Back to normal

I’m not really sure what ‘normal’ is around here but we are, at least, back to a routine.

I enjoy the anticipation and partaking in all of the holiday festivities (of course, we’re not festive AT ALL on new year’s eve, ha!) but I think I equally anticipate and enjoy getting back to a normal routine.

Today was a short day at the newspaper as today is the day we lay the paper out and send it to the printer. We knocked 14 pages out and got the approval that the pages looked good in less than five hours. It was also a beautiful, sunny, cool, crisp day. They were calling for snow this morning but we did not get any in our neck ‘o the woods. On my way in to work I saw a truck with an inch or so of snow piled on it and there were reports that a school bus was stuck on one of the mountains waiting for the salt truck as it was sliding. Not good when there’s a bus full of kiddos. The funny thing is, no snow was to be found in town and most other areas of our county.

We have been fortunate with several sunny days so far this winter. I have to tell you, a sunny day here and there does a world of good in lifting one’s spirits during the long winter months. We have discovered that we don’t do well when we don’t see the sun for days on end. It’s funny, during the winter months the sun energizes us and during the summer months it seems to drain us and we find ourselves longing for some grey days. This winter has been a perfect mix of both so far.

Just look at those clear blue skies! In January!! This is the mountain across the street. Only in the winter do you see the mountain’s rocky top. Here’s the same mountain when the trees are full…

… and before the front of the barn and our driveway was a muddy mess. It’s better since the last load of gravel was put down but the barn interior – let’s just say you’d better have your muck boots on if you venture in there.

Right by the house is a huge Catalpa tree with some pretty cool roots poking above the ground. Every time I step outside I glance at them as I walk by so I decided to snap a photo of one of them…

From this angle it’s fairly abstract but there’s moss growing in and on them, scars from the lawn mower, a perfect home for a small critter or two in the hole and it makes the perfect scratching post for the cats. Other than the fact that I enjoy seeing them I don’t really know why I look at them every time but I do. It’s part of my routine I guess.

Speaking of routine… I’m glad to be back in one!

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