Didn’t I just roll out of bed?!

I spent yesterday evening and most of today visiting with a friend from long ago. The minutes and hours flew by as we talked non-stop about the past, the present and the future.

Last night CountryBoy spoiled us both with a home cooked dinner full of goodies we had put up last summer, homemade dinner rolls and a grilled pork loin. Unfortunately, we were too full for dessert – his homemade cinnamon rolls. YUM! This morning, as we chatted on the front porch, he whipped up a proper farm breakfast of fresh country eggs, fried taters, bacon and homemade biscuits with blueberry & grape jam that we made last year. We finished it off with a cinnamon roll (wink!). And, I have to add, that he even cleaned up the kitchen both times. Spoiled much? ABSOLUTELY!!!

We sat for hours and hours on the front porch enjoying the birds at the feeders and the peaceful surroundings. It was quality time spent catching up and I was thrilled and honored that she made the time to stop by before heading to her next destination. That, folks, is what it’s all about!

In fact, the only thing I did today was feed the cats and LizzieBelle in the morning and I gathered eggs and fed Mabel in the evening. I walked around and snapped a coupla’ photos for this evening’s post and that’s about it.

The fruit on the farm is loving this weather. A pair of pears…


and a few blueberries on the new blueberry bushes…

CountryBoy bush hogged the fields the other day and today he gathered up some of the cuttings and put in the barn to use in the chicken coop.

He’s also getting anxious about starting on gathering wood for winter. We used quite a bit of wood last winter. This is all that’s left in our wood shed which was full at the beginning of winter…

less than one row. We’re thankful we had some left as it will be a jump start for stocking wood for next winter.

Friends have offered several trees they would like removed from their property – we just have to work out a time to get them between my work schedule. (Sometimes having only one vehicle makes it tough to get everything done but we manage. We just have to plan ahead.) Hopefully those offered trees will begin to fill up the wood shed and will put his mind at ease.

Although the day has flown by it’s been a good one. I think Creamsicle has the right idea about the day…

just chillin’!

I hope y’all have a great weekend and if I don’t get to blog tomorrow – Happy Mother’s Day!

Till next time friends!

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