Camper cushions installed & missing chicks

Sunday, May 31

The last day of May proved to be a glorious one. The high was 70 degrees and mostly sunny. Our house, on the other hand, was cold. We dug out our fleece and sweat pants while indoors but we didn’t stay inside very long. Right after coffee we started reclaiming the greenhouse. The chicks & turkeys had dusted it all up taking their dirt baths and now that they’ve graduated to the big girl coop it was time to reclaim the greenhouse. In the midst of that our guests stopped by on their way out to let us know that they really enjoyed themselves and thanked us for our hospitality. We love hearing that the guests enjoyed the cabin, the view, the birds, and all the sights and sounds.

I finished the greenhouse while CountryBoy stripped the cabin and we finished in plenty of time to go to church. This is our last drive-in service as next Sunday the doors will be open. It will be nice to actually see everyone rather than just whoever’s parked nearby. I am thankful, though, for the fellas in our church that set up the transmitter and ran the sound so that we could continue worshipping and being encouraged during these crazy times. Honestly, I never thought I would endure something like this during my lifetime.

After church we headed to Lowe’s to pick up some larger pipe for the bath house. After we got home we headed up to the cabin. I cleaned and got it ready while CountryBoy redid all the pipe. He cut off the old pipe and got to looking at the shut-off valve and noticed that it was defective. In the open position the hole was smaller than a pinky fingernail. No wonder the water only trickled into the black tank! Needless to say, we wasted $27 on all the pipe we just bought. But, who knew. I checked the valve we bought today but we didn’t do that with the last one. Guess we should have. At any rate, once everything was plumbed the black tank filled up quickly and it’s all working as it should have. The cool thing is, the guests that suggested we put a window in are coming back this week for another night’s stay. Boy, are they going to be surprised by the new look!

I snapped some photos to use on the cabin’s listing. I need to update it to include the functional bath house. There’s always something to do!

It was after 5:30 by the time we were finished. It’s unbelievable how quickly time goes by. I did manage to make a tag for the baby blanket. It’s simple but says it all.

I hope to get this in the mail tomorrow. But, tomorrow is going to be a challenge. CountryBoy has jury duty and has to be in Lexington by 9:30. I’m supposed to be at work at 9:00. So, we are going to leave the house at 7:30 and I’ll be at work by 8:00. He will then drive on to Lexington which is an hour away. What time he’ll be finished? Who knows! Meanwhile, I’ll be hanging out at work until he’s done his duty and can pick me up. Sometimes having only one vehicle stinks. This routine will take place until Wednesday which is how long the trial is scheduled to last. We’re just thankful the three week one he was called for was cancelled. I don’t think I could’ve handled that schedule for that long and we would’ve had to block the cabin calendar from any guests because we wouldn’t be home. So, yes, we will deal with three days of inconvenience and be grateful for the little bit of extra money he will earn.


Last night I started removing the last zipper from the last camper cushion. I finished removing it this evening while sitting in my newly reclaimed greenhouse. I wasn’t up for any sewing this evening so CountryBoy and I made some No Bake chocolate, peanut butter & oatmeal cookies. Two cookies ended up being our supper as we ran out of day.


Farm news: 34 eggs

Monday, June 1

The early morning hours before we left the house went by very quickly. There was barely time to drink the first cup but we managed. Here’s what all happened… I was up at 6 o’clock and got the water starting to boil and the coffee ground. Then it was the usual process of feeding and watering the cats and LizzieBelle then checking the email for cabin bookings. There was an inquiry about the cabin to which I responded then decided to go ahead and update the listing with a couple of photos of the bath house and a mention in the cabin description. I also sent an email to my friend that commissioned the baby blanket letting her know it would soon be on its way. Meanwhile, CountryBoy had gotten up some time during all that and went out to feed the chickens, chicks & turkeys and Mabel. He came back in and said that one of the turkeys and one of the chicks ‘flew the coop’ when he lifted the lid to put feed in their feeder and he was unable to catch them. great. I took a few minutes for some quiet time and to drink my coffee. While CountryBoy was making lunches for us I decided to go to the coop and check out the situation. I found both the vagabonds out in the paddock but by the barn. The turkey came to me and soon after I was able to grab the chick and I put them back in their cage. With neither of us being home I was leery of letting them run with the big girls. Apparently my worry was all for naught as the big girls didn’t even notice them. whew! CountryBoy had opened up their doorways so that they could go in and out and, as far as I know, there were no problems during the day. However, this evening I caught one of the big red girls trying to peck at one of the chicks. It was probably the same one I caught red-handed INSIDE the cage eating the chicks food. She was probably mad and decided to take it out on the one chick that was running around. After all that we still managed to be ready to leave five minutes earlier than planned.

