a Summer storm

Today’s forecast called for rain and scattered thunderstorms.

They were right.

It rained off and on throughout the day but this evening.. it let loose!

What started out as a shower quickly turned into a heavy rain. I was thrilled to be home and sitting on the porch where I could enjoy listening to the rain on the metal roof. As the rain came down harder and harder the noise level on the porch increased dramatically. Then the sound of hail hitting the metal roof – pea sized hail at first then increasing up to marble size.

The rain and hail came pelting down for several minutes but it ended about as quickly as it begun. Had it lasted longer than it did I would’ve been forced to go inside as the noise level was unbelievably loud.

Thankfully I didn’t go in or I would’ve missed a most beautiful sight…

a full rainbow that appeared to start at our neighbor’s house and end at our barn…

The rainbow appeared and was gone about as quickly as the storm. I’m so glad I was able to capture it before it disappeared!

Our first Orange Lily has opened up with the promise of many more…

Is it just me that thinks rain drops on flowers makes them extra pretty? I certainly do have a penchant for capturing flowers after the rain.

I believe more rain is headed this way but all is calm at the moment. The birds are singing, the cats and LizzieBelle are sacked out on the porch and there is a fine foggy mist over the mountains…

We enjoy a good storm. They are great reminders of how powerful Mother Nature can be. How ’bout you? Do you enjoy a good storm? or do you seek shelter and can’t wait till it’s over?


  1. We had quite a storm as well but no rainbow. That was lovely, thanks for sharing! I love a good storm and the best place to enjoy it, on the porch! Most definitely!!!

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  2. Beautiful pictures! I enjoy listening to storms on our deck with metal roof too. We had rain here in northern KY, but only steady showers, no thunder or hail.

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