Sunday, March 22

It’s been a weird day. No church. No work. No normal Sunday routine other than morning chores and coffee. I called my boss to see if she wanted me to come in earlier but found out that there was really nothing pressing (get it? pressing, ironing – ha!) that needed to be done so I didn’t go in. Instead, we took the opportunity to go to the grocery to get a few things for her and for us as well. The stockers were staying busy as the shelves were stocked with all but a few items. The toilet paper (I STILL don’t understand the toilet paper hoarding issue) was completely empty, peanut butter and the dried bean selection were slim pickins’. We were able to get milk and we did a paired down version of our monthly shopping trip.

The rest of the day, which literally flew by, I spent behind the sewing machine finishing up the last of the quilt blocks. The more and more blocks that were finished and temporarily laid out the more I thought ‘wow, it sure is going to be busy with too much going on in the fabric and the pattern’. I’m contemplating adding some sashing around each block. I’ve laid the blocks on the fabric I would use for the sashing and I’m deciding what to do. Adding the sashing will alter the dimensions of the outer border so I’m glad I have not cut those pieces out yet.

CountryBoy had to mow. With no rain yesterday and today the ground dried out enough to be able to mow most parts of the yard. Some were still a bit squishy. He was glad he did as rain started again this evening and will continue to do so for the next several days. If he had waited any longer he may have had to bush hog the yard! The first mowing of the season has already commenced.


We had a last minute check-in. Just when I’m contemplating blocking the available dates until this coronavirus blows over someone books it. My prayer, as always, is that only the right person/people will book it. Those that will appreciate it, need it, are safe, respectable of others and their property – meaning our cabin & stuff, and healthy. The Lord answers and protects us each and every time. I mean honestly, it can be scary letting complete strangers come on to our property and stay in our cabin. Praying gives me the piece of mind to not worry and I tell ya, we’ve met some wonderful people!


Farm news: 28 eggs

Sold four dozen. We’ve always told our customers to feel free to use the honor system if we aren’t here which has come in handy during this crazy time. This way, they can still get their country eggs but not come in contact with us if they would rather keep their distance.

Monday, March 23

I am actually writing this entry on Tuesday afternoon because I was in a foul mood and I just didn’t have it in me to sit down and try to write something that wouldn’t sound awful. I won’t go in to why I was in such a foul mood because I really don’t want to rehash the events. Suffice it to say that what made matters worse was that I was mad at myself for being upset over something stupid. It is what it is and I just need to learn how to handle such things with more grace.


To top the day off CountryBoy informed me when I got home that our guests had set something hot on the rug and burned it leaving a perfectly black, melted spot the size of the pan. He also said he found the sheets to one of the beds underneath the bed soaking wet. We have no idea what happened. Thankfully there were no stains and nothing was ruined other than the carpet which they left some money to replace it. All that after I just mentioned about getting the right guests. Well, because of my foul mood I blocked out the rest of March and the month of April in hopes that the whole coronavirus would be gone by then AND I raised the price another $10 in hopes to avoid another situation like this.


On the plus side, I was so keyed up that I started and finished the last hexagon. I’ve procrastinated making it because there are four color changes throughout the hexagon and I have to continually count and pay attention to the pattern and what row I’m on. Now I can attach the last two hexagons onto the row I’ve had sitting around for a week now


Farm news: 26 eggs

Do ya’ reckon that one egg hurt a bit on the way out?! It won’t even fit in the carton. We have been getting several super-duper-sized eggs lately.

Tuesday, March 24

I dreaded going in to work today but I went. It ended up being a really short day and I was on my way home by 12:30. Good for the soul; not good for the wallet. I’m trying not to worry about finances but with fewer hours at both jobs it is not going to bode well for very long. That being said, we decided to open the cabin back up in hopes that it will make up for the lost wages. We also kept the higher rate.


CountryBoy mowed the neighbor’s lawn while I was at work. It’s a big yard so it took him the whole morning. He doesn’t know why he jumped up and started mowing it other than something kept telling him to do it – so he did. He’s very good about listening to those gut feelings.

He still had some energy so we torched the paddock fence line by the driveway…

I followed after him and pulled the weeds. Before that, though, I got a little distracted by the creek…

With all the rain we’ve had there’s a constant flow of water making it quite enjoyable to be working nearby and hearing the sounds of moving water.


As I type this I’m staring at a bowl of rising dough. It is sitting across from the fireplace (the warmest spot in the house) and has doubled in size. It’s an artisan bread with garlic-stuffed olives made in a cast iron skillet. I love olives and when I saw this recipe I knew we had to try it. I think it will go nice with our grilled chicken salad tonight. The verdict? Delicious!!! We both ate more bread than we should have – oops.


While waiting for said bread to rise and bake I finished attaching the last two hexagons on the seventh row. Before I can attach it to the other rows I need to weave in the ends of the sixth row. After that – only two more rows to go! While I was waiting I also scrolled through Pinterest. There was a pin that caught my eye – ‘Why Highly Sensitive People need Minimalism’. Now, I had no idea what any of that meant but it piqued my curiosity so I opened it up and read the blog post. Whoa! I am an 11 out of 11 Highly Sensitive Person (with the exception of being bothered by caffeine. Love my coffee!). What? I never knew there was even such a thing but it’s TOTALLY me and it has gotten worse with age. Anyhow, I understand now why yesterday’s events bothered me so much. I still need to learn to handle it better but it makes sense now. I also understand why I feel the need to get rid of stuff. I don’t believe I could ever go truly minimalist because I like warm, inviting spaces filled with treasured things and for some reason minimalism seems more cold and not lived in. That’s just me though.


It’s pouring rain. Again. sigh.


Farm news: 31 eggs

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