A long weekend

Saturday, February 8

Yesterday’s snow was still on the ground this morning.

I thought I had the whole day to stay home and do whatever I felt motivated to do. Nope. We only had about three more days of chicken feed left so off to Rural King we went. LizzieBelle went with us but we were able to surprise her. I picked her up, grabbed her blanket, put her sweater on and out the door she and CountryBoy went while I put my coat on and grabbed my camera bag. I’m not sure she was happy about being tricked but she did enjoy her day away from the house and she suffered no injuries.

It was a beautiful drive as the snow was still on the ground. We did not stop to get any photos though, since it’s a heavily traveled road.

After a stop at Waffle House we went on to Rural King and stocked up on feed. I found CountryBoy a really warm jacket on the clearance rack. Score! After that we went to the Peddler’s Mall. This one only had maybe two or three empty booths which was encouraging. Last time we were there we saw a Scrabble game in one of the booths that had quite a few board games. The Scrabble game was GONE. Oh well. We walked the entire place. No hanging lamps, no bowls that caught my eye but I did find a baggie of 99 Scrabble tiles. There is supposed to be 100 but I wasn’t going to fret over one missing tile. Maybe if I didn’t already know how hard it was to find Scrabble tiles or even the game (not new) I would’ve passed them up but since I’ve been looking for tiles for a year now I decided to not care that one tile was missing. Simple as that. We will keep the loose tiles at the house and take the other Scrabble game with the board and all back up to the cabin.

Speaking of the cabin, we have guests next weekend for two nights. Note to self: I need to update the Cabin Guidebook, print out instructions for Fast Scrabble, and hang the shelf we found yesterday in the cabin ‘outhouse’.

By the time we were on our way home much of the snow was gone. We would see fields of green below snow covered mountains. I think we’re expecting more rain during the week. In fact, CountryBoy just came in from locking up the chickens for the night and said that it was sprinkling.

I did manage to get the laundry finished this afternoon and I also finished the second ‘column’ of the hexagon afghan. Another day I’ll start connecting the two columns together when I have a good chunk of time. The house? Don’t look too close if you stop by for a visit!


Last night I tried to create a post on Instagram for work. It would not go through and I kept getting the ‘Failed’ message. I thought maybe it was due to the fact that the iPad needed to be updated. This morning I tried to do the update and it just would not do it. The wheel of death just kept spinning. I tried again when we got home. Spinning, spinning, spinning. I tried to post again on Instagram and again, I got the ‘Failed’ message. I decided to post some of my snow photos on my Instagram account from my iPad and I got the same ‘Failed’ message. Hmmm, apparently the problem posting on the work iPad is NOT because of a need to update. Apparently, it’s a need to update the iPad itself. Like as in actually ditching the old one and buying a new one. Well, for us that’s not gonna happen! It started with Pinterest. I tried to do a search and kept getting an error message. That message never went away. I can still see whatever the Pinterest powers-that-be think I would be interested in but that’s about it. We’ve noticed over the last several months that some of the games we’ve enjoyed playing in the past now all of a sudden won’t open up and our iPad’s stopped updating the iOS system a couple of years ago. We’re thinking that the game creators have done one too many updates for our old iPad’s to handle. My guess is that Instagram did an update as well. I can see the people that I follow but I can’t add any new posts. It’s frustrating that we are such a disposable society now and to try to keep up with technology is financially crippling. I believe when my old iPad stops being functional then that’s that.

Last night’s Fast Scrabble results: CountryBoy – 1 game, me – 2 games


Farm news: sixteen eggs!!!

Sunday, February 9

This morning dawned cold and crisp with a layer of frost on the ground. The sun broke through the clouds slowly warming the air but the slight breeze kept it cool all day.

My boss called last night and said I didn’t need to come in this afternoon. Three days off! Good for the psyche, bad for the paycheck. I did enjoy my day though – well worth it!

Right after coffee this morning I finalized the instructions for Fast Scrabble and started updating the cabin guidebook. I have a ‘Need to Know 101’ section that contains everything a guest might need to know about using the items we have in the cabin that are a little more primitive and not your normal household item today. Items such as oil lamps & lanterns, the French press, wood burning stove, etc. I needed to remove the composting toilet and add the RV toilet and update where the guests can find certain items they may need during their stay.

I finished it up after church.

Not too shabby for an outhouse!


Our pastor delivered a great message this morning. The words confirmed my desire to live more simply, have less stuff and focus on verses 13 & 14 – Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God, and keep his commandments: for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgement, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil. In these days and times I will need many reminders of this.


This afternoon we took the guidebook, cutting board and shelf up to the cabin. The forecasters are calling for rain this week so we wanted to take them up and install the shelf before the rains came.

We’ll put an extra roll of toilet paper on the shelf and I’ve yet to figure out what to hang on the pegs, if anything. I’m sure I have something around the house that’ll work.

While the snow has disappeared for the most part around the house there was still snow on the deck…

CountryBoy shoveled it off and dumped the snow off the chairs. I bet the snow-covered farm and mountains were a beautiful sight from up there.

When we came down I tackled a bunch of seriously over-ripe bananas…

I got three baggies worth of mashed bananas for three batches of banana bread. These will make the tastiest breads. By the way, we thawed out a loaf that we had previously frozen and it was as delicious as when it was freshly baked. This is good news as now we can freeze the extra loaves and know that they’ll still be delicious which will save us in time and ingredients.


Farm news: ten eggs. There were actually eleven but one was broken.

Monday, February 10

I sure had a hard time getting mentally motivated to go in to work today after having three days off. Thankfully work was fairly non-eventful and I got several pages laid out this afternoon giving me a jump start for tomorrow.

After I got home this evening and changed into my comfy clothes I decided to check the Airbnb email and discovered that someone wanted to check-in tonight if it was available. Needless to say, after supper (and in the dark) we took the last minute items up, turned the lamp on and started a fire in the fire place. Luckily we had one more loaf of banana bread in the freezer that CountryBoy got out and warmed in the oven. We also took the gutter off the front of the cabin as the seam had broke loose after the snowfall last weekend and the seam is right above the front door. Thankfully the rain had stopped while we were up there.

It’s not at all how I thought our evening would go but we are glad we were able to accommodate a last minute booking. It pays to always have it ready!


Farm news: nine eggs

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