It’s been a while

Monday, May 18

What a day. Honestly, I don’t even want to talk about. In fact, it’s now Tuesday evening and I STILL don’t want to talk about it. Let’s just say I started work at 9 o’clock and left at 8 o’clock. I did manage to get the Grad section finished and sent to the printer by noon and it all went downhill from there. I was so hungry when I left work that I went through the McDonald’s drive-thru and got a Filet-o-fish and a small fry and had wolfed the sandwich down in less than two miles. For me to go to a McDonald’s means I was desperate!

It had been raining much of the afternoon and I came across a lot of flooded areas on the way home. I drove slow and made it home safe and sound.

Once home I sewed one of the sides on a cushion then read a little bit and went to bed.


Farm news: 26 eggs

On the plus side, the garden is getting a good waterin’!

Tuesday, May 19

Today was another day for the books. Things were going pretty smooth until it was time to save the files to send to the printer. A co-worker and I were trying to do both papers at the same time and the only thing we can figure is that all the hundreds of photos taking up the seven pages I worked on yesterday crashed the server. Yep. again. I’m tellin’ ya… I don’t know how much longer I want to keep doing this.

Anyway, we’ve had a LOT of rain the last 24 hours. The creeks are flooded causing fields and roads to be under water. I managed to get in to work OK but a lady told me that less than two hours after I went through that same road was under water with lots of debris. Coming home I had to make two detours in order to avoid flooded roads. More rain is on the way and we have flash flood warnings.

This evening I finished the third camper cushion and cut out and started on the fourth. I need to rip the zipper out of the old cover before I can finish it.


Farm news: 26 eggs

Wednesday, May 20

Considering that it is the evening hours of the following Monday, Memorial Day, tells you what kind of week I’ve had. I am going to do my best to recap the days albeit briefly…


I worked at the B&B until early afternoon then headed home to pick up CountryBoy. We were going to my great-niece’s for dinner and I wanted to make a couple of stops on the way. The first was to see if Hobby Lobby was open. (I was in need of some yarn after being commissioned to crochet another baby blanket for someone. I had ordered it online but after waiting a week and my order still hadn’t shipped I was getting a little antsy since the customer needed it some time in June.) It was indeed open. In fact, little did I know, it was the first day of opening back up since the whole corona mess. You’da thought there was a massive sale going on. When I came through the doors I saw that the lines at the registers were at least ten people deep. I thought, hmmm, maybe the lines will be down by the time I get what I need. While I was there I decided to get some fabric for the back of the camper curtains I still need to make. As the sales lady was cutting my fabric I made the comment about how crowded it was and she said I should’ve been here when the doors opened at 10. NO THANKS! That’s when I discovered that it was their first day of being open. That’s what I get for not keeping up with the news. Well, that and keeping my blood pressure low!

After that we went to Lowe’s where I looked for some flowers and ground cover but didn’t see any that were suitable. CountryBoy bought a couple more tomato plants though. From there we went to my niece’s and enjoyed a nice dinner. We were home before dark – in time to gather the eggs and feed Mabel.


Farm news: egg count? I have no idea

Thursday, May 21

The day flew by. I worked non-stop at the paper and thankfully had only one complaint in regards to the Grad section. My cover page did not turn out as I had hoped. Our color pages are always iffy and sure enough they looked horrible. What should have been red was something between pink and orange. Oh well, that part is out of my control.

After that I headed home to greet our cabin guests and got started on the baby blanket.


Farm news: again, no idea how many eggs

Friday, May 22

CountryBoy took me to work today. I had to go in to the paper today due to Monday being Memorial Day. Whenever a holiday falls on a Monday we have an early deadline the Friday before. What that means is that I have to finalize all the ads for the next issue and print out the ad schedule. I had several last minute ads that barely made the deadline and even one that I squeezed in on the Classifieds that came in after the deadline. It seems that Memorial Day snuck up on lots of people or they weren’t aware of the early deadline. In any case, I got caught up by 3 o’clock. CountryBoy came and picked me up and we headed to Rural King to stock up on feed for the month. I also picked up some flowers and ground cover while there. After that we went to Lowe’s and checked out their garden department where we bought a few more flowers. My flower garden is slowly looking like a flower garden!


