A whole lotta Mabel

Whew! I survived!

On the heels of a busy Mother’s Day weekend at the B&B was a huge deadline at the newspaper – the 2019 Grad section. There were ads to create and lots and lots of graduates photos to edit and place. I worked on it right up to the deadline and thanks to some last minute help from my co-workers I was able to send it to the printing company at the time the boss wanted it sent with not a minute to spare.

I have to tell you, I sure thought I would sleep better after it was finished and sent but alas, I did not. I was so worried that I might’ve left out a student or one of the pages wasn’t distilled (a way of saving all the layers within the file into one pdf) properly and they would print it anyway, and so many other ‘what-if’ thoughts popping in my head every time I woke up. Or maybe the thoughts were what was waking me up. Whatever the case, I just had to let it go because I know that I quadrupled checked everything and my coworkers looked at the pages as well. That’s all one can do! I’ll finally get to see the results tomorrow.

I’m hearing reports from all over the place that everyone is having the perfect Spring weather and we are no exception.

Everything is blooming so well; the garden is coming alive and actually looking like a garden; and the temperatures have been perfect. It was warm here today with the temperature reaching 90 degrees but the house stayed comfortably cool. Maybe we won’t have to install the window AC unit. Time will tell!

Our catalpa trees are in full bloom and smelling quite lovely…

On a windy day the flowers fall off and litter the ground. They’re quite pretty with their purple stripes and splashes of yellow…

Our first harvest has been picking sour cherries. The trees are absolutely loaded this year…

We have three gallon bags full of cherries in the freezer; gave 3/4 of a gallon away (we actually swapped fresh cut broccoli for the cherries!) and there’s still a lot of cherries left on the trees. Awesome!

Enough chit-chat, are y’all ready for an overdose of Mabel?

Look at that face! She has so much personality.

She and the chickens get along quite well…

that is until the girls get too close trying to steal some corn while she’s eating…

That tush!

Today was the day I’ve been waiting for.

I came home from work and caught her cooling off in her pool…

I guess a 90 degree day was the perfect day for a dip…

How cute is that?!

We have enjoyed Mabel so much. She has been a great addition to the farm!


  1. i can sooooo relate – i retired three years ago from a local newspaper (as a copy editor) and had those work nightmares regularly. did i insert an error in a story .. did i miss a really stoopid mistake/typo in a headline .. or the worst nightmare: it’s a half-hour before deadline and i haven’t started a single page yet. i don’t miss those worries, but i do miss the news and working with reporters and other editors.
    and in other news … i love your mabel stories, how fabulous that you could adopt her. before long, those chickens will probably be begging her for rides. –suz in ohio


  2. Hooray for Mabel and her cute little pool. I’m envious of the cherries – this year the birds got all the ones that were up high and the chickens got the ones that were in their low zone. xo kim


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