Gravel walkway and garden & guidebook updates

Thursday, June 11

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today! It was in the upper 70’s with a nice breeze. I enjoyed it from behind my desk at work – which was a long, slow day. I made it until 3 o’clock then left. I stopped at Save-a-Lot on my way home to pick up some red potatoes and ears of corn for tonight’s supper. CountryBoy wanted to make a Dirty Shrimp Boil. Man, was it good!

The B&B Boss called me at the newspaper job to see if I wanted to work in the morning. I told her no. It’s the first time I have not gone in when asked and I felt bad. I just knew I needed two full days off to recover from such a hectic week and there are so many projects and things around the house and farm that need tended to that I knew I had to decline. It’s a very difficult thing to do when you try to be accommodating.


Farm news: 28 eggs

Friday, June 12

While having coffee I had planned on working on the gravel walkway from the parking area to the back door. Well, THAT didn’t happen! What ended up happening was this…

Our guests checked out while we were eating breakfast. I had about four bites left of my BLT+egg sandwich. I made it outside to meet them and to say goodbye just as they were pulling out.

While I finished my breakfast CountryBoy went up and stripped the beds and grabbed the trash. I threw the sheets in the wash and the comforters in the dryer then I started working on the Cabin Guidebook again. I tried to update it a few days ago but Microsoft Word was just not willing. I walked away from it for a couple of days and today I decided to give it another go. I ended up working on it ALL day.

I took some more photos while we were up at the cabin to use in the guidebook and I reworked the entire layout and design. I’m hoping it will be more inviting and appealing to read cuz not everyone knows how to light an oil lamp or use a French Press! I will replace these pages once our guests check out on Sunday.

Stopping work on the cabin guidebook I went up and cleaned and readied the cabin for today’s guests, gathered the eggs and fed Mabel. The young’uns are quite friendly and are holding their own with the big girls.

The bronze turkey (currently called Speckles) is on the left and really starting to look like a turkey now. These two are a pair – where one is the other is sure to be nearby. To the right of the photo you can barely see the quarantined hen. I feel bad that she’s not running around the paddock but she is quite content and probably feels safe. I’m hoping that her stress levels will decrease and she will start laying again. We REALLY need all the eggs as we can barely keep up with the demand.

Between working on the guidebook I did manage to vacuum the couch and the downstairs as well. This morning I put some Diatomaceous Earth on the couch and left it sit most of the morning. The fleas are horrible this year and while I didn’t feel as though they were all up in the couch you just never know.


CountryBoy’s been hankerin’ to do some fishing so he spent much of his day cleaning and prepping his boat and fishing stuff so he could go fishing tomorrow. He’s basically stuck at the farm and does so much of the manual labor and keeping the farm afloat that a day spent fishing would be a nice change of pace.

It was another gorgeous day and I am happy that I was at home to enjoy it!


Farm news: 28 eggs and we harvested a couple handfuls of sugar snaps

The beets are doing well also…

The rest of garden is doing OK with the exception of the potatoes. All sorts of bugs have decided they like the leaves. CountryBoy ended up spraying some Neem oil on them. Hopefully they’ll still do OK.

Saturday, June 13

CountryBoy was up half the night with a headache. He’s had it a couple days now. Come to find out it was his blood pressure. It’s back down again but the headache remains. He still went fishing bright and early this morning and came home with a nice haul to put in the freezer. yay!

I couldn’t quite decide how my day was going to be spent so I sipped my coffee and browsed Pinterest for a bit. I ended up moving a couple of house plants on top of the roll top desk which resulted in dusting and polishing the desk; needing to find somewhere to put the photo albums that were on top of the desk; to relocating some paper back books from the bookshelf/TV stand to a concrete ledge beside the fireplace so that said photo albums could take their place; to hanging a photo collage frame that formerly sat on the concrete ledge above the books that now reside there. I tell ya, this house is a process. I don’t know as if I will ever get things to look cohesive and natural but I do enjoy trying.

I also couldn’t stop thinking about the gravel walkway so I bit the bullet while the weather was cool and just did it.

I started with the weeds and decided to work small sections at a time – weeding, clearing the gravel down to the weed cloth, getting the pavers from point A to point B, then placing the pavers and leveling out the gravel. I worked until I had placed the last of the pavers that we had on hand.

Greyfus approves! I also moved a large rock by the outside greenhouse/market door over some so that it was more in line with the door then placed some rubber mats/pavers at the door. After that I was plum wore out but the effort was worth it. We’ll have to get about ten more pavers to finish it out. Now maybe we won’t be tracking in quite as many gravel pieces into the house to step on in our bare feet. ouch! Plus, it looks nice and streamlined.


After tomorrow we have a little break in cabin bookings until next weekend. We are so thankful that so many people have found our little cabin with a view! And so VERY thankful for friends who saw the vision before we did and encouraged us to go for it! UPDATE: we have a new booking for Wednesday & Thursday. yay!


As soon as CountryBoy gets up from his nap I am going to soak in the tub and I mean soak. Probably until I’m a shriveled up prune! My muscles will appreciate it and so will my fingers for even they are stiff and sore. He’s up. Catch’ya later!


Ah, I can move again. For now, anyway, ha! The plan for the rest of the evening is to finish this journal entry and publish the blog post; finish the laundry and then I’m going to sit and relax and start a new crochet project.


Farm news: 32 eggs and we just got some rain – some much needed rain and the right amount to fill up the rain barrels and water the gardens. Thank you Lord!


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