Winter finally made an appearance

Thursday, February 6

It’s my Friday – yay!!!

I had a difficult time getting myself upstairs this morning to get ready for work. It was raining, cold and just felt like the perfect day to curl up with a good book and a hot cuppa tea. But, off to work I went. I saw scenes such as this the whole way in…

flooded fields and swollen creeks and we have lots more rain over the next week or two in the forecast.

I forgot to mention in yesterday’s journal entry about my thrift store finds. After I wheeled the shopping buggy into the store with my donation items I took a quick look around and I found a few things that came home with me…

a small bamboo cutting board for the cabin, a hard-back book that caught my eye and a small clay pot cuz one can never have too many clay pots all for $2.39. Score!


Today was somewhat of a ‘steady with a few moments of slow’ day. Nothing stressful so it was good. I picked up a gallon of milk on my way home – glad to have done the other errands yesterday.

The forecasters are calling for 1 – 3 inches of snow starting tonight. Fingers crossed we’ll wake up and the farm will be covered with a white blanket of snow! Maybe we’ll see the cardinals as well with their bright red plumage standing out against the stark white snow.


The results of last night’s Fast Scrabble: CountryBoy – 2 games, me – 2 games.


Farm news: THIRTEEN eggs!!!

Some of the littles have started laying! Their eggs are small but still quite tasty. Gradually their eggs will get larger. We have been getting small brown and green eggs (which are more of an olive green) here and there but today we had quite a few. I’m waiting on the blue eggs to start showing up.

Friday, February 7

We did, indeed, wake up to snow!!!

In fact, we were up at 5:45 like two kids on Christmas morning, ha! Actually, we were up because LizzieBelle had a coughing spell so we decided to get up in case she needed a drink.

As the night gave way to day we discovered a winter wonderland.

I donned the warm boots and socks I got for Christmas and headed out to get a couple of shots. I was so comfortable I ended up walking all around the house.

It’s a monochromatic scene all around.

The snow covered road (above) up to the cabin (below)…

The twins were having a ball running and playing in the snow. Below is Sissy…

As I sit in front of a warm fire I am thankful for the many hours CountryBoy has spent gathering wood…

After bringing one of the bird feeders into the greenhouse to thaw I filled it with bird seeds and all sorts of birds have been flocking to it. And, yes, my bright red cardinals are among them, yay!


CountryBoy had a doctor’s appointment this morning. On our way we pulled over to get a shot of the snow-covered farm…

I walked a little further down the road to show y’all where the cabin is in comparison to the house and barn…

… can you see it in the middle of the photo tucked in front of the trees? Our property line goes up and over the mountain to the county line and all the area in the left part of the photo. Lots of room for guests to explore yet feel secluded. Here’s a closer shot…

A winter wonderland!

Afterwards we headed to the Peddlers Mall to walk around. I was looking for three things – an old Scrabble game (with wood tiles), a hanging lamp and some large, unique soup bowls. I found none of them. Well, I did find one stained glass hanging lamp but the price was more than I wanted to spend. I was actually quite disappointed. Several booths were vacant and there’s never been any vacant booths since we’ve been going there. I was surprised. Anyway, I’ll keep looking. That’s part of the fun of shopping in those type places.

I did end up finding a nice handmade shelf with some shaker pegs for the cabin outhouse. We’ll put an extra roll of toilet paper on the shelf and who-knows-what on the pegs. CountryBoy found a fishing pole and two brand new (but old) boxes of quilted jelly jars.

On the way home we stopped along the way so I could get some shots of the snow-covered scenery…

…a private covered bridge to someone’s property and a swift moving creek…

Our local emergency management group says the Kentucky River will crest tomorrow with some more snow and definitely more rain on the way.


Last night’s Fast Scrabble ended up being a clean sweep with me winning all four games. I had a mess of consonants the last game and truly thought there was no way I would pull out another win but towards the end of the game I was finally drawing some vowels and the words just came together narrowly beating CountryBoy by a mere two seconds. whew!

We’ve enjoyed playing Fast Scrabble in the evenings. It reduces the amount of screen time and exercises our brains at the same time. win-win!


Farm news: eight eggs

The girls do not like snow. They stood around the muddy part of the paddock by the barn and hung out with Mabel in her pen. Mabel does not see the need to remove herself from under her heat lamp. Can’t say that I blame her this time of year.

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