The most amazing thing

This morning as CountryBoy and I were enjoying our coffee on the front porch we were privy to watch the most amazing thing.

First, let me back up to the evening before. As we were sitting on the porch we watched a spider build his web near the newest hummingbird feeder. It painstakingly dove, jumped and climbed as it precisely spun its web.

This morning, the spider sat in the center of the web while the hummingbirds tried to get to their feeder and would ultimately go around the web.

I was going to move the feeder after getting the above shot when this guy flew up to get a drink…

While the hummingbird flew back and forth snagging a couple of drinks all of a sudden I noticed the spider jumping down and then one of the anchor strands of the web broke. Next thing I know the spider is making his way back up towards the web and gathering it up as he went along.

And then, it.was.gone! The spider had completely gathered the entire web and made its way to the corner of the porch support beam and disappeared.

I have never, in my life, seen anything like it! I mean, a spider that cleans up after itself? Really? I’m pretty sure that’s odd with as many abandoned webs as I have run into during my lifetime, ha!

Anyway, the web was taken care of by its creator and I did not have to move the feeder after all. It was a most amazing thing to witness!


Some major progress has been made in the upstairs bathroom addition… we now have a usable toilet AND bathtub! There is still a lot to do: put a section of the floor by the tub back down; finish laying the vinyl planks; install baseboards, ceiling and wall trim; order a sink; build the vanity; make or buy curtains or a Roman shade; buy bathroom ‘stuff’/accessories; and so on. We’re getting there – bit by bit! I must say, it has been SO nice not trekking downstairs in the middle of the night to use the bathroom. SO nice! We’re gettin’ kinda spoiled ’round here.


Along with the bathroom project CountryBoy has made some progress in gathering wood for the winter.

On Fridays when I’m off work and weather permitting, he takes the truck early in the morning while it’s still cool and heads to a friends house to cut and split wood in preparation for the cold winter months. We have almost three months worth and several more trees that we have been offered. Our main heat source is wood so we are always grateful when someone offers a tree or two that they would like removed.


On the garden front… we’ve been harvesting yellow squash and half-runner green beans and we’ve gotten one Green Stripey tomato. Just this evening, CountryBoy dug up one potato plant and the taters are ready to harvest. The beets will probably be ready next week. We are going to plant more taters and beets and hope that we can squeeze in another harvest before the first frost.

The green peppers are slowly but surely getting bigger and it won’t be long until we’ll be seeing red tomatoes.

There’s always a lot of work to be done this time of year but all the fresh, homegrown goodies and being able to put a lot up for winter makes it worth it!


I’ll leave you with last night’s summer sky…

It was a perfect ending to a perfect day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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