An odd dream & today’s agenda

Friday, April 17

Today’s agenda: laundry, clean and sanitize the cabin, order a load of gravel, work on the Dremel shop, work on the afghan, mow, eat popcorn. OK, the latter was not literally on the agenda but this morning’s oatmeal disappeared quickly and by early afternoon we were both hungry so a bowl of popcorn was the thing we decided would hold us over to a supper of leftover pork chops, sauerkraut & mashed potatoes. One of my most favorite meals!

I got started on the laundry and decided to hang it on the line. The humidity was low and the breeze made for quick drying time. By the time I got the second load out of the wash the first was already dry.

I had to wash LizzieBelle’s blanket we keep on the bed for her to sleep on during the night. The poor thing had spit up. It was almost time to get up when I thought I heard the typical animal gagging sound but I never heard the actual vomiting sound so I nodded off to sleep again thinking it was dry heaves. Several minutes later she is using her nose to try and cover something up. I decided she and I should get up so she didn’t disturb CountryBoy even though it was not quite daylight. It was when I had gone upstairs to put my hair up in a clip and grab my slippers that I discovered that she had, indeed, spit up. I threw the blanket in the wash and cleaned up the bits that had gotten on the quilt. yuck. Thankfully, she has shown no signs today of having an upset tummy.

Speaking of sleeping, I had the oddest dream early this morning… CountryBoy and I were in an unfamiliar barn. It was getting dark. We were meandering around and as different things caught our eye we eventually separated. All of a sudden something large and black seemingly floated out of the walls and began to envelop me. My first impulse was to start fighting and to scream to let CountryBoy know where I was and that I was in trouble but then I noticed that it was not a person. There were no arms grabbing me. There was no physical being and nothing tangible. It was like a large, black cloth had completely enveloped me. And then I woke up. What was really odd was that I was OK when I woke up. No feelings of alarm or of being scared. Nothing. CountryBoy said it’s a sign of impending danger. I said maybe it was the grim reaper. In any case, it was the strangest dream I’ve ever had.


CountryBoy worked on the Dremel shop while I cleaned the cabin. He managed to replace the rotted floor joist and found boards to use for the floor…

Yay! Next up is cutting into the sides of the barn to add some windows. (He’s already removed one window from another part of the barn but didn’t want to cut into the side of the barn in case it rained.)

CountryBoy got the mowing done this afternoon. The farm always looks so good after it’s been freshly mowed.

I wandered around the farm a bit snapping whatever caught my eye. First up was the snowball bush…

It won’t be long before these clusters of flowers turn white.

As I walked around I couldn’t help notice the activity on the dandelions…

These pesky weeds, as some would label them, are the first flowers to appear during Spring. They appear at their God-given time to provide nourishment to the bees who are waking up from a long winter’s slumber. They happen to be beneficial to humans, too. I think some pretty yellow flowers in one’s yard is not too much to tolerate when they provide such necessary sustenance to the pollinators of the world, is it? It’s all about perspective. I happen to love seeing them in the yard.

I wandered over to the creek to look for more rocks and arrowheads. This is what happens when you hit a slippery spot on the creek bank…

… and the right side of my bum was just as filthy. As I walked down the creek bank I hit a slippery spot and down I went. One leg went one way and the other was straight out in front. Not quite a half split thank goodness! While I was sitting there pondering the best way to get up CountryBoy drove by on the mower and stopped to help. I had visions of him slipping and falling on top of me. He did slip a little but he caught himself and was able to help me up. He got a good chuckle out of my filthy backside!

I found one interesting rock and no arrowheads. As I headed back towards the slippery slope the view caught my eye..

So many beautiful views!


Throughout the day I would pause for a few moments and weave in the ends of the hexagon afghan. Only one more thing to do!


It appears we won’t get our load of gravel until Monday. I was really hoping it would come today before it rains. They’re calling for rain tonight. If it rains a lot then the ground may not be dried out enough for the rock truck to get up the road to the cabin. We need to finish rocking the circle drive by the cabin. We only need one more load and we’ve not been able to get a rock truck out here. Hopefully we won’t get a lot of rain between now and Monday and we can finally get the last load of rock to finish the cabin road.


8:45 p.m. and I JUST finished the hexagon blanket, yay! This is a momentous occasion as I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing about the thing, ha! Pictures in tomorrow’s post. Sorry but I’m too pooped and it’s almost our bedtime. It’s kinda cute if I say so myself!


Farm news: 33 eggs

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