Afghan & quilt top reveal plus a window is installed

Saturday, April 18

It’s been a nice, long day off even though I slept in until 7 o’clock. Slowly sipping coffee in front of the fireplace with nowhere to be is my favorite way to start the day.

There wasn’t much on the agenda today. LizzieBelle got a bath and I washed our sheets and vacuumed. While the floor was still clean I decided to throw the hexagon afghan on it to get a photo. It was the only way I could get a good overall photo of it. So, without further delay here’s the hexagon afghan you’ve heard so much about…

Is that not the cutest afghan you’ve ever seen? The hexagons create the honeycomb. I think my favorite part (which was the last step I had to do) is the flight path of the bees…

It just adds such whimsy and is the perfect final touch.

Since it’s been windy outside I decided to throw the quilt top I recently finished on the floor as well…

It’s hard to see but there are bees and hexagons in the fabric throughout the quilt. I think I need to get some bees! I dislike the actual quilting part of quilting so one day I will have it quilted and then I’ll put the binding on. That part I like. Go figure.

While I vacuumed CountryBoy whacked the weeds. Then after a short break in the greenhouse (LizzieBelle included) where one of us did not nap while the other two did, ahem, we got started on the window part of the Dremel shop project…

It took some doing. Those weathered barn boards makes for extremely hard wood but eventually we slid the framed out window in place and nailed it with the nail gun…

I’ve got some clean up work to do (paint, grime, caulk) on all the windows which will make them look better and will allow a little more light in and the view from inside is not too shabby either…

We have one more window to install on the back side then it’s on to the electrical.

Before I lent a hand with the window I walked up to the mailbox. Since I had my camera in hand I snapped a photo of the farm…

… and, of course, I got side-tracked by the creek, again!…

During a good rain this creek overflows and brings with it lots of debris. A dam had been created by logs and leaves (in the upper left corner) but part of it recently broke free creating a small waterfall. The sound of it is so soothing I wish y’all could hear it.


The one that did not take a nap during the break started knitting some dish scrubbies. I have a request for more dish scrubbies and since I am now finished with all the craft projects I had going on it’s the perfect time to whip some out.


Farm news: 33 eggs

And Miss Cutie Patootie Mabel out grazing and getting her some Vitamin D along with her chicken friends…

She’s such a sweet pig!

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