Farm news: again, no idea the number of eggs!

Saturday, May 23

The beginning of a THREE day weekend. I’m ecstatic!!!

We had guests checking out and guests checking in which meant a quick turnover of the cabin. ‘Tween the two of us we got it done.

The rest of the day was spent planting the flowers and ground cover.

Sadly, the above Dahlia’s accidentally met their demise by way of the weedeater. I’m guessing that’s the end of those. sniff. So here’s one more for memories sake…

I tell ya’… I was give out and still had four holes to dig. CountryBoy finished mowing the lawn so we took a quick water break on the front porch. Thankfully he dug the last of the holes for me and I was able to get all the plants in the ground before a quick rain shower came and watered everything. whew!


Farm news: eggs? a bunch!

Sunday, May 24

The guests checked out just in time for us to go to church. Our churches here are allowed to be opened back up but ours decided to wait until the first Sunday in June so we had another drive-in service.

After church CountryBoy headed up to the cabin to strip the beds and grab the trash. We didn’t think we had any guests coming until Tuesday but I went ahead and threw the sheets and towels in the wash and washed up the dishes. Thankfully, CountryBoy looked at the cabin’s booking calendar and discovered we had a check-in for today. YIKES! I threw all the stuff we needed in the tote and up we went to get it ready. We ended up not needing to rush but you just never know when they’ll show up.


Farm news: 34 eggs

Monday, May 25

Memorial Day. A day to remember those who gave their all for our freedom. I am so grateful for all the men and women that served our country and served it so well.


Every spare minute I have has been devoted to crocheting the baby blanket. I have about 2/3 of it finished.

Sometime during last week CountryBoy finished and installed the new coffee and tea bar countertop. It looks SO good! Here’s the before…

and after…

It’s amazing what a few more inches added here and there makes.

Once again we cleaned the cabin after the guests left. Actually, I cleaned while CountryBoy installed screens on the front windows. It’s getting quite warm here and the cabin needed more cross-ventilation. There’s also a decent breeze at the front of the cabin so with the screens in place guests can now open the windows without letting the bugs in. Next cabin project is hooking up the claw foot tub. I just ordered a pitcher hand pump for part of that project. Stay tuned! It’s getting hot and guests will want to rinse and cool off so we must get this done.


Farm news: 32 eggs

Tuesday, May 26

We managed to get the paper to the printer today without any major issues; a minor one but we were still able to send them via email. I think we were all treading lightly and working carefully to try and avoid crashing the server.

I got home in time to meet and welcome the guests. I also had time to work on the baby blanket. It’s coming along…

I have about 14 more rows to do, weave in all the ends and it will be finished. I really like the pattern. It’s from Daisy Farm Crafts and she has a lot of gorgeous patterns that she so generously posts for anyone to use. This particular pattern called for a heavier weight yarn than the yarn I love using for baby blankets (which is ‘I Love This Cotton’ from Hobby Lobby) so I had to make some adjustments. I had to add more stitches to make it wider and I added two sets (eight altogether) of stripes to make it the right size. I think it worked out beautifully! I will definitely be making another one.

Speaking of another one, the yarn I ordered online a few weeks ago was supposed to come today. It’s almost 7:30 and it still hasn’t arrived. I am SO glad Hobby Lobby was open when we stopped by last week.


We just had quite the downpour. From the looks of it we can expect more. I’m so thankful we’ve had several days without rain so that the flood waters all around had a chance to recede. The rain, sunshine and warm days sure have proved beneficial to the garden.


Farm news: 32 eggs

As I mentioned before, the rain, sunshine and warm days have jump-started the garden. The corn, green beans, squash and cucumbers that were recently planted have all taken off. The beets, potatoes and limas are also doing well. The purple-hull peas (or cowpeas) are sporadic. We may be planting more to fill in the gaps. Still to plant are pumpkins, watermelons, okra and carrots.

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