To sash or not to sash on this fine(ally) sunny day

Wednesday, March 25

Seriously, that IS the question! This morning started as all the other past mornings – cold and dreary. So, it was coffee in front of the fireplace just as all the other mornings. And just as all the other recent mornings I didn’t have a clue what I wanted to do or how the day would unfold. As we were sipping our coffee I mentioned that we should put the cinder blocks (that were formerly around the well behind the house and were now stacked) in the barn. They’ve stayed there after he tore the dilapidated well house down because the blocks are super heavy. CountryBoy said “we?” Ha! I did help him a little but he was right – they were heavy. Anyhow, it took two trips with the wagon hooked up to the lawn mower to get them moved. It looks SO much better now that the cinderblock stack is gone. One goal this year is to lay rock around the base of the well and make it look like an old-fashioned well once again. For now, I’m just glad those blocks are gone. They stuck out like a sore thumb when pulling up to the house.

Now on to the sash or no sash question. I’ve finished piecing all the quilts block together and as I’ve mentioned before I noticed that the more blocks I finished and placed next to each other the busier the quilt got. The quilt design seemed to get swallowed up and the blocks disappeared. I’ve taken two photos (of extremely poor quality because I did not realize the camera lens was on manual focus) to show you what it would look like with sashing and without. Here’s the ‘with’ sashing…

Again, SO sorry about the blurry photos :(. Here’s the same block arrangement without sashing…

Can you see it well enough to see the difference? Is the non-sashing one too busy? Should I add sashing between each block or not? I’d love to hear your opinions.


This afternoon we went to the B&B and the sun was gloriously shining. A welcomed sight for sure! I didn’t have to work but my boss asked if CountryBoy would assist the creator of the labyrinth for an hour or so…

He came to re-measure the paths and tidy it up but needed someone to hold a string line in place. While they worked I walked around snapping a few photos.

It turned out to be a beautiful, sunny 57 degree afternoon.

After we left we headed to town to mail something for my boss and we needed stamps. I was going to do all that tomorrow but I was hankerin’ for a delicious milkshake from The Twin – a local ice cream shop, so we took care of that task today instead.

Before I knew it the day was quickly turning to evening. It was almost 8 o’clock when I glanced at the clock. Sheesh! This day that started out with no specific plans wound up being a full day. Thankfully, a balanced day with equal parts stimulation and down time.


Oh, that olive bread I mentioned the other day? Here it is before half of it was devoured…

So yummy!


Farm news: 35 eggs

And no mess around the ‘ol well! Just some tin on the ground over the hole which can barely be seen until you walk up to it. Yay!


  1. Re: your quilt, to sash or not to sash. I have another suggestion. Try placing the blocks on end instead of square. Then you could add triangles instead of sashing, and use a little darker fabric to give it a little more flair. I would love to see a picture of it that way just to see how it looks….

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    1. That is a wonderful idea! Unfortunately I’ve already added the sashing. I enjoyed making this pattern and will probably make another one. This time I will audition them on end. I have a feeling it would look awesome!


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