We might be ready for Christmas

This morning came bright and early. 4:30 to be exact.

LizzieBelle woke up scratching herself and flopping her head like a fish. She’s had a slight rash on her belly and I’ve been treating it morning and night with a topical ointment. It staves off the itching but, for some reason, it woke her up which, in turn, woke me up. I tried rubbing her belly in hopes that she would settle down but it didn’t work so I grabbed my house clothes and her and we went down stairs so I could treat both her belly and ears. I figured it wasn’t worth treating her then heading back upstairs to lay down for another hour or so. So, we stayed up. Well, I did anyway. She crawled in her bed opposite the fireplace and went back to sleep. Must be nice!

I put some more wood on the fire then directly CountryBoy was coming down the stairs. He was coming down to stoke the fire and saw that I was up to stay so he decided to stay up too and started brewing the coffee.

We finished our coffee and it was still dark! Eventually, the night gave way to a cloudy day.

Today was a planned shopping day for Christmas presents. We headed to town early, had a nice breakfast, stopped at a couple of stores and even did some grocery shopping.

We drew names with our adopted Kentucky family at Thanksgiving and I drew a name at the newspaper job. Everyone had make a list which makes shopping much easier. We found a few things from everyone’s list…

I even snagged a birthday present for a co-worker and there’s something for the boss from all of us.

After we finished the lists we split up and bought a few ‘stocking stuffers’ for each other. I say ‘stocking stuffers’ because most of the stuff for me didn’t fit in my stocking, haha! I picked out a few of mine – like insulated boots, socks & gloves. Of course, the boots won’t fit in my stocking so we use the term ‘stocking stuffers’ rather loosely ’round here! But, I’m looking forward to having some warm hands & tootsies when I’m meandering around outside on a cold day.

CountryBoy’s stocking is stuffed and he has a few presents under the tree along with mine and the ones whose name we drew…

We listened to some Christmas carols while we wrapped presents and I put some pine, orange and cinnamon bark essential oils in the diffuser…

Smells so good and Christmasy!

Before we headed home though I treated us to some Dunkin Donuts coffee and a goodie. I tried the Holiday Eggnog iced latte and CountryBoy had a simple coffee with cream. My latte was pretty good but when I got home I added some real eggnog to the remainder and then it was extra good!

Because we left early we were back home early afternoon which worked out great because a misty rain came over the farm a little later…

Shopping usually wears us out quicker than a hard day’s work of physical labor but we made a fun day of it shopping for others. We’re still awake but I imagine we’ll be headed to bed a bit earlier than usual tonight, haha! But now… it’s time for some egg nog, slurp.

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