CountryBoy called early afternoon to let me know that he was home and that he did not get picked this time. So, that means he still has three more months of wondering. Actually, we BOTH have three more months of wondering if we’ll have to do some fancy coordinating of transportation in the future. Oh well, we’ll cross that bridge when we get there.

When we got home this evening I started sewing the zipper on the camper cushion. After supper I sewed the sides on and got it finished. I added the ‘feet’ to the bottom cushions and we hauled ’em out to the cabin to have a look-see…

It’s coming together and looking nice, bright and clean. We (rather I) have decided to leave the mattress cushions as is. I will wash and clean them and call it a day. One, it will save money on fabric and two, I don’t care to make any more cushions covers any time in the near future. Besides, the mattress cushions will be covered with a mattress pad and the bedding during camping trips so why bother with fancy new cushion covers. Right? At least that’s my rationale and I’m sticking to it!

LizzieBelle’s ready to go and wondering what we’re waiting for! Next up I’ll be making the curtains.

After we sat in the camper for a few minutes we ventured to the barn and hung out there for a bit with the young’uns…

CountryBoy picked up Speckles and he/she assumed his/her favorite position…

We’re thinking Speckles is a he but time will tell.

As we were looking at the paddock I told CountryBoy that he really needed to mow. He was wanting the grass to go to seed but it’s mostly all weeds. You couldn’t even see the chickens it was so tall. It looks much better. Even Mabel wandered out there immediately after the mower was gone…

goodness, what a huge pig!!!


Farm news: 32 eggs

Tuesday, June 2

This morning it was back to our regularly scheduled morning. Yay! I love a good routine. Although I did leave for work a little early so that I could swing by the post office to mail the baby blanket and I went to the bank for some temporary checks. We get free checks once a year and our year was up the end of May. We needed a couple of temporary checks to get us by until the new checks arrive. I love our community bank!

We knocked the paper out in four hours today. Thankfully I had gotten a jump start on the layout yesterday because I spent much of today working on a billing issue with one of our customers in between finishing up the pages I had started yesterday. Since I had run all the errands before work I was able to head straight home. Any time I can get back home sooner rather than later is a grand thing!

Upon arriving home I checked the cabin email and discovered that we are booked up for the first half of June – yay! After sending a response to all the new bookings we headed up to the cabin – CountryBoy on the tractor with the bush hog and me in the side by side. We decided that the top of the hillside in front of the cabin needed bush hogged. The guests have loved the tall wheat-type grass and wildflowers but we thought it would look much better if part of it was cut. He cut a nice size area of flat land for the guests to play catch with their dogs and left a good portion of it uncut just before the hillside dips which still gives them some wildflowers and tall grasses to view.


I had to order a new battery for my laptop. It’s been a little sketchy since I got it (saying I was at 50 some percent and then just shutting off) but the other day I was using it while sitting on the couch and I noticed the battery dropping so I plugged it in. Later on, when I came back to use the laptop it was still at the same percentage and hadn’t charged. I didn’t think much about it and I grabbed it and sat elsewhere to write and it dropped down to 53%. I thought I’d better plug it in and two days later it’s still at 53%. So, we decided it was time to order a new battery before it completely dies. Hopefully it will arrive by the end of the week. Meanwhile, I need to remember to sit at the desk when writing which I don’t really like to do. I sit at a desk all day behind a computer so when I’m home I like to move about – maybe sit on the front porch or in the greenhouse or on the couch but not at the desk. I know, I’m weird. Anyway, I’m grateful it was a simple fix like a new battery. I love my MacBook Pro that was gifted to me and I need it to last a very long time!


