Birthday, blooms & Superhosts

Wednesday, April 1

The first day of April. April’s Fool’s Day. Or as it’s known ’round here – CountryBoy’s day of birth, woohoo! It was a very low-key day at home. Once all this coronastuff comes to an end some friends of ours will take him out to eat at the restaurant of his choice. We typically go out to eat the day of our birthday but things are different now. Instead we stayed home. It was still a good day.

I cleaned both bathrooms and finally vacuumed the house. I’m terrible at keeping the house vacuumed. It seems as soon as I finish and put the vacuum back in the closet I turn around and there is dirt or grass or a chicken feather or some sort of outdoor farm remnant indoors and on my freshly vacuumed floor. It seems I’m fighting a losing battle at keeping the floors clean so I don’t worry about it too much. It’s a farm.

I didn’t do a whole lot last night. I worked a tiny bit on the afghan before going to bed. I did more work on it this morning. After I finished cleaning I worked on the quilt. I managed to get the sashing cut and sewn onto the blocks. I have one more inner border to attach. I tell ya – the sashing really made a difference.


My days are all mixed up due to the changes in my work schedule these days. I told CountryBoy to remind me that I needed to go to work in the morning because today felt like a Friday.


Farm news: 32 eggs

Thursday, April 2

I remembered to go to work! It was a short day and I was headed home by 1:30. It was nice in the sunshine but cool in the shade so I decided to add the last border to the quilt top. Y’all – good choice to add the sashing…

I think it really helped make each block stand out better. Now I need to figure out how much outer border I need. In theory I only need three more inches but there are seam allowances to add in and then the divisible part because the outer border is made up of several pieces sewn together. I’ll figure it out – I just need to make sure I have the time to devote to figuring it out and the mental clarity to do so. Obtaining one of those is usually doable but both at the same time? Now that is another story, ha!

The sour cherry trees are blooming…

It just may be a good year for fruit as the peach trees also had a ton of blooms on them. Time will tell.

It won’t be long until the cabin will be hidden once again behind all the trees…

Speaking of cabin, we are officially Superhosts! That was an exciting moment during these crazy times as we read the email with the announcement of our upgraded host status. Hopefully when things calm down and people feel safe once again to return to their norm we will once again be sharing our little piece of Kentucky with those want to venture our way.


Farm news: 28 eggs

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