Turkey shenanigans

Thursday, May 14

We were up and at ’em early this morning. I wanted to go in to work early since I was only going to work a half day. We had guests checking out and guests checking in so I wanted to help CountryBoy clean and get the cabin ready. By the time I left (shortly after noon) and ran a couple of errands he had the cabin cleaned and ready. I took a few things that had been washed back up and did the inspection as CountryBoy calls it. I rearranged a few things and found a few spots that needed swept but other than that it was all good.

I’m going to work tomorrow to hopefully get the grad section done for next week’s edition. I got started on it today and then it was time to leave. If I can finish it tomorrow, or at least the better part of it, I will feel so much better over the weekend.

It sure was nice to be home this afternoon! The sun was shining and it was actually kinda hot. I managed to get the cabin sheets washed, dried and folded for whoever comes after our current guests and I measured and cut out another camper cushion. The cushions I’m doing now are the seat cushions. They’re a tad bigger than the backs but it’s the same concept. Maybe by the time I get to the last one I’ll have all the kinks worked out. ha!

CountryBoy tilled up an area in front of the barn – the side where the Dremel shop is – and I planted some Mammoth sunflower seeds and some Nasturtium seeds. Both seed packets were old so I’m not sure how well they will do. Doesn’t hurt to give ’em a try and see what happens.

During that time my Smooth Move tea starting kicking in. I had to boogy all the way back to the house. Needless to say, I got a good cleaning out. Throughout my 50+ years I have learned to read the signs my body gives me and I try to give it what it needs to overcome whatever the issue is. I also try to use all things natural (herbs & essential oils) whenever possible. Oh, and never mind you wise guys commenting that I’m full of it!!!

In between all that CountryBoy and I sat in the greenhouse for a while watching the chicks and turkeys have the run of the place and trashing it up. I tell ya, chickens are constantly pooping. CONSTANTLY! What also added to the mess was the turkeys discovery of a dirt bath. Blondie was the first one to check it out…

It didn’t take long and she was no longer blonde! Next to try it out was Speckles…

The turkeys LOVED it but, boy, did they make a mess!

The chicks would pass through but none of them gave the good ‘ol dirt bath a try.

Eventually the turkeys wanted to rest so we each grabbed one. They love to nestle down in your hand or on your shoulder…

I am sitting in the greenhouse this evening as I type this journal entry with one turkey on each shoulder and all up in my hair. These birds LOVE to snuggle!


One of my errands was to stop at our local hardware store and pick up a tube of Liquid Nail. CountryBoy is making a new countertop for the coffee and tea bar. This one is a little bit wider and a little bit longer. The first one we made shrunk and created a gap between the boards allowing coffee grounds and spills to wind up in the drawer beneath it. He had cut the boards the other day and today he glued and clamped them together to dry overnight before he moves on to the next step.


Farm news: 32 eggs

Friday, May 15

I got up and went in to work early again today. I worked non-stop and managed to finish all but the last page of the 12 page grad section. I need about a half page of filler or photos to fill the page out. I’m hoping for a photo or two of a school highlight or memorable event to come via email. If there’s nothing on Monday I’ll fill it with some clipart or something. I brought the pages home to proof read the names and the ads and make notes of any changes or additions to the general layout.

I enjoyed putting the pages together. I did NOT enjoy the chaos of all the photos coming from every direction and the lack of organization between us and the school. I’m sure this year’s chaos was from the abrupt end to the school year. I know one thing – the Class of 2020 will surely have something to tell their kids and grandkids!

Tonight we decided to order Mexican take-out. We were going to eat at the park but it was not open yet. Such a shame. People need to be outside blowing the stink off ’em (as my Mom used to say) and soaking up the fresh air and Vitamin D! So, I literally devoured my tostado on the winding way home ebbing and flowing with every curve to not miss a bite even with LizzieBelle on my lap because I was famished and because I knew the tostada would no longer be crispy after our 25 minute drive home. It was good! I knew the enchilada would survive the trip and still be edible so I ate that at home. I was so hungry and ate so fast that I filled up quickly and couldn’t eat another bite.


Farm news: 33 eggs

While I was plugging away at the pages CountryBoy was busy planting corn, onions, and tomatoes. I picked up some Marigolds and basil on my way home to plant around the tomatoes. I also splurged and bought some Dahlias and Pansies for some color and prettiness.

He also built a boardwalk in the barn by Mabel’s pen. We had old sheets of metal roofing laid down to walk on to stay out of the mud but with some of our guests wanting to pay Mabel a visit he was not comfortable with them walking on the tin and was afraid someone may eventually hurt themselves on the rough and rusty edges. He was sanding some 1/4 inch strips of plywood when I came home from work. He then stained them to replace some of the rotten wood he found near the ceiling in the popup camper. It’s looking good. I was disappointed to discover that our campgrounds won’t be opening back up until June 11. The campgrounds are going to miss out on all the Memorial weekend revenue. So sad. Again, outside, fresh air – so good for you. I’ll never understand. We were hoping to have the maiden camping trip that week with our adopted family who spend the week prior to Memorial Day camping – the whole lot of them – every year. We usually go for a day and it’s so fun! Hopefully next year.

Saturday, May 16

Ah, my day off! It’s been a nice, productive day. It was one of those days where we both just did whatever we felt like doing at the moment which resulted in a lot of different things being done. For me, I started the laundry then spent some time trying to clean and straighten up the greenhouse. It seems every time I get rid of some stuff it seems more stuff shows up. I know that’s not true it’s just that I have a moment of accomplishment in getting rid of some things and getting organized but then I get used to that and start seeing all the stuff that’s left. Anyhow, I didn’t really get rid of anything this go ’round just relocated things to where they made more sense and simply looked better. I also removed the dust bath container and swept. The chicks & turkeys are quickly outgrowing their cage and will soon be graduating to a larger cage in the coop so I decided not to leave the container of dirt. I also repotted some of the plants I bought yesterday…

Just kidding! I moved this pot out there today while I was cleaning up and Greyfus decided it looked like a nice spot to take a nap. She does not look very comfortable but who am I to say what’s comfortable and what isn’t!

The greenhouse is still not what I have envisioned. It still is cluttered to me but it’s all stuff that is useful in a greenhouse or things that we have no place else to store them so I’ll choose to ignore them for now.

It was the perfect weather for hanging the wash on the line so that’s what I did and then it was on to dusting and vacuuming. It was also time to switch from flannel sheets to regular. I do believe Winter has finally relinquished its chilly grip.

While I was working on all that the B&B boss called. I ended up going in late this afternoon in my work clothes, messy hair, hairy legs and smelly self because I wasn’t sure what I’d be doing when I got back home. So much for my day off, ha! I sat on the porch with the laptop for an hour working on something that no longer showed up or worked the way it was supposed to. Technology. bleh. I came home and decided I was done for the day so I hit the shower.

The peonies are opening up and Missy is napping in front of the pink perfection lilies that are taking their time creating blooms…

CountryBoy sanded and stained the new coffee & tea countertop and he did a little work on the camper. He also removed the remaining firewood and stand from in the house.

I love these kinds of days where you get a lot done but with no timeline or agenda.


Farm news: 26 eggs

CountryBoy tilled up a few more rows in the garden and planted some cucumbers, green beans, squash and watermelons. He’s happy to be able to get the garden going – finally!

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