No butts about it this week

It’s been an exceptionally busy week. OK, month. Yes, it’s been an exceptionally busy MONTH!

Usually I can roll with it for a while especially if it’s temporary or there’s a good reason for being so busy. (Thankfully it is both temporary and for a good reason.) But, earlier this week – it got to me as I saw the bird feeders hanging empty, plants that needed watered, not getting to love on Mabel, an inch layer of dust covering everything in the greenhouse (from the chicks) – even jars of jelly and crochet dish rags/wash cloths that were for sale. And the worst of them all, we ran out of cat food. sigh. I am usually very conscientious of the food supply for the cats and LizzieBelle while CountryBoy keeps an eye on the feed for the chickens and Mabel. But to run completely out? GASP! Such a bad Mom. Thankfully, all is good now and the cats quickly forgave me as soon as the food hit their bowl. Whew!

I watered the plants before work yesterday and after work today, I tackled part of the greenhouse and filled the bird feeders. I’m feeling a little less frazzled now that those things have been done. Although give it a day or two and it may change as I discover other things that I have neglected or need my attention. Ha!


On the cabin front – CountryBoy has gotten a lot accomplished this week while I’ve been frazzling about… a) rain barrels in place, b) storm gutters up and draining into rain barrels, c) toilet and sink in place, d) underpinning done, e) and today we hauled the claw foot tub up the hill and set it in place. Whew, I’m pooped just typing this!

Last night I got started on the Airbnb listing. I wanted to create a new email specifically for the cabin & Airbnb business but I quickly ran into a snag – that of needing to list a cell number at sign-up. The problem? We have no cell phone. (Nor do we want one.) While I understand the reasoning behind having a cell number listed for verification and recovery purposes at the same time shame on them for assuming everyone has (or even wants) a cell phone and having no other options. (You ask how do I have email service now? I guess we’ve been grandfathered in since I’ve had the same email address for eons – before cell phones were even a thing. Cross your fingers it stays that way!)

Not to be deterred though, I did a quick search and found an email service that allows you to sign up with a second email for verification instead of a cell number. Whew! Once that was created I started the listing process on Airbnb. I will continue to work on the listing over the next week. I want to take some more photos and finalize the description before publishing it.

So, we’re getting there. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. What if it doesn’t rent out like we hope? Time will tell.

Oh, and the name we decided on? Mountain View Retreat


Earlier I mentioned Mabel. Well, Miss Mabel has been on a diet. (Ever tried to put a pig on a diet? a pot-bellied one at that!)

She had gotten huge. I mean, her legs and face had rolls. Not good. I did some research and learned that if you couldn’t see a pot-belly pig’s eyes then it was overweight.

She was already overweight the day she strolled into the barn and, she was used to being fed junk food prior to her taking up residence here. Yikes. Try and tell a pig that her corn-fed, junk food days were over!

At the time of these photos she had already lost some weight but you can see she still had some leg rolls…

She and LizzieBelle are talking ;).

Her eye roll is almost gone…

During my research I found a place nearby that sold pot-belly pig feed. After some cajoling and adding things like carrots and cucumbers she really likes it now which makes it easier at feeding time. Nothing worse than your animals not liking their food while trying to tell them it’s for their own good. (She was probably demanding some yummy Doritos instead!)

She’s still huge but she’s looking more like a pot-belly pig is supposed to look. (She tells me she’s big-boned. wink!)

She’s a sweet girl who likes her belly and face rubbed and her back scratched. She likes to talk too!

We’re pleased that she has lost a lot of weight as we were concerned about her health and the possibility of hurting herself while roaming or running in the paddock. I think she’s happy to be feeling better as well.

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