A quick project & chatter

Saturday, March 14

LizzieBelle was up and at ’em this morning and it wasn’t even 6:30. So, guess who else was up and at ’em? Yea, y’all know who rules the roost ’round here, huh?! The nice thing about getting up so early this morning was that we were able to get a few things done before the rain started.

After morning coffee in front of the fire place I started the few things I needed to get done today. I multi-tasked and washed our bedding while making banana bread for the cabin guests. While I was doing that CountryBoy took on the task of cleaning the ‘junk’ pile in front of the barn. ‘Junk’ as in scrap pieces of wood, metal roofing and rolled up hog wire. He sorted out the useable wood from the non-useable and has already burned the non-useable wood. Some day soon we will head to the scrap metal recycling center with a truckload.

I was pretty excited about him deciding to tackle that mess. It was such an eye sore not only to us but I’m sure to the cabin guests as they had to head right for it to get up to the cabin. I have a few ideas to spruce the outside up a bit that shouldn’t cost very much. Well, with the exception of the pond. I think we’ve decided to see if we can get another quote. We may even consider renting a Bobcat and trying to do it ourselves. We’ll see.

Once the banana bread cooled we took it and the rest of the last minute items up to the cabin before the rain came. The rain started shortly after noon. So far it’s a nice gentle rain that hasn’t stopped the myriad of birds from grabbing a quick bite at the feeders. So many birds. I love it!

Now that I have finished with the things I needed to do today I find myself at a loss as to what to do. I’ve discovered that I am extremely task-oriented and that I thrive on having some sort of project going on. I’m not exactly sure how this came about as I can remember the days when I was perfectly content with NOT having a to-do list or a project in the works. Now? Not so much. I do enjoy working with my hands and having something to do, especially something where I can see progress. It’s times like today that I think maybe I have too many choices as to what to do but not enough motivation or desire to choose. It’s possible. I also dread going up to my craft room. It’s not really a mess but it is. It’s fairly organized and I know where everything is but it’s too much. I’m mustering up the gumption to tackle that room. I plan on doing a major declutter in there but, boy oh boy am I going to have to be in the right frame of mind to even start that project. seriously. I know I will want to keep it all but there is no way that I will ever use up what’s in there in my life time so I need to let it go. It will take a lot of intentional decision-making so I will continue to muster up the gumption and when I’m mentally ready to let it go we’ll get ‘er done! But in the meantime – what to do, what to do?! After the guests arrive I’ll head upstairs and see what I can get in to.


I walked into my craft room (which is basically a space upstairs that I call the landing) and stood there for a minute or two just looking around. I sat down in my chair and started munching on a few Jelly Bellies (literally very few) while I looked around some more. As I was trying to wrap my head around all my hobbies, potential projects, fabrics, yarn, how do I really want this space to function, and so on and so on I got up and walked over to one of the storage bins and pulled out a zipper bag of fabric scraps from a quilt project. I got the scraps out and found some that I had put together into blocks years ago. My original thought was to use the 12 blocks I had made as the center of a small lap quilt and finish it out with the small squares I had already cut. Once I got the 12 blocks laid out and sewn together I remembered a pillow form I had. I got it out and discovered that the blocks I had just sewn together was the perfect size for the pillow. I cut a piece of the scrap fabric for the backing and sewed it all together. Here’s the results of my walk into the craft room yesterday evening…

I’m really pleased with how it turned out and it didn’t even take two hours from start to finish thanks to finding quilt blocks already made up.


Farm news: 28 eggs

On the way back down from the cabin we stopped to get some eggs. Every nest box had a hen sitting in it and two hens were impatiently waiting for their turn. One hen had her own nest in Mabel’s pen and Mabel was doing what Mabel does – sleeping.

Sunday, March 15

This morning dawned cold, dreary and misting rain. We’ve had the fireplace going since last night. CountryBoy had to bring another load of wood in from the wood shed. It’s supposed to start warming up this week but they’re calling for more rain.

The rain has not stopped the birds from hitting the feeders. The other day CountryBoy spotted a bird he hadn’t seen before. We looked it up on the internet and discovered it was an Eastern Towhee. This morning there was a pair of them and I got to see them. Beautiful birds! We hope they’ll stick around for a bit.


Our guests checked out late morning so we weren’t able to go to church. CountryBoy dropped me off at work a little earlier than normal then went on to Rural King to stock up on chicken feed. We go through quite a bit of feed now that everyone is laying again and the six bags he normally gets just wasn’t enough to get us through the month.


I managed to finish weaving in the ends of the fifth row of the hexagon afghan and attach the sixth row this morning. Only three more rows to go. I can’t wait to show you the completed afghan.


We’ve been enjoying the leftover soup beans I made the other day. They’re even better the next day or two. I’m definitely going to make them again now that I have a bit of confidence in successfully making them and they’re so yummy. I’m about to finish up the last of them. slurp!


I gathered the hexagon blocks I need for the next row but didn’t feel like working on it. Instead, we played a few rounds of Fast Scrabble. We started getting cold so we quit after the third game to sit by the fire again.


Farm news: 28 eggs

The guests wanted to see Mabel before they left. The brave souls traipsed through our muddy barn just to see her. They couldn’t get over how big and how sweet even though she didn’t bother to get up from under her warm lamp but she grunted and talked a lot so they thought she was adorable. Their dog was unsure as to what in the world that huge thing was. Probably thought that was the funniest looking dog he’d ever seen, ha!

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