A perfect day for sewing

From open windows yesterday to a blazing fire in the fire place all day today. This morning when I got up I noticed the air temperature was pretty cool. As I fed the cats I realized it was downright cold outside. Thankfully, by the time I got back from the barn CountryBoy had a nice fire going and the coffee was percolating.

I spent a couple of hours enjoying my coffee and the fire. During that time I decided I’d spend much of the day working on my quilt. In fact, other than washing our sheets, giving the birds some seeds, helping with supper and a long, hot bath I spent the rest of the day behind the sewing machine. Every now and then I would take a quick break to stretch and to move a few things around in an attempt to make it look less cluttered. Of course, when you move something you realize that now you need to dust because you could write your name in it if you so desired. So, as I relocated things I dusted. I didn’t take a before photo but for those of you who have not seen my creative space before here is the view as you reach the top of the stairs…

SEW much stuff!

Here’s the view from the bathroom entryway…

Decluttering this room is going to be a challenge. What you can’t see in the pictures is the wall facing the stairs (it’s to the right in the above photo). That wall is FULL of cabinets and storage cubes that are FULL of fabric, yarn, cross-stitch kits, pictures & scrapbooking stuff and a linen ‘closet’ as well. It’s arranged fairly neatly but it’s a lot. I would love to make some built-in shelves one day for another hobby I enjoy and that is reading. I’m not a digital reader. Part of the reading experience for me is holding a physical book and the smell… it’s just a part of sitting down to read. So I have a small collection of books that I would like to put in one location. The built-in’s would also have to hold a paired-down version of all my hobbies. Some day. There are enough other farm projects that need tended to first. In the meantime, maybe I can knock a few crafty projects out before then.

So back to my day behind the sewing machine… I managed to finish eight more blocks bringing the total to ten finished blocks. Six more blocks to go.

The blocks above are not sewn together. I’ll be moving them around until I find a pleasing arrangement then I’ll sew them together and add the borders. I tell ya – it’s been a LONG time since I’ve spent that much time up in my creative space let alone working on one project. It was kinda nice.

It’s been a relaxing day. A day without rain I might add but also a cold day without sun making it the perfect day to spend behind the sewing machine.


Farm news: 35 eggs

Had some new egg customers today. We’ve been able to keep up with the demand so far but word is spreading that we are here. That’s great! Maybe even when eggs are back on the store shelves they’ll keep coming back. I told CountryBoy today that I knew there was a reason why I wanted to order chicks last September rather than wait until Spring. People gonna need eggs!

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