Checking off the cabin to-do list

This morning we awoke to a frosty scene…

… which resulted in our first fire in the fireplace…

Thankfully the forecast is calling for some beautiful Autumn days ahead which we are looking forward to!

Several weeks ago I made a list of all the things that we needed to do, buy or build in order to get the cabin finished and habitable – a punch list so to speak.

Since then I’ve been pulling items from the house that I wanted to use in the cabin and hauling them up there.

We’ve spent my days off scouring nearby vendor malls for goodies and even headed up there straightaway with all our finds…

Even our recent purchase of brand new Sealy Twin XL mattresses (for the really tall folks!) and box springs were taken up immediately…

I have been searching for just the right items to put in there and have anxiously been waiting to make it an inviting and cozy space when CountryBoy reminded me that he still had to cut a hole in the wall for the wood burning stove..

gasp! and that there would be sawdust everywhere. sigh. (We are both dreading the big hole that needs to be cut in the beautiful cabin wall but it must be done. I’m just glad I’ll be at work and won’t have to witness it, ha!)

So, everything will remain all over the place and in their packaging until the stove pipe is installed. I’m chomping at the bit to get in there but I shall wait until the dust settles. I guess this is how Joanna Gaines must feel when she is waiting and finally able to do her decorating thing once the last of the construction crew leaves.

I am glad to see the cabin filling up and slowly coming together. I’m sleeping much better now!

Meanwhile CountryBoy is making progress on the outdoor privy area…

and I’ve been working on refurbishing an old clawfoot tub to put in the shower area.

We are still trying to determine the best way to get water to these facilities using a water catchment system. We have several ideas and options it’s just a matter of figuring out the best and easiest way for guests to utilize the system.

A few days ago we took delivery of a couple more loads of rock for the road…

This evening I reviewed the punch list and was able to put a lot of check marks on it. Several items are in the works and will be checked off in the upcoming days.

Soon, we hope to offer our little primitive-plus cabin retreat to those who want to take a day or two to simply slow down, read a book, maybe write a book, play a game or two, visit nearby attractions, unwind and relax or regroup…

and to absorb the beauty of life and nature…

We can’t wait to share our little piece of paradise with those who want to come!

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