Farm news: 33 eggs so far.

Two of the chicks have disappeared. I have searched high and low for them. CountryBoy searched high and low. I’m hoping they will show up this evening come bed time. Update: I just found one of them in the corner of their cage wedged between the corner and the waterer. I don’t have a good feeling about the other one. It seems something may have scared them and that’s why the one was huddled in the corner. We are going to close their entrances until they are bigger and hopefully to keep whatever may have gotten the young’un out. These things break my heart.

Speaking of heart – I know this is way off topic from my usual journal entries but I just have to say it especially in these trying and now violent times. I do not watch the news. I hear enough bits and pieces that just breaks my heart and honestly, I can’t handle all the bad news. Today is apparently ‘blackout Tuesday’. I don’t know the whole story about how ‘blackout Tuesday’ came to be, which is all fine and dandy, but here’s the thing… ALL lives matter. Black lives matter. White lives matter. Indian lives matter. Babies lives matter. Muslim lives matter. Geriatric lives matter. and so on and so on. ALL.LIVES.MATTER. period. I do not understand these movements to single out one specific ethnic group. To me that’s just continuing the racism. If a wrong has been done it needs to be dealt with in a legal manner no matter the skin color; no matter the situation. Why do people feel the need to take it upon themselves to see that justice is served and to act like a bunch of maniacs? We ALL need to value each other as equals and stop touting one group over another. Unfortunately, I fear the further the people of this country move away from God the worse it’s going to get. Now for the disclaimer – these are strictly my thoughts and opinions and last I knew we were still allowed to have them without having to deal with nasty comments if one’s opinion differs from mine. That’s supposed to be the beauty of this country – different lives and opinions living freely and balancing everything out yet still getting along. Let’s pray we can get back to that, and soon.

Wednesday, June 3!!! I worked 8 hours at the B&B and I’m exhausted. I did some computer work, then some ironing, then more computer work and then it was time to prep dinner, wash the prep dishes and then deliver the food to the cabins for the guests. Thankfully I was able to leave right after the last of the meals had been delivered. I was hot and exhausted when I got home but when I pulled in to park I noticed that my flowers in the new flower garden appeared hot and exhausted as well. After a quick hello to CountryBoy and LizzieBelle I headed out with a waterin’ can to give the flowers a drink. I had to make two trips to get everything good’n watered. I can’t believe I’m about to say this but we could really use a nice rain. It’s been over a week since we’ve had rain and everything is looking parched. The gardens look like the Mojave Desert.

Before dinner I threw one of the cabin’s comforters in the wash. After dinner I mixed up some fresh hummingbird nectar, threw the comforter in the dryer, then took a coolish shower. I oughta sleep good tonight!

Upon arriving home I also discovered that we had another booking confirmation. We are solidly booked from now until the 14th of this month. Woohoo! The last weekend is available but the rate that the cabin is being booked I don’t image it will stay open for long. I’m not sure how long I can keep up this pace but I’m sure gonna give it my all. We have a few major expenses coming up with re-roofing the barn and the creation of the pond and my plan is to keep working the newspaper job at least until those projects are done and paid for. After that we’ll review the finances and any outstanding projects or needs and go from there. Thankfully CountryBoy is here all the time and he knows how to strip and get the cabin ready. It’s just much quicker and easier with two people and, of course, I like to greet the guests and say goodbye when they’re ready to leave.


I sure wish my laptop battery was already here. I’m so tired I would like to be propped up on the couch right now writing this here journal entry. Oh well, it will be here soon enough.


Farm news: 32 eggs

Chick update: the remaining missing chick was found this morning. Apparently she had escaped the paddock somehow and this morning CountryBoy found her in the barn trying to get into the coop. She let him pick her up and he put her in the cage so she could get a bite to eat. I’m so glad she was safe and sound. whew! The verdict is to keep them in their cage until they are a little bigger.

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  1. You’re right…all life matters! This is about the heart…Who we serve as our God.I love the camper!!


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