guests to arrive. No sooner’n they got here a neighbor came by for some eggs and as he was getting ready to head out another egg customer was driving in. Once the guests were settled in the cabin and the egg customers were on their way we decided to head to town. We have been here five years now and I have decided that it was time we had a proper entertainment center. Nothing fancy or expensive but something that will hold all the equipment and some shelves for my books.

We went to Big Lots and found a farmhouse style TV stand that would work and I was going to pair it with a ladder shelf. That’s about all the room we had. We had the ladder shelf in the buggy and the clerk came out to tell us that they didn’t have the TV stand I wanted in stock. We put the ladder shelf back and left. I was disappointed but in reality it worked out well. The cabinet was a dark wood and would’ve disappeared with our dark wood walls. The units really need to be white. I was disappointed because I wanted something in my hands so that I could work on the living room the rest of my weekend but I would not have been quite as happy with the dark units. We took our disappointed little selves to Olive Garden and discovered there would be a 45 minute wait. No thanks. We proceeded over to the Japanese restaurant and were seated right away with two other couples socially spaced apart. It’s crazy.

It was after our bedtime by the time we got home but I hopped online and found almost the exact same TV stand in two-tone (white with a dark top, perfect!) at a cheaper price. Now to find some shelves.


Farm news: 28 eggs

The problem with the tiller was not the gas cap. He’s going to adjust a screw (somewhere!) and maybe that will help. It’s all beyond me that’s for sure.

Saturday, June 20

During coffee I browsed Amazon for just the right bookshelf to go with the TV stand I found last night. I managed to find one that I think will go well with it and is just the right size with the remaining wall space when combined with the TV stand. I’m excited! Maybe our living room will finally be a cozy space instead of the disjointed one that it feels like right now. They will arrive next weekend.

Right after coffee, while it was still cool, CountryBoy planted some okra, watermelons and pumpkins while I stripped our bed and threw the sheets in the wash and washed a mess ‘o dishes we were too lazy to wash last night. After that, we headed to Rural King for our monthly trip to stock up on feed. There was probably nine or ten 40-50 pound sacks of various feed & seed. That’s quite the upper body workout!

While he was unloading all those sacks our guests called and said that the rain barrel for the tub was empty. Apparently the one rain barrel is not going to be enough since our summer’s tend to be on the dry side as of late. So, after hefting all those feed sacks CountryBoy proceeded to fill as many buckets as he could find and hauled them up to fill the barrel. He had mounted it quite high thinking we needed the force of gravity for the hand pump but it turned out that it wasn’t necessary to be that high. It only made it difficult to hand fill if need be. So he decided to go ahead and lower it before filling it. Thankfully, the guests were not there so he did not disturb them with the bit of construction noise that took place as he was lowering the barrel. He filled all the buckets twice and that replenished the water in the barrel. As we were sitting on the porch cooling off we decided we needed to add more barrels and have them all tied in together. We just never dreamed that we would have the number of guests that we’ve had and that it would be so quickly depleted.

While he was handling the rain barrel issue I weeded and placed six more pavers in the gravel walkway. It’s really looking good and has lessened the amount of gravel finding its way into the house. Our bare feet are happy for that! Only six more pavers to go.

The rest of the evening we spent eating popcorn and lounging around. This first day of Summer has been a warm one. While I was making the bed this afternoon I decided to turn the portable AC unit on in our bedroom to cool the room off before we go to bed. We’ll turn it off and turn the fan on when we go to bed and see how we fare throughout the night.


Farm news: 29 eggs

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