Second Monday

My work week typically begins on Sunday afternoon. where after church I head over to the B&B to do some ironing to hold them over until my return on Wednesday.

Today was my Tuesday but it was definitely a Monday at the newspaper office and I’m still recovering from my day. The creative side of my brain can’t get past the day so I’m drawing blanks as to what to blog about so I’m gonna show y’all a few things that are growing nicely around the farm.

First up, the peaches have doubled in size since the last time I posted a photo here…

Will you just look at that?! Our first peaches ever!!! We have two different types of peach trees and there are several peaches on each tree. We don’t spray chemicals on our garden or trees so we’re hoping we don’t get worms in the fruit. Or, at least not too many worms! If y’all know of any organic or natural solutions to aid in keeping the worms at bay, do tell.

Next up, our sour cherry trees. The younger trees are loaded with small cherries…

See all the cherries? Here’s another tree…

From the looks of it I’d better stock up on jelly jars!

The muscadine grape vines are filling out…

and there are teeny tiny grape clusters on the Concord grape vines…

Fingers crossed for a good harvest of Concord grapes because I like our grape jelly!

It has been the perfect Spring so far which lends itself to the fruits and veggies doing so well.

In fact, as I sit on the front porch working on this blog post CountryBoy informs me that we have a squash bloom already. Yay!

After supper we went to visit Miss Mabel. Such a sweet girl!

She is adjusting to her new home nicely and we couldn’t be more pleased.

As I mentioned earlier, I am sitting on the front porch. It’s such a great spot to get the creative juices flowing not only because I am outdoors but to hear the songs of the birds and as the sun sets the song of the whippoorwill, the owls talking to each other and simply absorbing the peacefulness and beauty of our valley – it’s a soothing balm to the weary soul.

Speaking of weary, I believe I am on the mend from whatever it was that ailed me. I will continue to treat myself with my natural home remedies until all signs of being under the weather are gone.

I hope y’all are staying well and are enjoying some great Spring weather!

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