Three glorious days with no rain

Thursday, March 26

It’s been a productive day. An entire glorious, sunny, warm day without rain I might add! After a short day at work I dropped something off at the neighbors and ended up chatting for about an hour. Once home I didn’t stay there long as we headed to Lowe’s to get a few things. I had finally saved up enough money for a project I had been dreaming of for a few months now.

The first part of ‘Project Spruce-up the Farm’ will commence tomorrow Lord-willin’ & the creek don’t rise. It’s not a huge project but I think it will have a huge impact. We’ll see.

As we were going to and fro we saw numerous people outside enjoying the beautiful day. Some were mowing, some sitting on their front porches and kids were seen playing outside. It was such an encouraging sight to see. “Get outside and blow the stink off ya” is what my Mom used to tell me, ha!


The days are noticeably getting longer. With all that took place yesterday we still had time to sit on our front porch and enjoy the sights and sounds.


Our weekend cabin guest just cancelled as have all the others.


Thank you all for the response to my ‘to sash or not to sash’ question! It was unanimous that I should add the sashing. I think so too.


Farm news: 30 eggs

The nail salons may be closed but this one is still open for business…

One of our stops in town was to pick up some hoof trimmers for Mabel. They had grown exceedingly long and were in dire need of a trim. Never having had a pet pig before I did a little research and found out what tool we needed and what we needed to do to take care of her feet. She was an easy client just laying there while I rubbed her belly and around her legs while CountryBoy trimmed her hooves. We had to get her to roll over so we could get her last hoof. She wasn’t having it so we had to aggravate her a bit by tickling and rubbing her all over until she got up. She was not a happy camper at having been disturbed from her sleep. I wouldn’t like it either, Mabel! Now we had to try and get her to lay down on her other side so we started rubbing her belly on the opposite side and down she went. She’s so cute! Anyway, we got the job done and I know she’ll be thankful in the morning when she gets up and about.

Friday, March 27

What a busy, productive day! We did not stop from the time we finished our coffee till the time we went to bed. Here’s how the day shaped up…

‘Project Spruce-up the Farm’ was the first item on the agenda. Months ago I had a vision for adding a small fence that paralleled the side of our driveway and the garden. CountryBoy caught on to the vision and thought it was a good idea. It didn’t take us long to erect once we figured out the best approach and got in a groove…

After a bite to eat on the front porch I spent the afternoon putting two coats of barn & fence paint on the raw wood and CountryBoy relocated and split the grassy bushes.

When I finally finished late afternoon I came in and decided to check the email only to discover that we had missed out on a three night booking beginning tonight. sigh. I immediately replied and immediately went about making some banana bread (which I had meant to do first thing this morning) while CountryBoy went up to the cabin to get it ready. Just before we headed to bed we secured the booking for two nights. We are SO thankful for those two nights. Three would have been awesome but we’ll take the two. Note to selves – check email more often! Now that the days are nice there is much to be done outdoors so we will have to remind ourselves to stop what we’re doing every now and then to check it. Had I checked it when I went in to get lunch ready we would have had three nights. Lesson learned.


Farm news: 33 eggs

Saturday, March 28

With little to no work hours I’m hard pressed to know what day it is anymore. These daily journals are helping me stay on track so that I know when I need to be where. or not! If I’m totally honest I am thoroughly loving these little to no work hours. My heart is at home but I also know that if we want to continue adding value to the farm and even just keeping up with the maintenance of it then I know I need to keep plugging away in the working world.

I jump started this morning by doing the laundry while we were having coffee. I planned to be outside for most of the day so I wanted that task completed before I headed out. I also needed to put the last minute items up in the cabin for today’s check-in and wash the side-by-side. While in the cabin I noticed that the top part of the wash stand was leaning back and about ready to fall off. I just knew that it would completely let go in the middle of the night scaring the poop out of our guest so I went back down to the house and got the drill, some screws and the drill bits. Two screws later and the top part was back on safe and secure.

