Odd days, a dreadful floor & a working hand pump

Monday, April 13

What a day. What a NIGHT! The day started with a doozy of a storm in the wee hours of the morning. Some time after midnight our power flickered off then came back on a few minutes later. I fell back asleep and woke a little later to the sound of rain pelting the windows. Shortly after that the power went out and stayed out. The rain continued to pelt the windows. Eventually I fell asleep again until I awoke to sounds of beeping from a truck backing up. The rain had stopped. I got up and went to the guest room to look out that window towards the road. The linemen were at the end of our driveway fixing the downed line. Apparently one of our neighbor’s trees fell on the line causing the outage. I said a quick prayer of safety and thanks for these men & women that leave their warm beds and homes to keep us in comfort.

The bedroom clock was flashing the rest of the night so I had no idea what time it was when daylight started streaming through the window. I knew it was close to time to get up if not past time. Sure enough… it was 7:20 by the time I got downstairs to start the coffee. After all the animals were fed and the coffee had percolated I had ten minutes to enjoy it before I needed to get ready for work. Needless to say, it certainly felt like a Monday. A cold and rainy Monday at that. I sure wanted to stay home in my comfy clothes.

I went in and the Monday continued. It was an odd sort of Monday. Last minute ads, a billing question, scanning stuff and emailing it to coworkers, answering emails about ad rates, a question about graduating seniors, phone calls, and so on. With only two of us worker bees left in the office there’s more work to do to try and keep things moving along and to keep the ones working from home notified of things that come in to the office. Some days it’s no big deal. Some days, like today, it’s just one more thing to do. I finally sorted everything out, emailed the layouts to the respective people, and basically got caught up by 2:30. I started putting a few things on some pages but I just didn’t have it in me to switch gears from logistics to creativity. I left at 3:30.

I’ve not done much since arriving at home. I did weave in the ends of the row I had attached to the hexagon afghan the night before and started attaching the pieces together that will create the border. The LAST row – woohoo!


Farm news: 33 eggs

Sold two dozen eggs and a jar of our Grape Jelly. CountryBoy is quite the salesman although I would like to think it was my pretty labels, ha!

Tuesday, April 14

Another odd day. At least I began the day with having gotten a decent night’s sleep and time to slowly drink a cuppa coffee before starting my day. Of course, my day actually begins as soon as my feet hit the floor. Feeding, watering, medicating the cats & dog if needed (we have a snot-nosed cat and LizzieBelle has a case of the itches) and letting LB out to do her business. Once all that is done I can sit down and wait until the coffee is finished percolating.

Work was OK but it was another odd day for lack of a better term. I was glad to get the pages sent to the printer and get outta there.

I had to stop at the B&B on my way home to do a little work to get some things ready to ship. This evening I worked on a couple documents for her as well.

Before that, I stopped at Save-a-Lot to get some bread for us and pick up a couple things for my B&B boss. I waited 20 minutes to get in to the store and another five minutes to check out. I’m not much of a ‘wait in line’ type of person. But wait I did because I needed to get the items for my boss otherwise I would’ve said forget it.

The perk of the day? Snow flurries on my way home. It was awesome!


CountryBoy got started on the Dremel shop floors. yikes!

Once the majority of the rotten wood was removed he discovered one of the floor joists was much worse than we originally thought. As in completely rotted…

We need to pick up a 2×8 to replace it.


Farm news: 31 eggs

We’ve had several softer shelled eggs lately so we’re going to give the girls some egg shells to munch on. We’ve been saving the egg shells to add to the tomatoes when we transplant them but I think we’ll have plenty. The egg shells will add calcium to the girl’s diet which will make stronger shells.

Wednesday, April 15

We woke to a heavy frost on the ground. Our first thought was of the fruit trees hoping that the tiny fruit would be OK. Our grapevines? They are not OK…

… we’re hoping it is early enough in the season that they will put out new leaves and new fruit. As for the fruit trees? Only time will tell if the fruit was unaffected.

It was a pretty low-key day today and I didn’t accomplish very much. I did pot up a Thanksgiving Cactus I had started in some water. It had a pretty good root system on it so I thought it was time to stick it in a clay pot with some Cactus potting soil. I spent some time packing up some items that my B&B boss needed shipped. I started attaching the last row of the hexagon blanket but didn’t finish it before going to bed. Other than that, I pretty much just relaxed for the better part of the day.

CountryBoy started the day working on the hand pump for the cabin. He was just about to finish when he realized he had two different types of pipe (PVC & CPVC) and they don’t fit together. He went to Lowe’s to get what he needed to finish the hand pump project and he picked up several 2×8’s and some 2×4’s for the Dremel shop. He graded the driveway and the cabin road after he got home but other than that, he pretty much relaxed for much of the day as well.


33 eggs

Thursday, April 16

I made sure to get up a little earlier than I have been getting up during this recent cold snap. I had a lot of errands to run today before and after work plus I wanted to get to work a little early, as well, so that I could get the billing done and be out of the bosses office before she arrived. You know, the whole social distancing and all.

Work was more normal today than the previous days. Thank goodness. I don’t think my co-worker and I could’ve handled another odd day.

After the errands I finally headed home to start my weekend. Yay!


CountryBoy finished up the hand pump and he did an outstanding job!

I think it looks awesome!

Isn’t that so cool? I think the guests are gonna love it!


After supper I finished attaching the last row of the hexagon afghan and got the ends on the front of the afghan woven in. As soon as I finish my journal entry I’m going to work on weaving in the rest of the ends. There is one more step I need to do before it will finally be finished. Maybe tomorrow I’ll be able to say “it’s done”!


Farm news: 36 eggs

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