Spring lovelies

I can’t say enough about the wonderful Spring weather we’ve had so far. Everything is vigorously blooming this year. My first Peony finally opened up today with the promise of more to come…

The Clematis flowers are the size of my hand…

with lots of them on the vine…

and let’s not forget about the Irises…

The purple ones have been open for a couple of weeks and the yellow ones are just now opening up.

It truly has been a glorious Spring so far! We have seen an abundance of flowers, butterflies and certainly more varieties of birds here at the farm. It’s a great time of year for porch sittin’ and absorbing it all. Perfect therapy after a long day of work.

You may have noticed, or maybe you didn’t, but I customized the look of the blog a bit. Nothing major, just a background color and font change. I also decided to change the tagline to something that suits our little farmstead better!

I will not be writing a post tomorrow. We are having company arrive tomorrow evening so my time will be spent visiting and catching up. It’s been quite a while, maybe 25+ years since I’ve seen my friend. She was in the area on business and I’m so happy she’s taking a little time out of her schedule to stay with us even it is just for a night.

Till next time friends!

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