Speaking of cabin, the screens that CountryBoy put on earlier in the week blend in so nice and are hardly noticeable…

They are barely noticeable from the inside as well. He did a great job. I tell ya, he installed them just in time as the weather has warmed up considerably. It’s the perfect weather for opening up the windows.

Another addition to the cabin is a grill for the fire pit and a percolater coffee pot…

It is now too hot to light the wood stove inside the cabin so what better way to enjoy your morning coffee but by sitting by a camp fire. I imagine this little area will be enjoyed quite a bit this time of year by our guests.

By the time I finished getting the cabin ready, washing the side-by-side and repairing the wash stand I was ready for some lunch. I fixed a plate and took it out to the front porch to enjoy both the food and the sights & sounds. The front porch never disappoints!

I have been faithful about checking email every time I come in the house for something and I discovered that our guest had to cancel at the last minute. sigh. So, after lunch I went up to the cabin, gathered the last minute goodies, closed the windows and locked ‘er up. It’s all good. It’s ready to go for the next one.

When I was finally able to get outside I tackled the grass bushes CountryBoy transplanted yesterday. They needed a good haircut so they could grow some more. I also went about planting the lavender plants I bought the other day…

Goodness, they smell so good! I’m excited to add these plants to the farm. I enjoy adding lavender buds in hot tea. It’s especially good in peppermint and anything lemony. I have a Ginger & Lemongrass loose tea that I add lavender to as well. Lemon Balm would also be a good one. When I struggle with seasonal allergies I will make a hot tea using Peppermint leaves, lavender and anything lemony with a teaspoon of raw honey. Yummy and good for you. (I diffuse those three essential oils as well.) I enjoy keeping various loose teas and dried herbs on hand because they allow me to make up my own tea blends.


Out here in our little piece of this country I feel like things are normal and that I’m just working less ‘at the office’. But when I go to one place of employment and the boss is wearing gloves and spraying the air with Lysol (which promptly gives me a headache because of the horrible chemicals in it) and constantly talking about the coronavirus it’s like a whole different world. I have purposely avoided a constant barrage of news. The constant bombardment of the same thing is not good. I simply do as suggested (only I use chemical free options which are just as effective and are not harmful to my health) and I go on about my life. If you live on a farm, or you have a garden, whether a large garden on your farm or one in your backyard or if you have animals you simply have to go on no matter the circumstances in the world. In my opinion, that’s good medicine. This time of year, especially, is a busy time for farmers and gardeners. It’s a time to clean up the effects of winter and prepare for a glorious harvest of food and flowers in the months ahead. But, in order to reap the harvest the preparation has to be done now no matter what is going on in this world of ours. I think it’s what helps keeps us sane (although some would beg to differ!) and it keeps our minds off current events.

Here are a few things ’round here that go about their day as if they’ve not a care in the world…

… the handsome Creamsicle napping amongst the emerging Clematis, Peonies and Pink Perfection Lilies.

And the lovely first flowers of Spring…

… Daylillies dancing in the breeze.

I ended up stopping my gardening activities mid-afternoon because I was unable to dig a plant up to relocate it. I need CountryBoy’s muscles for that task but he is spending the day catching some food for us. Hopefully! He left this morning with a friend and they headed to a large lake about an hour away. I wish them luck. It will be nice have some more fish in the freezer.

Sadly the fishing trip was a bust. They ended up going to a lake closer by but nothing was biting. Oh well, he got to get away from the farm and enjoy the maiden voyage of a friend’s new boat.


I can’t seem to get enough of being outside these days. It’s almost magical and so refreshing after a long winter. It wasn’t a bad winter but, nonetheless, it was too cold to sit on the porch or to be outside for very long unless one was bundled up to the hilt. In fact, I’ve typed all three journal entries while sitting on the front porch and it’s been fabulous!


Farm news: 36 eggs

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