Sunday, June 14

Sunday, a day of rest. Yea right! I long for the day when I can honor that once again. However, today started with an early morning of quiet and coffee and a tasty breakfast. Then the pace picked up. Our guests left a little after 11 o’clock so we headed up to strip and partially ready the cabin. I brought the comforter down as well. It was time they got another good washin’. After that I went to the barn to pluck some eggs out from under all the hens laying in the nest boxes. I managed to get 18. CountryBoy quickly washed them and packed up 4 1/2 dozen for me to take to the B&B. Talk about farm fresh eggs!

I worked until 5, came home and started to do more work such as washing & drying the comforters; putting the new cabin guidebook pages in the notebook; and started simmering a stockpot of tomato juice. The Boss was cleaning out the freezer and wanted to get rid of all the tomato juice from whole tomatoes so I must’ve taken ten or eleven gallons baggies of frozen juice home in a box. I knew we didn’t have room for that many in the freezer so I started dumping them in the stockpot. It’s been simmering for almost three hours. I’m hoping it will thicken up to almost a tomato sauce consistency. Then we’ll strain it and can it.


Last night I did, indeed, get started on a new crochet project. It’s a V-Stitch and is super simple. I’ve worked on it some more this evening…

So far I am using leftover yarn from other projects. I’m on a mission to use up or giveaway my leftover yarn.


It was another beautiful day! It was overcast with a high of 73. The humidity was pretty high this morning but it quickly dissipated making it quite pleasant. It’s amazing how quickly these pretty days fly by. It seems that with all that we did today and even with longer daylight that we’ve only been up a few hours. I’m constantly thinking that there aren’t enough hours in the day. So much to do, so little time!


CountryBoy heated up some of the leftover Dirty Shrimp Boil in the oven for me. While I was stirring the tomato juice he opened up the oven to see if it was ready and the bottom element was literally on fire. He quickly turned the oven off. Once the flame burned out we noticed some residue on the element beginning at the back side and had worked its way to the front. I’m so thankful it didn’t cause a major fire. We don’t know what the problem is – whether it’s the element or is it electrical. We do know that finding parts for our Country Charm oven from the 50’s is difficult. We also know that we need to figure out something quickly since we’ve gotten quite the reputation from our Airbnb guests for our banana bread. We may have to borrow a neighbor’s oven, ha!


Farm news: 32 eggs

Monday, June 15

My day started a little after 6 a.m. when I woke up. That’s the time I typically wake up and most days I go ahead and get up much to CountryBoy’s chagrin who would like to sleep in. I’m thankful I wake up that early because there’s rarely a time when I need to use an alarm clock. I don’t think I could handle waking up to one anymore. Anyway, I started the coffee on the stove, fed all the cats and LizzieBelle, started a load of wash from the cabin, and put the tomato juice on to cook some more. I also managed to crochet a couple of rows of the blanket before needing to get ready for work. I was still ready a few minutes early so I went ahead and left thinking maybe I could run by the bank before work. I ended up stopping to get some lemon juice and oatmeal rather than the bank which I did after work.

It was a busy day at work. Borderline hectic but manageable. I’m glad because the time goes by so much quicker. I actually put in a full day – haven’t done that in months.

I came home and put the tomato juice back on the stove to cook down some more then I headed up to the cabin to finish making the beds with the freshly washed comforters, towels and a few other items. Tomorrow, before the guests arrive, CountryBoy will take up the snacks, fill the bird feeder, and mop.

After I finished I donned my apron and started in on prepping the jars to can the juice/sauce. It didn’t cook down as much as I would’ve liked but, nonetheless, it will be good to have in our pantry. It will be after 9 o’clock before the last batch is out of the canner. I ended up with 13 and a half pint jars. And the weather was perfect for canning! A comfortable 74 degrees.

CountryBoy spent his day finishing up the last of the trim work in the upstairs bathroom. He ran out of painted boards so he stopped working on that project. After painting a few more boards he decided to bush hog across from the barn and beside the driveway and he kept on bush hogging. The lower 40 saw the blades as well as the hillside behind the house. It looks very different ’round here. You can actually see the cabin again from the house. I’d advise the guests to make sure they pull the curtains if they’re taking a bath, ha!

So, it’s been a non-stop day for both of us but we accomplished a lot.


Farm news: 33 eggs

Tuesday, June 16

It was a nice short day at work and you know what that means… that we managed to get the paper laid out and sent to the printer without any snafus. YAY!!! It was questionable, though, and I believe we all felt like we were waiting for the bottom to drop out since the server failed early in the morning according to some co-workers who were trying to access it from either home or at work. Not good. Thankfully it recovered and we all worked feverishly yet delicately trying to finish up in case it crashed again. One of these days it’s not going to recover according to our tech guy. Let’s hope the boss can wrap her around the problem and get it taken care of before that time.


We are sitting in the greenhouse waiting for our guests to arrive. Once they get settled in we need to make a trip to Lowe’s. Honestly, they really should know us there by now! We are going to see if we can get an element for the oven. I don’t remember ever seeing any at the actual store, but, of course, I’ve never looked for them either. They have them on their website so fingers crossed there will be some in the store and hopefully some universal ones. We also need to pick up some potting soil and a few other odds-n-ends.


