Beautiful lazy days

Palm Sunday, April 5

This pretty much sums up the day…

… Creamsicle, Missy & Sissy napping on the porch. On the couch on the porch no less. It’s a good thing there are other chairs to sit in, ha!

We didn’t take a nap but after attending our drive-in church this beautiful Palm Sunday we simply relaxed on the front porch.

I had to catch up on the laundry since I only managed to get two loads done yesterday so I threw the whites in before heading to church. On the way home I saw some laundry hanging on someone’s front porch and decided to hang the clothes on the line to dry this afternoon…

I simply love hanging the clothes out on the line to dry. I know, I’m weird, I’ve already been told, ha! They dried quickly as there was a nice breeze and no humidity.

I spent the afternoon catching up on my journal entries while sitting on the porch. We talked about a few ideas for the barn project, I read part of an old magazine, we watched the birds and we meandered around the orchard checking the fruit trees. We talked about how the reduction of my work hours is a great test of financial survivability if I were to leave one of my jobs. I must admit, it has been WONDERFUL being able to help CountryBoy this year with the planting of the garden, with being able to help with more of the projects, keeping up with the house work, having the time to hang laundry on the line, and so on and so on.

After supper I dug up a struggling fern by the side of the house before it got mowed over once again. I put the newly potted fern under a glass dome where I hope it will flourish.


As I was admiring all the blossoms on the sour cherry trees I couldn’t help but notice the road up to the cabin and thought this image framed it nicely…

It’s been a desolate road these past few weeks. One day this road will be busy again. Meanwhile, we’ll keep chipping away at our project list and working the gardens.


Farm news: 37 eggs. Yes! We need them!

Monday, April 6

Do I have to Monday today? I have thoroughly enjoyed the extra time I’ve had at home which makes it difficult to muster up the motivation to leave. I did leave though and had a decent day at work. It’s slow these days at the newspaper office. There are no events to cram on the Community page; few businesses are placing ads; the doors are locked so there is no one to wait on; but the phone does ring on occasion. My nemesis. I’m not a fan of the phone. Thankfully, a co-worker snatches it up almost before it starts ringing. Occasionally I’ll have to deal with whatever’s on the other end of the ringing phone.

I had finished everything I needed to do that day so I left mid-afternoon. It was another gorgeous day so CountryBoy and I hung out on the porch the rest of the afternoon until someone called to see if we had any eggs. We gathered some fresh outta the nest boxes and decided to deliver them since they were ’round the mountain and we hadn’t seen them in a while. After that we stopped at our neighbor’s barn for a taste of some freshly picked morels. Tis the season! We had been invited by another neighbor who had stopped by to buy some eggs and he said they had found 400 + morels that morning. They were small but tasty. He had cooked them two different ways – deep fried with flour, corn meal, salt, pepper and garlic powder; and sautéed in butter, Worcestershire, and Dale’s seasoning sauce. Both were delicious! Our town’s annual Mountain Mushroom Festival may have been cancelled but I am bound and determined to find some morels this year. We’ve been here five years and I’ve YET to find any. Is this my year?


Farm news: 31 eggs and still no eggs in the egg fridge. We are barely keeping up with the demand for eggs but, so far, we’re keeping up. Or I should say ‘the girls’ are keeping up!

Tuesday, April 7

It’s getting harder and harder to leave the farm to go in to work. It must be all the gorgeous days we’re having and this beautiful spring that makes me feel I can accomplish so much more if I was home. But in I went only to be bombarded with a billing issue as soon as I stepped foot in the door. Billing is not my thing. I did not sign up to do the billing but billing ended up being one of my job hats. Talk about a left and right brain job. My degree is in Graphic Design and I was hired to oversee and create ads for one of the papers we publish and to help with page layout. I had already struggled mentally to get myself to work so needless to say when I was bombarded with that as soon as I walked in the door I was ready to turn around and walk back out. But I did not. I gathered my wits and dealt with it. After that I was ready to tackle the rest of the pages I typically lay out and the other tasks involved in putting a paper together and sent to the printer. I was outta there by 12:45.

I stopped at Save-a-Lot to pick up a coupla things and had to wait in line. They were only allowing 40 (I think) customers in at a time. There were four people in front of me. These are crazy times. Thankfully the line moved fast and in a matter of fives minutes or so I was scurrying around the store gathering the things I needed.

While sitting on the porch this afternoon we spotted the first hummingbird of the season. It came from the other side of the house and flew directly where the feeder usually hangs and hovered there for a minute as if it was wondering where the feeder was. I quickly jumped up to make a small batch of the sugar water they love so much and I hung the feeder up. I have been waiting ever since for that hummingbird to come back or for another one to show up. It won’t be long and a constant hum will be heard while sitting on the porch and a display of wild antics and acrobat flying and chasing from the hummingbirds. Yay!


The fern I dug up the other day has perked up and is really looking good.


Farm news: 34 eggs


  1. I am so happy that I stumbled upon your post! I love the “Farm News” section – I kind of want to add this to the bottom of my posts now! What a great idea! I just got my first laying hens and I’ve been obsessed with their progress. As a very analytical person, I was wondering if I should start tracking variables to find out how best to set the perfect algorithm of daylight, feed, water, etc to get the most eggs!


    1. So glad you found us! Chickens are fascinating creatures are quite fun to watch and to have on the farm. You certainly could track their progress to find out what works best for your girls and for your area. There is always something to learn when tending chickens. We are definitely NOT very analytical, lol, so other than always making sure they are as safe as possible we tend to let nature takes its course. I will have to pop in on your blog!

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