Finally finished guest room and Mabel

Saturday, March 8

The sun is shining! It’s a little cool but the wind is calm making it quite enjoyable to be outside.

I got a good night’s sleep and woke up feeling much better so I was able get in the mindset needed to declutter and let things go. I think being in that mindset helped speed along the process because it really didn’t take me long at all. Here’s the finished guest room…

I’m really pleased with the end result and am SO happy that I got that wild hair the other day and painted the barn wood paneling. I’m going to call this room finally finished :).

While I tackled the rest of the guest room CountryBoy tackled the rest of the brake pads. The others weren’t quite as bad as the one he replaced the other day. The hardest part was getting the tires off. They are large tires and quite heavy. He also said they seemed to be wedged on the hub. But he managed. I did help him with the last tire but I really don’t think I was much help at all. It’s good to know, though, that they’re all new now.

I did a bit of multi-tasking and made a new batch of colloidal silver as well as some iced tea while I was finishing up the guest room. Once we both finished our task(s) of the day we headed up to the cabin to put the last minute items in place and make sure it was ready.


A neighbor just dropped by and bought some eggs and invited us to dinner. We don’t have to bring anything either. Gotta love our neighborhood!

Another distant neighbor, the fella that cut the cabin road in for us, stopped by this morning and bought some eggs and also asked when we wanted him to start digging the pond. CountryBoy told him I would say right now! But, he told him that we needed to get the money first. The fella told him he would go ahead and get it on his schedule and we could pay him whenever we got the money cuz he knew we were good for it. Can you believe that? I love these people ’round here! He and CountryBoy also got talking about our barn. He said he could push it over with his bulldozer. Problem is we don’t really want to just push it over. We also have animals living in it. CountryBoy told him the main problem with the barn is the flooding. He said he could cut a ditch in beside the barn to divert the water. If that’s the case then we will rethink the barn demo. This barn is still too big for our needs but since it’s in fairly good shape we may just make the necessary repairs to the siding and get our neighbor to put a new metal roof on. We’ll see what we end up doing. Ideas are constantly being tossed around until we find the solution that meets our needs.

Our cabin guests just arrived all the way from Michigan. I can’t believe how far people have traveled to stay at our little primitive plus cabin. It’s awesome!


Farm news: total eggs for yesterday ended up being 31 eggs. Thank goodness we’ve sold several dozens this week.

While CountryBoy was finishing up the brakes I went out to visit Mabel. She was sunbathing…

She was sound asleep so I was able to sneak up on her…

Right after I snapped the above photo I called her name and she grunted and woke up. She didn’t get up but she rolled over so I could rub her belly. She’s looking good. I know she’s huge but her eye roll is gone and we can see her eyes now. Her sides are slightly concave as well so I believe she’s at a healthier weight. Her pot belly does drag the ground though but she is a pot belly pig so what can ya do? Aw, sweet Mabel!

Here’s Popcorn and his harem out enjoying the sun as well…

He’s a proud boy and he takes his job of watching his girls seriously and alerting them when there’s danger. He’s also very docile and doesn’t mind us coming and going. That’s always a good thing.

Total eggs for today: 27

Eat more eggs!!!

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