The latest major project

When we walked through the ‘ol farmhouse over four years ago before buying it we talked about adding a bathroom upstairs. Since moving in we’ve gutted and rebuilt the kitchen, enlarged the front porch, enclosed the side porch, enclosed the cistern room and have done all sorts of various and sundry projects except adding a bathroom.

The original bathroom is the outhouse and is still useable if ever we were in dire straights. The only indoor bathroom was added on years after the house was built and is downstairs. As we age, those treks up and down the stairs during the night are no fun.

There was an area in one of the guest rooms designated to be a bathroom but it had never been finished. Actually, it never even got started! There was a sink and toilet in there when we viewed the house but after moving in there was just a sink and nothing was plumbed.

The area was very small and in its original layout would be unusable to anyone upstairs if we had guests staying in there since the doorway into the room is at the angled wall and the door into the bathroom was in the bedroom…

We tossed around the idea of moving the door that goes into the bathroom but the angled sealing would make it quite awkward getting in and out and we would have to buy an expensive teeny tiny sink so that we could walk past it to get to the toilet. When that idea was vetoed CountryBoy decided he wanted to make the entire room the upstairs bathroom.

We’ve not done anything to this room (other than the closet I removed so that I could put the headboard on that wall) and I always felt bad for the guests that have stayed in here as the room is dingy which makes me think its dirty even after cleaning it. I can only imagine what the guests thought. Yikes!

Once all the furniture was removed it was time to demo…

Of course with any renovation project there has to be a problem before you even get started. Right?! On this project we discovered the roof was leaking and had been for a while.

Thankfully, CountryBoy found the leak around the vent pipe on the roof and was able to fix it with caulk. And, before I paint the walls I will clean any mold off with Thieves Household cleaner. It smells great and is tough on mold.

The wall is now gone and there’s only a few pieces of baseboards and trim left to demo. (We’re leaving one section of wall for privacy.)

Like I said, it’s a major project but it’s gotta get worse before it can get better, right?!


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