CountryBoy stayed busy mowing the lawn and finishing up the trim in the upstairs bathroom. After that he worked on the pop-camper a bit and hung one of the curtain rods. He had to cut it down to size since the rod was too long but it was an easy fix. The curtains are finally hung!

I don’t have enough fabric to make the other set of curtains so I’m thinking I will buy something that coordinates and alter them to fit if necessary. I don’t really want to make any more curtains. I do need to make some tie-backs though which shouldn’t be too difficult.

CountryBoy weeded the tomato ring the other day…

tomatoes, basil & marigolds. We have a couple plants where the tomatoes are almost as big as the plant.


The crochet blanket is coming along. I work on it every time I have a few minutes. It won’t be long before this one’ll be available for anyone needing a special handmade gift.


My co-worker and I were talking about all the projects we have going on and how we find it difficult to make the time to sit and read or to just ‘be’. In our younger days neither of us seemed to have this problem but for some reason, as we have aged, we find ourselves in the midst of endless projects. I thought that maybe it was our lifestyle – old houses, large properties, farm life, work life, etc. Who knows? At any rate, we both agreed that when we do stop for a minute our minds are spinning with everything that needs to get done or needs our attention. Also, as soon as the projects start dwindling down there are more. Always more. I guess it’s a little easier on the mind to just keep plugging away. I reckon it’s easier on the body as well to stay active. Whatever the case, we both have plenty to do.


Farm news: 31 eggs

Wednesday, June 17

It was a busy, crazy day at the B&B. Laundry, ironing, breakfast, dinner, phone ringing off the hook, and a jump start on a newsletter. I didn’t think there was that much ironing to do so I decided to tackle the pile of stained sheets that has been growing ever so slowly in the corner of my folding table. I’m happy to say that all the stains came out of everything except two bottom sheets. One is hopeless and the other I’m going to treat it one more time before I say the stain wins and call it quits.

At the beginning of the day the Boss wanted me to do a newsletter and send it out. Towards the end of the day and the phone ringing off the hook we decided the newsletter can wait which was fine by me. I was tired and didn’t really have the creative capacity within to tackle it at the end of a long day.

Even though it was a long, late day I still managed to make it home in time to meet our guest which I always like to do but don’t always get the chance.


Upon arriving home I immediately started washing the cabin sheets and towels. We only have two sets of sheets so I have to stay on top of it. While I was starting the wash CountryBoy was giving LizzieBelle bath. It was at that moment that our guest arrived. Luckily the bath was over and she was getting towel dried and I had just finished treating the sheets. (There were several large stains on the one set of sheets that we believe to be from lamp oil. We throw everything we need into a large tote and I’m thinking that there might’ve been some lamp oil on the outside of the bottle and it came in contact with the sheets. The stains are coming out with Dawn dish soap. I don’t use it on my dishes but we keep a bottle just for laundry stains. It works great!) Anyway, we went out to greet our guest and their dog and sent them up to the cabin then came back in and I resumed the laundry. After that LizzieBelle got her hair blown dry since it’s a bit cool and she was shivering. I also mixed up some essential oils (ImmuPower, Citronella, Rosemary, Black Pepper, and Peppermint) in a small spray bottle with some witch hazel and topped off with water then sprayed her legs and abdomen to help keep the flees off. I tell ya – they are BAD this year.


I decided tonight was the night that I needed to do something with my fingernails. They were too long and starting to annoy me. I don’t usually like to take the time to do anything with them but tonight – they needed a bit of TLC. Mind you, they didn’t get a lot of TCL but they did get trimmed, filed and one coat of polish. I’ll put the other coat on tomorrow morning. The polish is drying as I type this and I’m hoping that they’ll be dry enough to pick up my crochet once I’m finished with this journal entry.


The verdict is still out on our oven element issue. Lowe’s did not have any elements. We’re wondering if we should even try to track one down. CountryBoy called the manufacturer of the oven but they stopped making them years ago and we were told the last time we ordered something that when they were out of replacement parts they were going to be out. So you know what that means – it will be difficult to keep the oven going as things start wearing out and stop working. Thus, our dilemma. We love our stove and it is perfect for this house. but… what to do, what to do. Some things we are pondering – switching to gas; buying a new oven but hopefully one that has a more old-fashioned look to it; continue trying to find an element. Decisions, decisions. It’s difficult to decide because we have priced new ovens and good grief, if you want a regular oven the price is not too bad, BUT, if you want one that has a little style to it and especially one that looks old-fashioned the price jumps drastically. It’s actually quite ridiculous since they all do the same thing but just look different. In any case, I simply can NOT put a modern looking oven in this old house. Thus our dilemma. The kicker? We only have two banana breads left in the freezer for the next two bookings. Yikes! We need to make up our minds and quick. No pressure!


Farm news: 30 eggs

Some pretty flowers from my garden to end this post 🙂

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