More busy days

Monday, May 4

If I had to some up yesterday (because it is now Tuesday evening) in a word it would be busy. Now, I know y’all think I’m ALWAYS busy but I assure you I am not. I make sure to grab minutes here and there to do something I enjoy whether it be knitting a few rows, sitting in the greenhouse with the new chicks & turkeys, visiting with the cats and/or Mabel or even gathering the days’ eggs. But yesterday? There was none of that. None whatsoever. From the time I got to work until the time I called it a day and went to bed I did not stop. And… there was no time to knit even one row of the scrubby I have been working on but I did take a few minutes to sit in the greenhouse and watch the younguns’ run around in there and get their exercise. Since we have so few this go ’round we have been letting them out of the cage a little each (under our supervision) so they can run and stretch and gain some strength. They’ve been so fun to watch!

But, that was yesterday. And I survived.

I forgot to drop some eggs off at the B&B on my way in to work but I did manage to cut out and make two larger face masks for a fella at work. I discovered that one size does NOT fit all! Bless his heart he wore one of the original ones I had made but it was so small I knew it had to be uncomfortable. I decided to try adding an inch to the dimensions and to the elastic and it worked out just fine. I think he was grateful for the larger ones. Thankfully, everyone else’s fit fine and they really liked them and said they were comfortable. Whew!


CountryBoy made some huge progress on the camper remodel. I tell ya – it’s looking good!


Farm news: I have no idea. There was so much rattling ’round my brain that I did not think to ask.

Tuesday, May 5

I remembered the eggs today! (I made myself a note and stuck it on the kitchen countertop so we both would see it.) It worked out because she added another dozen to her order. This evening a neighbor dropped by to get a couple dozen. She was in the midst of making cornbread and discovered she didn’t have anymore eggs. It’s nice that we can accommodate!

Work was steady but good. I managed to get my pages laid out, exported them to .pdf and printed out the pages for proofing. In between all that I got a jump start on the pages for the upcoming 2020 Grad Section and must’ve answered a thousand parents who are emailing their grads photos in and talked to a dozen that were inquiring about placing a congratulatory ad. I still have a lot of loose ends and still a lot of work on my part to do before I’ll be ready to put the pages together. I’m hoping we can talk the boss into postponing the publication a week later than originally planned. fingers crossed.

I had requested a Shepherd’s Pie for supper. CountryBoy outdid himself on this one! While he was whipping that up I finished the dish scrubby I had been knitting. I also finished a couple of face masks for him. After giving Miss Mabel some lovins’ before her supper and visiting with the younguns’ in the greenhouse I mustered up enough motivation to grab one of the camper cushions to get some measurements. I’m still not mentally ready to actually start in on that project but I’ll get there. Baby steps!


Farm news: 34 eggs

It has rained all day. Thankfully it’s mostly been a gentle rain. The potatoes can finally be seen from the driveway and the beets are doing well. The forecasters are calling for unseasonable cold temperatures with some possible frost in the coming days. That is NOT good. The leaves are just now coming back on the Catalpa trees and our young pecan trees.

Wednesday, May 6

Another non-stop day. I went to town to get a few grocery items for us (and another skein of scrubby yarn) and a lot of groceries for my B&B boss. Once finished I went straight to the B&B where we unloaded the groceries and then I did some ironing. I teased the boss wondering if I remembered how, ha! Of course it was like riding a bike and I was in the ironing groove in no time. I was exhausted by the time I got home so I didn’t do a whole lot except a little bit of knitting, sitting with the chicks & turkeys and I talked with my Dad on the phone.

Here’s the next color scheme for dish scrubbies…

The scrubby yarn is a nice lime green.


Farm news: I have no idea how many eggs we had as I’m writing this on Friday morning.

Thursday, May 7

A super busy day at work. I walked in to 56 emails. Talk about defeat before you even get started. I opened my bottle of Stress Away and one by one handled whatever was in the email in between taking calls and answering a loud knock on the front door. Most of the emails were senior pictures, a few emails about upcoming political ads and some legal ads that needed to be made up and placed on the classifieds. I spent the rest of the day organizing and editing all the senior pictures for the upcoming Grad section. I left work with still a lot to be edited. I’ll be glad when it’s published is about all I can say. Since I spent the day doing the billing, counting money, catching up on ads and seniors I was not able to type up our Times Past page. A co-worker may or may not get to it on Friday. There’s not much I can do if it doesn’t get done other than try to squeeze it in on Monday. There are only so many hours in the work day and I refuse to stress myself out any more than I already am trying to get this section put together. I want it to be extra good and extra special for this year’s high school grads as they’ve had an unusual and unfortunate end of their school year.

When I got home from work I did a thing… I deleted my Facebook account. Yep. I’ve been waffling back and forth on deleting it and yesterday I decided that it was time to stop waffling and just do it. I can’t tell you how freeing that was! For those of you, though, that got the blog posts via our Facebook page I am sorry I didn’t give you any notice. If you have found us again I do hope that you’ll sign up to get a notice and a link in your email inbox as to when I’ve published a blog post. We love our readers and we would miss you! Now that I don’t have Facebook I am going to try to post on Instagram more often. I’ve not posted on there much because Instagram is geared for easy uploads from a mobile phone. Since I don’t have a mobile phone it’s a little cumbersome to post. But, I’ll figure something out. If you’re on Instagram check us out!

Farm news: 29 eggs

We spent part of the evening bundling up the Concord grapes…

… the pecan trees, sugar snaps and Scuppernongs…

Winter refuses to release its icy grip and let Spring have its turn. The forecasters are calling for an all day rain tomorrow followed by temps below freezing. We have done our best to protect our crops. We’ll see what happens.

Before that I wandered around with camera in hand snapping some photos of the flowers in bloom…

… chives in bloom.

… purple irises. The yellow irises and clematis are starting to bloom as well. I’m not sure what will survive tomorrow night’s frost.


Farm news: 29 eggs

Friday, May 8

Today I mustered up the gumption to get started on the camper cushions. I started by tearing into one of the old cushions because I was going to reuse the zipper. Once I had the zipper off I was able to get some pretty good measurements and saw how it was constructed. After several hours the first cushion, which was one of the backs, was finished…

… complete with the piping I made from the cotton string I bought at Rural King the other day…

I’m pleased with how it turned out. I have the second back cut out and ready to go. Another day.


Today we moved the chicks & turkeys into the mud room…

The temperature started dropping this morning and it didn’t take too long before the greenhouse was starting to feel cold. They have been so good and quiet all day. They’ll stay in there until it warms up a bit which should be in a couple of days.

The two turkeys are standing up. They are the sweetest things! Each night we’ve been letting them run around in the greenhouse to get rid of some energy and to strengthen their legs. It’s not long before these two are wanting picked up to snuggle in our hands and fall asleep. I hope they continue to be so personable.


Farm news: 31 eggs

We’re hunkered down for freezing temps tonight and possibly tomorrow night. We’re hoping and praying that the crops and the fruit will be OK.


    1. I have! In fact, while I was taking my bath today I was thinking about it and wondering what I would write about. Of course it would have lots of picture but beyond that…??? I don’t know, lol! Any suggestions?


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