An eventful week

Sunday, April 19

As daylight broke we had no specific plans for the day but before we knew it the sun was setting on a day that ended up being filled with odds and ends of tasks.

Since we had a guest checking out today we were unable to attend our drive-in church this morning. I spent the morning working on the area of the greenhouse where we sell the eggs and jams & jellies. My goal is to make that area appealing when customers come in to buy stuff. It has a way to go but it’s better than it was.

This afternoon I started emptying the heavily laden ‘brewing bench’ as CountryBoy calls it and finding new locations to store the stuff. I did manage to get rid of a few things, which is always good, and I found places to store the stuff. Well, at least for now. My former ‘brewing bench’ (where I used to have all my essential oils and herbs) is going to become my workbench in the Dremel shop. The room is no where ready to move anything into it just yet but I wanted to get a jump start on clearing the bench off and relocating everything.

What an organized mess! I found new locations for our winter hats & scarves, eggs waiting to be washed and a few of the canned goods…

It’s getting there. Now that we have eaten some of our canned goods in the pantry I need to streamline and consolidate it again to make room for these canned goods and move the basket of onions into the storage/pantry room. Other than that, the bag in the corner are items to be donated and the items on the bottom shelf are my Dremel items that will be going in the Dremel shop. The sewing machine drawers? I haven’t decided where I want to use them just yet.


I finished a dish scrubby and started knitting and finished a second one. I enjoy making these. They work up quick and once you’ve cast on the rest is mindless.


Farm news: 28 eggs

Monday, April 20

It started out like any other day and ended up being a ‘Monday’. Work was decent enough. I ran some errands for my B&B boss on the way home and stopped there to pick up the stuff I make room sprays with so that I could make them at home.

Upon arriving at home I noticed huge dirt clods in the driveway. I didn’t think much about it and just thought that the neighbor came through with his tractor even though the dirt clods were larger this time. As I rounded the corner of the barn I saw a huge pile of rock behind where we park. My immediate thought was ‘Wow, there was that much rock left over after spreading it by the cabin? Awesome!’ I was about to learn otherwise…

CountryBoy looked exhausted when I came in the house. After hearing about the pile of rock I can see why. He spent four or five hours trying to get the rock truck unstuck…

The driver thought he could make it up the first incline but not the second so the plan was to dump the rock at the base of the second incline. Needless to say, the truck bogged down and couldn’t make it. As he started backing down he went off the road a bit. Going forward to get back on the road proved to be impossible when starting from a dead stop. CountryBoy got the tractor out and pulled him forward but the truck continued to bog down and could not manage to get any forward momentum. They eventually called a wrecker and slowly pulled the still fully loaded rock truck out one foot at a time.

We’re so thankful the truck did not flip over.

And that’s how the rock ended up far below where it needed to be…

CountryBoy made some sides for the carry-all and bit by bit he will haul it up there with the tractor and hand spread it.


When we had a minute to check our Airbnb email we discovered an inquiry for a last minute booking that evening. The cabin was ready for guests the following evening so we approved the booking. It was a nice way to end such a crazy day.


Farm news: 30 eggs

Tuesday, April 21! I went in to work an hour early without even the first sip of coffee. Have no fear, my travel mug was full! I wanted to get caught up on my page layouts in the hopes that we would be finished and have the printer’s approval around noon or no later than 1 p.m. Well, that all went out the door when mid-morning everyone’s computers went haywire. It took several of us and several hours to find a work-around so that we could finish the pages and not miss an issue. The boss bought lunch at our local Mexican restaurant and we forged on. The editors had to re-do some pages and it was 4 o’clock before I had managed to get the first paper ready to send to the printer and the second one was ready and sent an hour later. By 5:40 we all wearily left the building. I have to say that I think we all held it together pretty well considering the circumstances (as I walked around offering sniffs of Stress Away!). We’re hoping our computer tech will be able to sort it all out and we’ll be fully up and running when we’re all back at it again on Thursday.

The reason I wanted to be finished by early afternoon was because we had a checkout and then a check-in the same day. I wanted to help clean and ready the cabin but poor ‘ol CountryBoy had to take care of it all himself. He said he had ten minutes to spare before the guests showed up. Whew!


Farm news: 30 eggs

Wednesday, April 22

The guests checked out fairly early today so we seized the opportunity to run to Lowe’s to get some electrical wire and boxes for the Dremel shop. They were completely out of the barn siding we want to use for the interior walls and the fella didn’t know when they would get any in. So, rather than waiting till who-knows-when I have decided to go ahead and utilize the space once the electric is installed. I wanted to move the bench out there so I would know where I wanted the outlets so I spent some time relocating the rest of the items that were on the bench and I cleaned up a metal stool I had purchased a while ago. I took the stool and the shop-vac to the Dremel shop. It was nice to get them out of the greenhouse and into their new home where they’ll be useful and not just stored.

This evening we decided to enjoy the fire pit up at the cabin after we readied the cabin. We took up a simple meal of hot dogs to cook over the fire and some yummy Utz potato chips. No plates; no napkins; just a spoon to scoop out some chopped onions and homemade pickle relish and two metal skewers making it easy to clean up. We headed back down when it started to cool off as the sun edged its way below the mountains. It was time to feed Mabel and LizzieBelle and gather the last of the eggs. We also loaded the bench on the carry-all and took it to the Dremel shop so that I could determine where I wanted the outlets.


Farm news: speaking of eggs… we sold eggs as quick as the girls could lay them. Talk about farm fresh! I THINK we had 28 eggs.


Thursday, April 23

During our morning cuppa coffee in front of the fireplace I mentioned to CountryBoy the many errands I had to do after work. He offered to take me to work and run the errands since it was a rainy day and he wouldn’t be able to do anything outside. Why yes! So he dropped me off and went to the bank, the post office, got gas, and picked up a couple of cards. The plan when he picked me up was that I order some supper from our local Mexican restaurant then go curbside to pick it up (and say Hi to our friends that work there) and then stop by the B&B to pick up a box of bottles that had come in for the room sprays. It was a great plan and I was thankful I did not have to do so much running around after work.


Work was good. Busy, or should I say steady, but good. The best news was that our tech guy was able to get our server back in good working order bringing all of us a huge relief. whew! There was so much to do today I worked a normal day, 6.5 hours, and a 9.5 hour day Tuesday because of the computer fiasco. I just might have a decent check next payday. yay!

I’m going to kick back the rest of the evening and knit some more dish scrubbies. I’m trying something different with this one – one thread of cotton yarn and one of the scrubby yarn. That combination should make a nice, small dishcloth with some scrubby action.


Farm news: 31 eggs

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