Flower garden re-do

Sunday, May 17

Y’all… it’s been a day! A busy, productive, good day. We had coffee in the greenhouse while watching the chicks & turkeys run rampant in there. Speckles, the dark turkey, was trying to take a dust bath on the floor. We laughed but felt bad for her so CountryBoy went and got a large metal tray and we filled it with used potting soil. Blondie dove for it and soon the rest followed suit. Talk about the dirt flying! We don’t typically let the chicks have free run of the greenhouse because there’s usually a couple dozen and that would get crazy awfully fast. With only six to keep up (and clean up after) we don’t mind them getting out at least once a day to stretch their legs and wings.

We had guests checking out today so we did not make it to church. While we waited for them to check out CountryBoy put a coat of polyurethane on the coffee & tea countertop and I sewed on one side of the zipper on the camper seat cushion. I had high hopes to knock that cushion out this weekend but the weekend got away from me. After CountryBoy finished with the polyurethane he tilled up my flower garden then hopped on the mower. They’re calling for rain next week — like ALL week — so it was do it now or get the bush hog out when the ground dried up. He was still mowing when the guests came down.

As they were packing their vehicle to leave they asked if they could see Mabel. Why absolutely! We all walked to the barn – me, the couple and their two fur-babies Lola and Bradley – to see Miss Mabel. Of course, she was sleeping and made her usual grunty pig noises as I rubbed her jowls and snout. It didn’t take long before she tried to roll over even more which means ‘rub my belly please’. They got a kick out of her and was glad to have ‘met’ her.

After the guests left I gathered all the stuff to clean and ready the cabin. CountryBoy was almost finished mowing and said he’d go up with me and help if I waited. So, of course, I waited! We sat on the porch to cool off while guzzling some water before heading up to the cabin when he decided he should take a load of rock up before the week long rains. So, after we had cooled off I headed up in the side-by-side and he started shoveling rock. He ended up doing two loads of rock then came and cleaned the bathroom. Although, the cleaning and getting the cabin ready was easy since the guests left the place immaculate. We LOVE those kinds of guests!!! After I finished we sat up there for a bit just enjoying the view. I see why people love it up there.

This morning during coffee I had an epiphany on what to do with the area that was to be my flower garden. None of the flower seeds I threw out there came up so I decided to plant some of my herbs, the rhubarb and the Dahlias I bought the other day. I also decided that I would do a little hardscaping with some of the blocks that have been here since we moved in. I wanted to get those laid out while the ground was still soft from being freshly tilled so today was the day to get that done. Here’s what my little garden space looks like now…

The obelisk in the center we brought with us from Florida and the bird bath traveled with us when we were traveling for work. To the right I planted some rosemary and cilantro. On the left is an heirloom Victoria Rhubarb…

I am glad to have finally found a spot to plant those.

In the center I planted the Dahlias…

I’m glad they’re all in the ground and will get a good watering from the upcoming rain. I’m curious to see how well these do.

I want to get three more Dahlias, a Confederate Jasmine or Honeysuckle for the obelisk and some ground cover the next time we go to Lowe’s or any place that has flowers. I sowed some Nasturtiums but again, those seeds are old so I don’t know if they’ll germinate. This garden will grow over time but at least now I have a design and can go from there. I’m super pleased with it.

I’m also pleased that our Concord grapevines are coming to life again with some teeny tiny grapes…

And the irises survived the last frost and opened up…

After supper I sat down to review and proof read the Grad section pages for the upcoming edition of the paper…

I found a few things I want to change but other than that I think it looks pretty good. It shouldn’t take me long to finish it up in the morning and send it on to the printer for publication. yay!

When all was said and done today we were both feeling our age and feeling tired but satisfied. There’s just something about working on the farm and improving our little piece of earth and house that creates such a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction.

We usually try to take it easy on Sundays but there are times when we simply have to get something done due to either time constraints or the weather. It’s times like today that we can’t beat ourselves up for working so hard but be grateful that we were able to get it done.

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