Five days of stuff!

Friday, April 24

I must say I was ready for the weekend after such an eventful week. We had gone to bed early last night so I was up early this morning and had downed a mug of coffee before CountryBoy even got up.

This morning he drove the side-by-side over to a friend’s (who’s just around the corner, er mountain) to help him load his tractor onto his trailer. The wench on the side-by-side came in handy as CountryBoy pulled the tractor to a more suitable position on the trailer.

While he was gone I made some banana bread. I make one recipe then divide the batter into three small loaf pans. Once they cool we wrap them in plastic wrap and put them in the freezer. Having a supply in the freezer has come in handy for the last minute bookings. I also filled the bird feeders. We have so many birds that they will empty two feeders in a day and a half or less. As for the hummingbirds, or redneck sugar suckers as CountryBoy has labeled them, ha, we currently have just the one male. It won’t be long though, I’m sure, that I’ll be filling two feeders and the front porch will literally be humming.


The rain stopped early this morning making it possible to work on the electric in the Dremel shop. Two outlets and a light switch were installed today. I also ordered a light this evening. It’s scheduled to arrive the middle of May. But, with the outlets installed you know what that means? I am up and running!!! Yay!

It’s pretty crude and basic right now but that’s OK. This shop is a work-in-progress. I’m just thrilled it’s functional. My first project was a simple one – fixing one of our silver forks that had somehow gotten a burr on the far left tine…

I broke off the burr with my fingernail and used a diamond bit to smooth the metal. The fork is useable once again. (Never mind that it needs a good polish!)

I have some other projects in mind. Simple ones so that I can practice and get the feel of the Dremel. I also need to learn what all the various bits and tools can do.


On the needles: I’ve been whipping out some dish scrubbies…

The latest ones (the variegated tan & cream ones) are a combination of cotton yarn and the scrubby yarn. I REALLY like making these!

The cotton yarn makes it much easier to see what you’re doing with the stitches. I think they’ll make a great dishcloth with built-in scrubbing action. I kept them the same size as the scrubbies because I have a hard time with a larger dish cloth. I mean, why have a large dishcloth when the only part of the dish that gets scrubbed is where your fingers actually are, right? So, in this case, maybe bigger really isn’t better!


Farm news: 33 eggs and five dozen in the egg fridge – finally!

Saturday, April 25

This morning I took the time to work from home for the B&B. I made up some room sprays and created a small (business card size cuz it’s what I had on hand) ‘Thank you for your purchase’ memento to include with the package…

That’s a screen shot I sent the boss before I changed ‘a Kentucky small business’ to a smaller font. I got the A-OK then printed them out. After that I gathered everything I needed to include in the package along with addresses and I’ll get these in the mail on Monday.

While I was on the computer I made up some new signs for our Jams & Jellies and some of my crafts that are displayed in the Fresh Market part of the greenhouse and laminated them with some heavy laminate.

This afternoon I noticed that the snowball bush was beginning to change from green to white…

… and the peony is loaded with blossoms just waiting to burst open…


Farm news: 30 eggs

Sunday, April 26

It’s a rainy, drizzly day. The kind that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hot cuppa tea, a good book and a warm blanket while listening to the rain on the metal roof. And, if you’re like me, you’ll be nodding off in thirty minutes. Maybe that’s why I try and keeping moving or doing something so that I’m not nodding off every time I turn around, er, sit down!

We stopped by Dollar General after drive-in church to pick up some envelopes then I packaged up the room sprays and will mail them tomorrow while I’m in town for work.

This afternoon I pretty much did nothing. I wanted to watch the movie ‘Sahara’ so CountryBoy popped in the DVD and popped us some popcorn. After that I wanted some comfort food of homemade Tuna Casserole and I wanted to use up the last of the egg noodles. Every time I make it CountryBoy is less than thrilled. That is, until it comes out of the oven all cheesy and bubbly!

While I was whipping that up he found the Chip & Joanna Gaines’ special on the DIY Network. He knows I love them so we ended up eating dinner in the living room so I could watch. They were highlighting a couple of Fixer Upper episodes and then they showed some previews of the types of shows that will be airing on their Magnolia network. There were several shows that piqued our interest. Now whether or not I actually watch them will yet to be determined but I like that their network is centered around the home. I am of the opinion that the home is very important these days. Home is a sanctuary from all the busyness and craziness of daily life so I’m glad they are airing shows that may help and encourage people to create their perfect sanctuary.


Farm news: 30 eggs

Monday, April 27

I headed to work early today so that I could pick up a returned package at the B&B. Thankfully, my boss met me at the end of her road which saved me a good ten minutes. I was able to get to the post office to mail all the packages before going on in to work. yay!

Walking up the stairs at work I somehow pulled my neck. My bag was heavy as it was packed with my lunch bag, my camera, a small Bible, my wallet, my to-go knitting bag and who-knows-what-else. It’s been very painful all day.

It was a steady day. Mind you, the day did not zippity-do-dah along but I stayed busy so that it wasn’t agonizing to be there. I’ve got a good start on the page layouts for tomorrow and I started editing the senior photos for the upcoming special grad section. I have a few outstanding ads to create for the section but I’m waiting on some emails before I can do them. Overall, I’ve got a good head start on that section which is always a plus because you never know what might happen or what might come in that takes up a lot of time.


CountryBoy stayed busy mowing the lawn and setting up the pop-up camper.

While setting it up he pulled something around his left clavicle and is experiencing some pain as well. I tell ya’… we’re certainly a pair!

While I was fixing supper he started the demo even though I had not gotten any photos yet. So, I had to take the first shots with the interior all torn up…

… oh well, you get the idea of what it looks like.

It needs some work. I’m so glad we had already decided to update it. It doesn’t need a whole lot of work but it will require some elbow grease and replacing the countertop and the table as well as a few other surfaces that have obtained some moisture over the years and have swelled.

It’s going to be a fun project. That is after we recover from our ‘pulled’ injuries.

While he works on those projects I’m going to start recovering the cushions. I’ll start with the smaller ones and by the time I get to the big one maybe I’ll be able to do it in my sleep!


Farm news: 30 eggs and two hummingbirds buzzing around the feeder

Tuesday, April 28

It’s my Dad’s ninety third birthday today!!! 93 – isn’t that amazing?! I called him this evening and CountryBoy and I sang Happy Birthday. He’s doing well but misses the gym as it’s closed due to the coronavirus. 93 and he misses the gym! He also misses all the classes offered where they live. But, he loves to putter in the yard and this is the time of year that’s perfect for puttering and will help him stay active.


Getting the paper put together and sent to the printer was SO much better than last week. I think we were all just a bit afraid of a repeat of last week when our computer server crashed and we did some scrambling to get the paper out. Needless to say, we were taking extra precautions just in case it did.

After work we went to Lowe’s to pick up a few things to start the camper renovation. It’s going to be tricky trying to work on it between the rain.


Farm news: 36 eggs and many of the potatoes have leaves now. yay! After we planted them we had a hard frost and we were concerned that we might not have planted them deep enough. Our fruit trees? They did not fare well at all. We lost every bit of the teeny tiny peaches and pears and both grapevines do not look well. This may not be a good year for fruit yield. Although, the new pecan trees are looking good again and showing new growth after being hit by the hard freeze. whew!

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