Day 6 and beyond on the cabin build

Our missing pieces arrived last weekend. I have to say, the company we bought the cabin kit from has been a pleasure to deal with. They have gone above and beyond making sure they corrected the missing piece problem. That’s HUGE these days in my book!

The days we worked on what are starting to run together but last Monday, Labor Day, we labored!

This was going to be the toughest day so far. We were to the point of installing the gables and the purlins. (I mistakenly called them eaves and rafters in my last post. oops!) The gables are the tapered part of the side walls and they came pre-assembled in three parts. There was no way I was going to be able to lift them up to CountryBoy nor was he going to be able to manhandle them into position while on a ladder. Our solution was to disassemble them into halves making it much easier and safer to handle. It was as simple as unscrewing a screw halfway and then screwing the section back together once both pieces were in place.

We set the corresponding purlins (the long boards) in place by starting on the outsides and working our way in as we were setting the gables. This helped stabilize them as we worked our way to the peak.

It was a tricky task but we managed to get both sides in place without any mishaps. Many thanks to all who said a prayer and thought of us that day. Y’all are the best!

Once we finished that we were curious as to how easy it was going to be to install the ceiling.

We struggled and fought the boards at the beginning but once we figured out the best way to utilize our ladders the task became simpler. CountryBoy stayed on a tall ladder inside the cabin and I was on a shorter one outside the cabin handing the boards up. He nailed the top and centers and I nailed the ends after making sure each board was flush. We managed to get 1/4 of the ceiling finished before the end of the day. Labor Day indeed!

Wednesday was a short day for me at work so that afternoon we headed back up the hill to finish the front ceiling. The process was going so smooth that after a quick break we started on the back side. Even though it was a hot day we decided to stick with it and by the end of the day the ceiling was completely finished…

I just LOVE this little cabin!

The following day I had to work all day but CountryBoy was able to add most of the fascia boards with the exception of one (the side with the ladder where there is no deck). When I got home I was able to help by holding the far end up and flush while he screwed them on.

I spent Friday morning doing some much needed house cleaning and in the afternoon we went to Lowe’s for some stair treads and wood for stairs.

Today’s cabin project was one that doesn’t seem to have much of an impact as far as progress but it was a necessary one – sealing all that wood!

It was a beautiful Autumn-like day so we headed up early while the temperature was still cool and got to work. CountryBoy on the outside with clear sealant and me on the inside with some polyurethane.

The poly is a clear semi-gloss which helped bring out the grain and the knots in the wood and there is a little bit of shine on the wood now.

The sealant on the outside was supposed to be clear but it had a yellowish tint to it which made the wood more yellow in color but I actually like it…

I think it helped ‘age’ the wood.

We will apply the same sealant to the deck once the boards dry out a bit. Some of them were pretty green and I don’t want to seal in any moisture.

Overall I think the cabin build is coming along fairly quickly but there is still so much to do before it is habitable.

Speaking of habitable, at the end of each work day we sit in our chairs on the front deck and simply admire the view and the surroundings. It’s just so peaceful and beautiful. You could honestly not have a care in the world up there. Sometimes we say we’ll stay up there and rent out the farmhouse but in the end, we can’t wait for others to be able to experience this little piece of paradise for themselves!

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