Monday, Monday

Monday, February 24

We woke up to sounds of rain hitting the metal roof of the porch. Yep, more rain from now until Wednesday. Thursday is supposed to be clear and then wet snow on Friday. That is if it doesn’t change between now and then.

CountryBoy drove me to work today so that he could run a few errands. Unfortunately one of those errands was running back to the big town and back to Lowe’s because we forgot to pick up a ceramic tile for the cabin while we were there the other day. The ceramic tile will be placed by the wood stove to set the ash bucket on. Unfortunately, one of the guests emptied hot ash into the metal bucket and then set the bucket behind the wood stove directly on the wood floor. We’re lucky the hot metal bucket sitting on the wood floor didn’t start a fire although it did leave a singed spot on the floor. I would think NOT doing that would have been common sense and setting it on the metal mat that the wood stove is on would be automatic. I guess not. Thus, the ceramic tile. It will hide the singed spot and provide a place to put the hot metal bucket on.

Speaking of guests, we woke up to find this weekend had been booked. It will be a later check-in which is OK since it’s the weekend. Plus, I was asked if I could work half a day on Friday so the later check-in will allow me to give the cabin a good once-over before their arrival.


Thanks everyone for the lovely comments about my stained glass light. It was an unbelievable find and I’m thrilled with it!


Farm news: twenty SEVEN eggs. Mercy!

Three dozen eggs left the farm fridge today and four dozen replaced them. It’s time to start eating some eggs y’all!


I’ve been mulling over an idea that popped into my head a few weeks ago and that is hosting a modern day barn raising. Y’all have read what a muddy mess our barn is and CountryBoy and I have talked about the need to relocate the henhouse and Mabel’s pen. We’re also not physically able to repair the roof because of the height of the barn. We don’t need a huge barn.

I have ideas swimming around my head as to how I want to organize the event but bringing it to fruition is another matter. The barn-raising will actually be a partial barn-tearing-down event; reworking the remaining part of the barn into an equipment barn and possibly a shop; then finishing with the raising of a much smaller barn using salvaged wood from the old barn to house the chickens and Mabel. I’m thinking a week long event to start with then see where we’re at and maybe do another week long event at a later date; people can come and go or they would be welcome to camp out in the lower field. We would provide breakfast and a light lunch and they would be on their own for supper. Maybe we can bring in some entertainment or encourage people to bring their instruments. This county is eat-up with local talent! I would advertise it as a family friendly event and hope that young and older people alike would show up to help out. But, like I said, these are ideas swimming around my head right now. One day I’ll get them down on paper and go from there. It would be wonderful if this was just the beginning of such events around our beautiful county to restore or repurpose all the ol’ bakker (tobacco) barns ’round here.

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