Has Spring sprung?

Thursday, March 19

It was an unusual drive in to work. I left a few minutes early because I had to stop at the bank before work. But on my way in I saw a photo op so I pulled over and snapped this photo…

The longer I was there the more curious the cows became. Before long they were all standing there looking at me.

A few miles down the road some ducks were crossing the road so I stopped to let them pass. The neighbors were at their barn and saw me pull over and they started laughing. We chatted for five to ten minutes about how thankful we were to live in such a beautiful rural area especially during these crazy times.

I finally made it to the bank and there was quite a line at the drive-thru because the lobby is no longer open until this whole coronavirus thing blows over. Eventually I made it to work a few minutes late. (I stayed a few minutes longer to make up for it.)

It was a hectic day. My coworker is still out so I had my Thursday tasks plus hers plus a billing inquiry that needed some research and tending to. It was after 11 a.m. before I even pulled my breakfast of yogurt out of my lunch bag. I never did get to type up the Times Past section (which I usually do on Thursday afternoons) because I was looking at the wrong clock and thought I still had an hour before quitting time. I guess that clock was never changed to Daylight Savings Time. Oh well, let’s hope I can get to it on Monday.

I had to drop something from a coworker off to my neighbor so I stopped to deliver it and ended up chatting with a couple of other neighbors that were there as well. I finally made it home almost an hour after leaving work. Late getting to work – late getting home. It’s been a late kinda’ day.

It rained while I was at work but had stopped about mid-afternoon leaving warm air in its wake. After changing clothes I headed for the front porch. We sat out there until our leftover spaghetti supper was finished warming in the oven. The birds were entertaining us. SO many different birds… Cardinals, Chickadees, Tufted Titmice, Eastern Towhees, Wrens, Robins, a Bluebird and a new one I haven’t seen before. I am going to have to Google it. I even heard an owl hooting across the street. It was really nice to unwind on the front porch after such a day.

While we were on the porch one of our egg customers dropped by and bought four dozen. Yay! We are inundated with eggs at the moment. Speaking of, I need to make a post on Facebook about having eggs as soon as I finish today’s journal entry.


Farm news: 31 eggs

Friday, March 20

We awoke to more rain this morning. It was a steady rain but nothing crazy. No sooner did CountryBoy get to the barn to let the chickens out and feed Mabel the heavens opened up and the rain came down hard. By the time he finished up it had slacked off a bit so he wasn’t totally soaked when he came in. The rain stopped sooner than anticipated and it was a welcome sight. The sun even teased us with a brief appearance mid-day.

As I started drinking my coffee this morning I really had no idea what I was going to do today other than laundry. By the time I finished my coffee I had a few ideas in mind.

I started with watering the plants. In my decluttering process a few weeks ago I came across some curtains that I was unsure whether I wanted to keep or donate. Last night, as headlights flashed in our bedroom when a car came up over the hill I had the thought of hanging those curtains in there to help block random headlights. I needed two curtain rods, though, so I decided to take the valances off the living room window to hopefully allow a bit more light in and then I could use those rods in our bedroom. As I removed the valances I noticed that the sheers needed a good washing. I grabbed the ones in our bedroom as well and threw them all in the washing machine. Before all was said and done I ended up doing a bit of Spring cleaning while I was at it. Totally not planned but that’s usually how my days roll – one thing leads to another.

I’m happy with the results so it was time well spent. After I finished putting the last of the laundry away we headed to the front porch to take in the sights and sounds of nature…

The weather was perfect today especially after it stopped raining. The windows were open and it was wonderful smelling the fresh air in the house and watching the sheers blow about in the breeze.

I’m thinking Spring has sprung…

I saw a butterfly flitting around the peach tree and every day more and more flowers are showing themselves. It was so nice outside that I decided to meander around the farm a little bit while CountryBoy was at the neighbors splitting some wood. I walked along the path beside the barn which caused Popcorn to sound the alarm.

A river runs through it! The chickens have all sorts of fresh water but they’ll go for that muddy water every time. Fresh rain water with dirt grit – good stuff!

I had lots of walking companions…

… the only one not seen above is LizzieBelle who had already ventured off on her own little adventure through the orchard and on into the field. Creamsicle decided to take this opportunity for a nice uninterrupted sleep on the front porch rather than take a stroll. He has a bum leg so he usually opts out of participating in any adventures.

We are once again sitting on the front porch as I type this and while part of supper cooks on the grill. Why does the smell of a charcoal grill always smell so good?!

Tonight I plan on sewing a few more of the quilt pieces together. That could always change but as of now that’s the plan.


Farm news: 28 eggs

I posted a photo of our beautiful eggs on Facebook last night and had several comments from the non-locals. It seems that many wish they lived closer because there are no more eggs in the stores in their area. I am thankful we are able to help those around us if even in a small way.

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