A little plant therapy

Happy Fall y’all! My favorite time of the year!

Last week was a long and crazy one with some disappointing moments sprinkled in as well.

I worked my normal two days off at the B&B helping out with a women’s retreat. I begged off this afternoon so that I could regroup and get caught up around the house before heading to work at the newspaper Monday morning.

We were also supposed to be going to pick up a side-by-side this afternoon to use for easy access the cabin. We had to wait until I had a day off and we could borrow a trailer but the seller said it was ours. Unfortunately, as we were waiting the seller sold it to someone else. I was disappointed that we missed out on the side-by-side but I was even more disappointed that he was not a man of his word and sold it out from under us.

Speaking of the cabin… it’s consuming me. I’ve had trouble sleeping at night. I wake up every hour thinking about how to furnish and decorate and will it all fit. Then I wonder if we’ll have more than one guest. I also wake up wondering if it’s raining and is the rain getting inside the cabin since we don’t have the metal roof on yet. Which is another disappointment… we’ve asked a neighbor, the one who roofed the farmhouse when we moved in, if he would roof the cabin for us but he hasn’t had the time to stop by and check it out yet. I want to say that I’m thankful that we have not had any rain since we installed the ceiling but at the same time – we desperately need rain. In any case, I would like the metal to be on the cabin before we get any rain so hopefully our neighbor can get it done soon.

So with the long work week and the ‘cabin, cabin, cabin’ on my mind I needed a little plant therapy this afternoon.

After church we headed to Lowe’s to get more lumber. While CountryBoy was loading the cart with wood I headed to the garden center since I was wanting to repot some plants and change things up a bit. I was looking for a hanging planter when I ran across the houseplant clearance rack. I scooped these two up for half off…

They were in pretty rough shape but with a little TLC they should come back and fill out nicely.

I spent the afternoon playing in dirt. I bought a hanging planter for the Christmas cactus and a new clay pot for one of the clearance pots but the rest of the plants were repotted into containers I already had.

The glass jug we got for free several months ago when we were waiting in line during free dump day. It was on the back of a fella’s trailer. CountryBoy asked him if we could have it. After all, he was going to through it out!

These jugs are self-watering from condensation build-up when put in the right location. I have two other jugs – one in each bedroom and this one will go up to the cabin. The Pothos in this jug is from a cutting of the one in our bedroom.

For now, it will reside in the upstairs bathroom until the cabin is ready…

I repotted one of my Rabbit’s Foot Ferns into the container that the Pothos was in. This one was residing in a planter on the front porch but the cats were starting to mess with it so I thought it was time to bring it indoors.

I bought a simple hook along with the hanging planter to hang the Christmas Cactus on in the upstairs bathroom…

On the home front, over a month ago we asked our next door (if you can call it that, ha!) neighbor if he would be interested in selling the small piece of land behind our house so that we could put a pond in. While I was in the midst of playing in the dirt he came by to give us a price. It was a ridiculous amount for a 1/2 acre of land. Another disappointment. But, I have to say that I handled this one much better thanks to a little plant therapy!

I enjoy my houseplants. And books. And coffee. All of them provide good, cheap therapy for me in learning to accept the disappointments that come our way and to simply carry on.

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  1. Dear Suzi. Sorry to hear somethings are not working out as planned but sometimes it happens. I have had a lot of them over the years. My disappointments usually happened when I would have too much on the plate and whenever.you have to depend on others problems occur.

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